As Kate delivers a new born prince, we continue to worship those who keep us blind

british royal familyIt never ceases to amaze me how cultures which hold freedom in such high regard continue to worship a higher power. Presently, I can think of no better example than Kate Middleton giving birth to the Prince of Cambridge. It’s as if Jesus was reborn on an island off the western coast of Europe.

I’ve always looked at freedom as being without an authority figure, without a master. I’ve never understood how someone could feel free when they’re made to obey one man’s rule, whether they’re living, dead or mythological.

Despite our freedom loving ways, we worship gods/prophets and obey their ancient laws never fully realizing the oppression and control that comes with it. They’ll have you believe that if you submit to them now, good things will come when you pass away, as if freedom only comes with death.

We also continue to worship those who used to be regarded as gods; our royalty. Although the way we adulate them has changed through the ages, the adoration remains. The only difference is that it now comes in the form of celebrity worship rather than the edge of a sword.

Now, I can understand why Britons have an interest in the royal family. Despite their parliamentary democracy, the queen (or king) is still technically their head of state and any citizen should take an interest in their leaders, but they take it just a little bit too far. After all, these days they’re not much more than a family of billionaire goodwill ambassadors.

If that is what the royal family is in England, exactly what are they in the eyes of the commonwealth? The queen is still my head of state here in Canada, but in name only. She hasn’t interfered in Canada’s affairs for as long as I can remember, nor would I want her to. I don’t bow to any queen.

While I reject royalty and deities in order to live as free as I can, I find it ironic that the country that professes to be the freest in the world does not.

The United States has an extremely religious population determined to roll back the personal freedoms of others by implementing god’s laws across the land.

royal baby, baby kingThere are also a lot of people within the US utterly obsessed with a royal family they rebelled against nearly two and half centuries ago. If anyone should care less about the House of Windsor, it’s Americans, but over the last thirty years, it’s as if America’s obsession with the fairy-tales of others grew as the American dream died.

I for one would rather see what the royal family is doing for the country and the commonwealth (if anything), than see what Kate is wearing that day… and every day. Celebrity worship is rampant in westernised cultures, but for some reason when it comes to royalty it takes on a whole new meaning.

A new prince being born is history and certainly news worthy, but he is just a baby. He doesn’t warrant half a dozen different articles in every newspaper and every website. “Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to boy”, “Royal baby quiz: what do you know?” “Fight to give boy a normal childhood”, “All royal baby name bets are on”… These are just some articles in the Guardian.

If religion is opium for the masses, celebrity must be the Heroin. It’s a more powerful drug that lets us escape the realities of the world and ignore the problems that fester from it.

I will never bow to gods or kings, but I will never lose faith in man. The British Monarchy and even the church do some important work, especially on the charity front. The trouble is we worship what they represent rather than what they do or have done.

What good is a crucifix around your neck if you don’t try to help the poor? What fun is there in guessing the name of a future king when you neglect your own kingdom?

Just a thought…

No gods, no kings, only man


  1. Wow…I’m English but raised in the U.S. (Los Angeles, CA)…I’ve spent a lot of time in England and the rich history just in the museums is worth a trip there. The thing I love about Brits is their ability to laugh at themselves ala a headline in London that said “Boy George.” When I was in London in the spring of 2011, the royal wedding was imminent. I saw just how much the citizens of England cared about the monarchy and their events and it wasn’t that much. They, including my family, seem to have a perspective that actually surprised me. There were block parties all over the country only on the day of the wedding and when it was over, it was over. The fact that the Queen took the throne at age 25 and has maintained royal decorum is what is staggering to me about the royal family. However, after she is gone, it will be interesting to see what happens to the royal family as a whole. In fact, the royal family didn’t get much press at all until Lady Diana and her every move. The end of her life has added to American obsession with the royal family as there is a vail of suspicion around it. She and Prince Charles broke all kinds of royal rules and decorum, embarrassing the monarchy, and therein lies the interest.

    About the baby, there seemed to be more media craziness than in Britain. Probably because we in the U.S. have several 24 hour news networks that the UK just doesn’t have (correct me if I’m wrong) so the repetitiousness just got ridiculous. My relatives in the UK didn’t even bring this up to me personally until Kate was in labor. Several of my cousins didn’t care about the wedding or the baby (not the baby personally but the blue blood status there of). So I think what Mike is trying to say is that the people in the United States, who conquered the Brits, is more obsessed with the British monarchy than Britain is themselves. I don’t know anybody who worships a King, Prince, Queen or anything that appears in a deck of cards. I am a Christian who does not believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God…but the teachings of Jesus are something to be considered as they are selfless, help the poor, and, ironically, he was called King of the Jews. Just saying.

