In Florida, the stand your ground law only benefits you if you’re white

Trayvon-Martin-killedSince the stand your ground law was introduced in 2005 by the American Legislative Exchange Council and the NRA, one thing has become abundantly clear; if you’re black, but try and stand your ground in Florida, you’ll be punished.

The stand your ground law was created by, passed by and only accommodates white people. If you want proof, look no further than the Zimmerman/Trayvon case.

Zimmerman’s trial defense relied on his claim of self-defense, but his act of self-defense was initially an offensive act under Florida law; you are not allowed to stalk someone.

Under the stand your ground law, if you’re being stalked (as Martin was) you are allowed to confront your stalker. Under this law, if Trayvon felt threatened enough, he had every right to attack Zimmerman first (assuming that’s what happened). In fact, under the stand your ground law, Trayvon would have been allowed to shoot him if he weren’t too young to carry a gun.

Why did Zimmerman’s right to stand his ground trump Trayvon Martin’s, because he was black? Quite possibly, but in retrospect I don’t think the prosecutors even brought that up. Wasn’t Trayvon guaranteed the same rights under the law or do the same laws not apply to African American teenagers?

If the situation had been reversed and Trayvon had stood his ground and shot Zimmerman first, are there people out there so naive to think Trayvon wouldn’t be rotting in jail for the first half of his life? A black man shooting a neighbourhood watchman… That would not have gone over well.

Marissa Alexander
Marissa Alexander

Remember Marissa Alexander? She’s an African American woman who decided to stand her ground against her abusive husband. No, she didn’t kill him; she fired a warning shot into the air to keep her slimy husband from hurting her. She was recently sentenced to twenty years in prison for that. Imagine what she’d have gotten if she killed him (aside from a little satisfaction).

No, black people aren’t allowed to stand their ground, we expect them to keep running just like the old days during slavery, before the civil rights movement and long after Trayvon is gone.

According to a study by John Roman, in states with stand your ground laws, a white shooter who kills a black victim is 11 times more likely to walk free than a black shooter who kills a white victim. So much for the theory of Zimmerman’s lawyer.

No one should have the right to stand their ground in the first place. It was a diabolical idea cooked up by the fascists in ALEC and signed into law by Jeb Bush, both of whom have Martin’s blood on their hands.

ALEC and the NRA have spread this law to just about every state with a Republican Governor, 31 states so far, all in an effort to sell more guns. After all, it’s immoral to settle problems with just our fists and it’s not very profitable.

I have a legal question I’d like answered. If I were in a Floridian bar and I intimidate someone who then threatened me back… Can I legally shoot this person? After all, he threatened me. Where is the line drawn?

Everyone is taking advantage of these ridiculous laws to get away with murder; criminals, drug dealers, cops and everyday people. The Supreme Court of South Carolina is even looking at a case where a burglar broke into a home and shot two residents, he claims he was standing his ground.

While I’m sure that last case will be dismissed, it’s clear these laws have to go. As tragic as Trayvon’s death was, it was but a tiny drop in the stand your ground sea.

What worries me is the precedent the Trayvon case sets for racists, white supremacists and their ilk now that they know what they can get away with. Unfortunately they also know their potential victims can’t stand and fight back.

Stand Your Ground States
Stand Your Ground States


  1. Yeah, I felt the same anger and embarrassed for Christina as you did. Glad you said it like you did. What a kind and gentle man this Zimmerman was to tutor blacks like he did, and spend his time keeping his neighborhood safe from thugs.
    He even rescued a black man from trouble. I would to have a “racist” like that in my neighborhood.

  2. Marisa went to get her gun then went back into the house and fired a “warning shot” while her husband was on the phone with 911 and just missed her kids. You clearly don’t understand or even research a case.

    • the laws in Florida are ridiculous! Seriously first Casey Anthony and now this racist asshole murderer Zimmerman who btw has a $10,000 bounty on his head(cash) lmao the justice system might have failed Trayvon but he will get his people are ready to collect that money hahaha and I heard the bounty will be 1 million by the end of the month! But too bad for that baby she was what 4 or 5 years old? They failed her too! Boycott Florida!

      • I sincerely hope that the bounty on GZ is not real. That is not the way things should be done for anyone. While the justice system has failed to render a true verdict of guilt, the way to peace is not a bounty.
        I wish GZ a very long life filled with the fear and dread that Trayvon felt in the last seconds of his life.

  3. Yes people why don’t we forget about all the lives saved and crimes stopped because of the stand your ground law. The discussion and minds of too many are very short sighted… God Bless you…

  4. Wow Lies, lies, lies. Zimmerman was not stalking him, he was doing his job as a “night watchman”. That’s what they do! and 2 Zimmerman isn’t white!!! Unless you want to stipulate that oduma is a white prez. And Ms. Alexander’s case is not close to the same.(although she should be awarded for what she did). She left the scene and came back, then shot. Nice spin that goes on here.

