44% of Republicans now believe an armed revolution may be necessary in the next couple years

revolution1Revolution can mean different things to different people. Some revolutions can be political, some can be social and cultural, others can be philosophical or scientific. The United States of America was born out of two different types of revolutions; political and philosophical.

The United States was born from enlightenment ideals, ideals that led to the Revolutionary War of 1776 and later independence. Yet in modern America, the idea of a “second revolution” has been popping up in recent years. Who desires a second revolution? What drives this desire? Is this desire ultimately justified or not?

Since the 1990’s, domestic terrorism has been on the rise in the United States. It is important to note that the majority of the rise in domestic terrorism has not come from Islamic fundamentalists, though yes they are on the list.

Studies from the Center for American Progress, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and even statistics from a 2005 FBI report show that over 50% of domestic terror activities were the result of right-wing/white-nationalist groups or individuals. Only roughly 12% of domestic terror activities were the result of Islamic groups or persons, and some 24% of domestic terror came from left-wing/environmental extremist groups. The danger of these groups are barely worth a mention in the American mainstream media.

With the election of Barack Obama in 2008, these right-wing terror networks have grown bigger with far more hostile intentions. Some of the groups have different aims, but they all share the idea of using a violent revolution to overthrow the perceived “tyranny” of the US government.

Since Obama took office, the steady attitude on the right for revolution has been growing. It has gotten so bad, that recent polls out show that some 29% of the American populace believe that an armed revolution against the government may be necessary in the next “couple of years.” Some 44% of registered Republicans are on board with said revolution, 27% of Independents, and even 18% of Democrats believe an armed revolution might be necessary.

The supposed ideal of this “second revolution” is that the government has gotten too tyrannical, it wants to take our guns, destroy our privacy, civil liberties and the Constitution. I actually agree with about half of that. No one is more critical of Uncle Sam’s disregard for liberties than I am, but trust me, the government can’t even enforce a simple background check, I think your guns are pretty safe. Truth is, a far more malicious ideal is behind these calls for a second revolution.

revolution2There is a belief among many on the right that the only way to  restore their idea of what America should be is through armed violence. This is a very dangerous presumption. It is now reported that an armed march on Washington D.C. is being planned for July 4th.

Civilian firearms are illegal in Washington D.C. The police have assured us there will be zero tolerance for such an armed march, but the planner of the march, Adam Kokesh stated there will be no violence “unless the government provokes it.” A disaster of epic proportions might be looming.

Their ideology is an America without civil rights (aside from gun rights), welfare, regulation, taxes, or any federal authority aside from their own. This way of thinking has become so strong that a huge chunk of America now believes that armed revolution might be necessary. Granted, some left-wing groups and anarchists also call for armed revolution, but left-wing violence has been static since the 1990’s, while their right-wing counterparts are growing bigger.

Some 1,200 militia groups exist in the United States, and many of them are armed to the teeth and very dangerous. Having said that, none of these militia’s are going anywhere with a violent revolution. Fire one shot at a federal soldier or agent, declare your war, all of your compounds will be wiped out in a matter of days with the use of a few predator drones.

The United States military has enough capability to eradicate the nation several times over (without nukes). These militias will only be signing their own death warrant if they cause a violent uprising.

A Revolution of Dunces is at play here. If you desire a political revolution to change the system of corruption in Washington and stem the loss of liberty, violence is the worst way to achieve that. Non-violent civil disobedience is a far better method of achieving such a goal.

The MLK approach is far better than the Tim McVeigh approach. No amount of violence will topple the US government from within. Such a disastrous conflict will not see your cause come to light, but will only extinguish it forever, dismissed only as a violent fringe. Do yourself and your cause some justice, come back to the 21st century. 1776 ended a long time ago.


  1. Great read Julian. What boggles my mind is that D.C. does not have a star on the flag and the jurisdiction is predominantly Federal. Correct me if I’m wrong, but what strange place to have the capitol.

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