Following the death of a political idol and the arrival of Hurricane Irene, we can all use a little levity

Anyone ever notice the only news we get exposed to these days is filled with fear and misery? 50% of the stories are either about people dying (accidents, natural disasters, wars, etc.) or people lying (politicians, businessmen, lawyers, etc.). The other 50% are filled with nonsensical gibberish about some celebrity’s affair or fashion sense. So depressing…

Unfortunately Quiet Mike is no exception. As much as I try to get people to wake up, think and question the status quo, I do have a tendency to cover some pretty discouraging topics. While my intensions I believe are for the better, the death of Jack Layton this past week has reminded me that life is short and we can all use a little humor from time to time. So with hilarity and wit in mind, I give you the First Quiet Mike Political Cartoon-A-Thon!

International Woman’s Day


Republican Primaries


Should be the Republican Slogan




The Best Exit Strategy


Big Business over Big Government




Middle East Politics


Who’s turn to go?






Ethnic Cleansing


Military Jobs


Regular Jobs








The Right to Life




Obama Victory


Tea Baggers


More Jobs




National Debt


Rest in Peace Jack




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