  5. It seems the way this law is applied is that in a white on black crime, the black is not allowed to shoot his aggressor in self defense without being charged and most likely found guilty. However, when a white person is the aggressor it is not only acceptable but it seems in some minds to be necessary to shoot your black opponent even when he is unarmed.

  6. After looking t various cases in Florida, precedents don’t seem to matter. I have no idea where these lawyers and judges go to law school, or how the state BAR handles attorney misconduct but there is no consistency with the exception of whites getting away with shooting blacks for no reason.

    • Interesting link Chuck assuming the info is accurate. I’m guessing the majority of these cases refers to black on black stand your ground cases. I don’t think that benefits anyone though. Black people legally killing other black people is not exactly positive, perhaps that was the laws intention.

      • The Daily Caller is a right-wing blog. I would take anything they in regards to racial issues with a very large grain of salt. In fact, you would do well to ignore them altogether. The John Roman analysis is most likely closer to the truth.

      • What does that even mean? They aren’t legally killing, they are legally standing their ground against aggressors. How is that not benefitting black people? Who cares what the color of the attacker is. I don’t know where you’re from, but where I’m from, I don’t want to stand back why and attacker beats the shit out of me. It’s nice to be able to blast someone if that’s what it comes down to. Maybe nice is the wrong word, but sometimes it is necessary.

  7. Marrisa was convicted because she was violating an order of protection being where she was. Discharging a weapon while in violation of the order is what got her 20. Not defending the sentence, mind you, just pointing out why the stand your ground did not apply to her. She did not have the legal right to be on that “ground”. and therefore SYG does not apply to her situation.

      • How can you say the circumstances aren’t important? The circumstances determine everything about the validity of the case! You can’t just say that there should be a blanket acquittal for everyone who says “I was standing my ground”. If anything, it almost sounds like Marissa’s act was pre-meditated.

        • Because the bottom line was she was standing her ground against her husband who threatened her. You don’t pre-meditate shooting into the air. Read Upurs comment, he summed it up well

      • Stand up to her husband? She went and got a gun. I think she wanted to make a point. She made a point alright.
        20 years for violation of the law. Like the leftists say with Zimmerman, but won’t say to her…. she should have just walked away!

        • Funny, that’s exactly what I’ve heard over and over again from the Zimmerman supporters; “Why didn’t Trayvon just go home?”

          • Nope. Only the White Hispanic Racist crazy ass cracker should have walked away. Trayvon Martin had every right to confront this the neighborhood watchman and be the man his violent culture of gangsta rappers would want him to be. After all….. Zimmerman………he be a crazy ass cracker!

    • When you you people stop lying to cover the truth. I quote the case judges report that states, ” “there is insufficient evidence that the Defendant reasonably believed deadly force was needed to prevent death or great bodily harm to herself,” and that the fact that she came back into the home, instead of leaving out the front or back door “is inconsistent with a person who is in genuine fear for her life.” Mind you, they were in her mother’s home. Are you so sure she didn’t have a right to be in her mother’s home. Are you that idiotic to suggest that a black person has no right to be in their parents home. The facts of the incident is that Alexander had been living at her mother’s since the birth of the couple’s daughter nine days earlier, and Gray, a long-haul trucker, said he spent the night before in his tractor-trailer. Gray began calling her names, saying “If I can’t have you, nobody going to have you,” and blocking her from exiting the bathroom.” Given the fact that he has beaten her in the past and has just threaten her life, I would say that is a threat of imminent great bodily harm. Plus, she just had a baby nine days earlier. Get your fact straight or just shut up. The story is correct, but I would rather be in jail than allow a white person the right to take my life, so watch yourself!

    • Someone a week prior in the same court got 15 years for murder. Her sentence was excessive and did not consider the extenuating circumstances.

  8. The state of Florida needs to be held accountable. I think the best way to get their attention is to hit them where it will hurt them. People all across the United States and Canada also, should let Florida know that they will be actively engaged in finding ways to hurt Florida’s economy.

    • I work in higher education and my like minded colleagues and I are in agreement that we will not schedule any vacations in Florida. I have a cousin that lives in Hollywood Florida that I am providing research and editing for a book she is writing. I had schedule a few trips to Floria for the project, but now she will come to southern California. I am not spending a dime in the state of Florida ever if I can help it and I hope others do the same until Stand Your Ground Laws are done away with. For me however, I will never visit Florida again. That is the cost of Trayvon Martin’s life. That’s not much, but again I hope other like minded individuals do the same. Gonna have to find another source for my Cubans, but if not its not a great sacrifice.

      • Trayvon made a mistake when he chose to beat the shit out of someone who was carrying a gun, how is that the state of Florida’s fault?

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