As the dominoes fall in the Middle East, Iran's influence grows


A new supreme state of Islam?

Mr. Fareed Zakaria (CNN Segment Host) recently posed the question whether Syria may be the next Lebanon in regards to their long fought civil war. Aside from the secular and religious aspects of conflicts in the Middle East, I think Syria may be part of a much bigger picture than anyone has wanted to look at.

A while back, I took a hard look at the Map of the region and something jumped off the page at me. If you were to drew the proverbial “line in the sand” where the line started in Iran and ran through the middle of Iraq, then smack dab through the middle of Syria, you would end up on the Israeli border. The acquisition of Lebanon or Jordan could be of some strategic benefit, but not entirely necessary.

You get the impression that the United States is paving the way for Iran, most likely by accident. I have felt ever since our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan that this scenario is unfolding into one of the probable end games being quietly played out.

The United States has a history of joining in armed conflicts with no clear vision of what victory would look like. We have been present militarily in this region for a long time and it seems at every turn there is more chaos than when we started.

I am certain that our “powers that be” didn’t intend to create such mayhem, but I think that somehow the Shia sect seized upon the opportunity given to them to expand their influence and Religious zeal. As of today, I can’t say for certain , but it seems they are slowly succeeding in their attempt to create a “Super Islamic State”, one that could one day rival the State of Israel.

It’s not a pretty picture. I don’t have a good feeling about the outcome of such an expansionist move on the part of Iran, especially if they are lying about their nuclear intentions.

Take a moment to look at the picture as it is right now. Pakistan is teetering, Afghanistan is in turmoil and Iraq is a total mess. Syria lays in ruin, but that might only help Iran if Bashar al-Assad wins or the US gets involved. Either way, Iran is just sitting back, fat, dumb, and happy. Waiting to solidify its total control of the region and implement Sharia Law.

There is a myriad of scenarios that can unfold after such a state is formed, whether it’s by force or by necessity. None of them look good for America, the country that would unknowingly be its chief architect. I get a sick feeling in my gut when I realize there is really no way anyone can stem the tide peacefully. The rest of the World is going to have to find a way to coexist with an outcome such as this or similar. At any rate, the dominoes are falling, and lining up for Iran.


    • I heard a little bit about someone in California filing a lawsuit against the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz bunch. This may be the ice-breaker. Obviously, no Administration looks kindly on lawsuits filed against a previous Administration; a precedent may be set that no one at that level feels comfortable with. Look for the Dept. of Justice to do everything it can to quash anyone suing, especially on War related topics.

  1. My opinion sways a little differently. I do believe that the United States wants to go to war with Iran, regardless of what administration is in power. The warning signs are all there, the US military is dead set on a confrontation with the Iranians. That doesn’t mean war is inevitable, but the United States is certainly not restraining itself to make it happen. I think the growing imperial state in America will probably attack Iran at some point in the future, unless some revolution of coup topples the theocracy in the near future (which is not impossible). I just don’t think Iran has the power alone to rebuild an Islamic Caliphate, or establish sole military hegemony in the region. Even if the United States is somehow taken out of the picture, Iran still has neighbors like Russia and China to deal with, who also would desire dominion over the region. If anything, Iran would act a kind of local power, wielding influence in certain countries, but stopping short of any full domination via military means. The American Empire has no toleration for competition in its privileged spheres.

  2. Iran’s influence has definitely been growing in the past decade, but the international wouldn’t tolerate Iran dominating the region military. If anything, we might see a collective not unlike the European Union among other Shia Nations with Iran at its forefront. That’s not a far stretch from what exists now with Lebanon, Syria and Iran.

    • Seems this article is prepping us Americans to buy into war with Iran. We’ve been there, done that, got the blood on our hands to prove it. Remember Iraq?

      • Opie, I’m sorry you took the article the way you seem to have. It is absolutely not my intention to pave the way for a justification of War with Iran, by the U.S. I am simply stating what I believe to be a not so subtle “end-game” by S’hia Muslim extremists. I truly fear for the State of Israel in this matter. If the Western imperialist powers would lay off the Islamic Nations for a while, I believe the true, peaceful, centrist Islam would come shining through. I will certainly be watching closely…..and writing more about this. Thank you for commenting, and giving me the opportunity to clarify my position.

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