Life Expectancy is an important statistic used to gauge public health, diet and equal opportunity within a country

babiesThis is the first article in what I hope will become a regular feature on Quiet Mike. We intend to publish interesting lists/stats/info so people can get some interesting facts on where we all live .

We start off by taking a look at the life expectancy at birth in countries around the world. This is an extremely important statistic; life expectancy can be used as a gauge to measure public health, diet and equal opportunity within a country.

Life expectancy is used in describing the physical quality of life of an area as well as economic settings. Life expectancy in the wealthiest areas is generally several years longer than in the poorest areas of a nation. At the international level the difference can be decades. In either case, the difference in life expectancy reflects diet, lifestyle as well as access to health care.

In countries where infant mortality rates are high, life expectancy at birth is greatly affected by the rate of death at a young age, therefore the higher the infant mortality of a country, the lower the life expectancy. A population with a low overall life expectancy will not necessarily have a small amount of old people.

Life expectancy is one of the main factors in calculating the Human Development Index (HDI) of each nation. Adult literacy, education, and standard of living are among the others.

Top 20 nations with the highest life expectancy at birth:

All Statistics are from 2011

#1 Monaco: 89.73 years
#2 Macau: 84.41 years
#3 San Marino: 83.01 years
#4 Andorra: 82.43 years
#5 Japan: 82.25 years
#6 Guernsey: 82.16 years
#7 Singapore: 82.14 years
#7 Hong Kong: 82.04 years
#9 Australia: 81.81 years
#10 Italy: 81.77 years
#11 Jersey: 81.38 years
#11 Canada: 81.38 years
#13 France: 81.19 years
#14 Spain: 81.17 years
#15 Switzerland: 81.07 years
#15 Sweden: 81.07 years
#17 Israel: 80.96 years
#18 Iceland: 80.90 years
#19 Anguilla: 80.87 years
#20 Bermuda: 80.71 years

Top 10 nations with the lowest life expectancy at birth

#227 Angola: 38.76 years
#226 Afghanistan: 45.02 years
#225 Nigeria: 47.56 years
#224 Chad: 48.33 years
#223 Swaziland: 48.66 years
#222 Guinea-Bissau: 48.7 years
#221 South Africa: 49.33 years
#220 Zimbabwe: 49.64 years
#219 Central African Republic: 50.07 years
#218 Somalia: 50.4 years

Notable mentions:

#28 United Kingdom: 80.05 Years
#49 United States: 78.37 Years
#76 Mexico: 76.47 Years
#125 Gaza Strip: 73.16 Years
#167 Russia: 66.29 Years

European Union: 78.82 Years
Earth: 70.6 Years



  1. I’ve already beaten all the stats except Monaco — but this doesn’t appear to take genes into consideration and my doctor tells me that’s an important factor.

      • Infant mortality, gunshot mortality, mass obesity, and mass lack of health insurance — this last on the verge of being partially cured.

        Republican health policy: don’t get sick unless you’re a Congressman.
        Democratic health policy: Obamneycare, a welfare program for insurance companies.


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