Monsanto: Your Health is our Business

Monsanto Cartoon




  1. let’s recap a bit: monsanto started out making bayer aspirin, then sold poison gas the nazis for their death camp showers (how is it they’re still in business??), then somehow convinced the U.S. government to let them poison everyone with agent orange while denying any culpability, now they are trying to sell seeds that kill bees and other pollinators. i just don’t understand why american lawmakers are so indebted to them. what does this company have to do to be seen as the evil doers that they are? other countries have the brains and the guts to tell them “no”. people like manning and snowden are the ones who get crucified. monsanto made and sold poison gas to the nazis!!!! how does that just slide by?

  2. The agent oragne is disturbing. monsanto and our govnt killed thousands of innocent babies and people in asia. all so they would become dependent on america. wow! what an awful thing! funny how kids don’t learn about these kind of things in school.

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