How one Texas State Senator has given hope to pro-choice activists around the country.


What Texas State Senator Wendy Davis accomplished on the floor of the Texas Senate was nothing short of amazing. All the odds were in favor of the Texas State Senate passing a sweeping anti-abortion bill, and yet Senator Davis managed to maintain a filibuster of the bill for 11 hours. She managed to do the improbable by actually killing the anti-abortion bill.

What Wendy Davis accomplished was more than just a legislative victory. It is now an inspiration to so many pro-choice activists out there who now believe there are legal and legislative ways of fighting back against right-wing attempts to crush abortion rights in America.

The reason Wendy Davis has become such an inspiration is because she, against the massive conservative tide in the Texas legislature, held her ground on the floor and was not going down without a major fight. Senator Davis and her website even had people from across the country email stories to her about abortion and women’s reproductive rights so that she could continue reading.

Texas Governor Rick Perry
Texas Governor Rick Perry

Hundreds of thousands of people from across America had their eyes glued to their computer screens watching Davis who, as mentioned, was certainly not alone in her fight. She received tremendous support from pro-choice activists and fellow Senators, and with all the support that poured in for her it allowed Davis to have the motivation she needed to keep up her filibuster. Failure was not an option, Davis and her supporters know that.

The Republicans in the State Senate tried several maneuvers to get Senator Davis off of her filibuster, however the Republicans were not able to pass the bill before the special legislative session ended at midnight which effectively stopped the bill in its tracks.

The filibuster however has not stopped Republicans in Texas from pursuing these sweeping anti-abortion measures. Texas Governor Rick Perry has pledged to schedule another special legislative session in July to address and inevitably pass the omnibus anti-abortion bill, known collectively as SB5.

Governor Perry and his Republican cohorts have also decided to wage a personal attack campaign against Wendy Davis and her supporters. Rick Perry even decided to attack Davis’ personal history, stating that based on her history as a teen mom it was “a shame” that she took the path she did in opposing the SB5 abortion measures.

It appears the fight against the right-wing attack on abortion rights is far from over and will continue to escalate not only in Texas, but other states as well. However, Wendy Davis has demonstrated to activists on the left that all is not hopeless when it comes to derailing the anti-choice agenda of conservatives and the GOP.

There are ways we can fight back against this sweeping tide of anti-abortion legislation gripping the country in many GOP controlled states. The fight may be hard, but it is not hopeless. Women like Wendy Davis and those like her across the country demonstrate the true meaning of fighting the good fight.

Protesters In Texas Statehouse Block Texas Lawmakers From Passing Abortion Bill


  1. Just when I about to resolve that my life just can’t get any better, up stands a Wendy Davis, to aspire me to push harder!

  2. She is simply put an amazing woman. Her message rang loud and clear to most Americans. The fact that repubs can’t/won’t hear that message takes nothing away from her. And from the rest of the Dems in the Texas Senate. They were inspiring. And of course the ‘Oops’ governor will do his best to ram it through anyway. (This is what passes for democracy in MI too.) But Senator Davis and her fellow Democrats will continue the fight and we are with them. We will kick these weasly ass repubs out of office and then the middle class will stand a chance once again to prosper and live the American dream. Kudos to Senator Davis. Democrats Only 2013, 2014, 2016.

  3. Great thoughtful piece, Mike. Wendy gives us hope and inspiration, but has mainly brought so much attention to our cause. I don’t know how the Texas senate is going to fight off the next attempt, but the publicity and outcry against these shameful anti-womens’ rights legislators will shine a light on the hubris and corruption therein. They can no longer push through these horrid bills in the dark. It affects us in all states…we are finding solidarity and Wendy was the impetus.

  4. I was a single mother for 15 years…I worked full time and went to college, university and also became a paralegal just like Wendy. She is a total inspiration not just for activists, but for women in all situations of oppression. Rick Perry’s criticism of her and then his about face trying to walk back his comments that he was complimenting her is a disgrace to the office of Governor.

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