  2. If following the Ten Commandments (or insert faith doctrine of your choice here) is the same as giving up freedom, then certainly following the laws of your country, province, state, or locality is also the same as giving up freedom. In that case, no one is free. Does it matter to debate what lack of freedom is the worst? Freedom should always mean having the ability to choose, despite the consequences. My choice to describe myself as Christian makes me no less free than my husband’s choice to describe himself as agnostic.

    • Obeying the ten commandments is not the same as obeying the laws of the land, especially in a democracy. laws passed in a democratic country are passed by the people, not by an ancient prophet from the bronze age

  3. The Royal family doesn’t rule, order or oppress anyone. You’re centuries out of date. These days, THEY are the ones who are oppressed – they have to live their whole lives under public scrutiny.

      • We don’t treat them or see them as celebrities. They are our Royal Family. The End. They do good work. The End.

        • It’s hard to believe that when Hello magazine and other celeb mags like it carry features on them ad nauseam, alongside Peter Andre and Max Clifford’s latest project.

          Look, it’s a bit of fun for the tourists, which is fine, but it should not be taken seriously.
          I would respect William for his work as a search and rescue pilot, and Charles for his outspoken views on architecture and other issues, but monarchy itself is just a silly anachronism that has no place beyond feudalism.

  4. The Royal Family does a lot of humanitarian work around the world. Diana put the horrific use of land mines front and center. Both of her sons joined the military, and Harry has been deployed to Afganistan twice. There is nothing wrong with celebrating the birth of a future King of England. It’s a happy occasion, and it is not political. Lighten up.

  5. As an American an a godly woman, I love my freedom. Especially the freedom to worship God or a king or who ever. I know there is a consequence to whatever choice I make. I express that to everyone who ask. I love everyone but not necessarily their choices or life styles. That’s the beauty of freedom. Although, I am sure most people of England love their country, most of the people here love theirs, too. The circumstances by which our country came to be is both negative and positive, from many points of views. But from many bad historical events and struggles in the birth and growth of our country, we have become a nation of diversity and adversity. That being said, it in no way is perfect. There is no such thing. As for England and it’s monarchy, I find it interesting and nothing more. Most house holds simply watch the Today show with interest and wish the new family luck knowing that the new infant already has the world on his shoulders and isn’t old enough to know. As for my country’s history, it is what it is, but my country men’s history goes much deeper. We share the history of the world. It’s a rich history. I myself have ancestors from England, Ireland, France and Native America. I am very proud of my heritage and the struggle it took to bring me to this point of existence. Although no country is perfect love your country and revel in the struggle to make it what it is.

  6. Come on! Lighten up! Just because some good news happens and it happens to be the birth of a baby and not a killing, war, degrading gossip, or a major calamity, does not mean people don’t want to hear about it! Nobody worships the royal family but it sure is nice to hear some heartwarming news anyway. The reason we don’t hear much good news is because we have come to believe that the word “news” only means bad stuff. Lighten up. Babies are nice.

    • I agree, Lois. The Quiet Man, should shut up. That article was disgusting. Besides, the Queen of England doesn’t rule alone. Mostly she doesn’t rule at all. The royal family can be fun and it’s a tradition in England and one we should respect. I’ve never heard of the “Quiet man” and sorry I now know about him. Jerk.

  7. man..that’s a tough viewpoint to have… put all your faith and hope in man……as if man is capable of creating the sun, stars, oceans, planets…..better to live my life as if there IS God and find out he’s not there in the end than to live my life as if there is NO God and find out he exists in the end…

      • death is real my friend….The bible is a history book just as much as the ones you read in elementary and jr. high……I may be wrong…but
        what if i’m right???

        • The bible is not history, it was written hundreds of years later.

          Whether you’re right or wrong isn’t the question, faith has yet to make this planet a better place

          • Exactly Mike, religion has caused wars and problems in politics! Separation of Church and State is there for damn good reasons and continually ignored by right wing politicians who use it for THEIR best interest ONLY! Blind sheep will always follow, just ending up to stab themselves in the back because it’s all about manipulation, ONLY benefiting the huge corporations and greedy politicians who strictly love DESPOTISM !

        • Most biblical scholars will tell you that the bible is mostly mythology, and not recorded history. Much of the “historic” events in the bible have not been verified by archaeologists or historians. Its not a very accurate book, for most subjects.

  8. If you think its rediculous that Americans would rush to fawn over a baby that doesnt really matter to us, then why are you acknologing it at all? Doesn’t that give them more power, when people (regardless if they are in favor or not) write about them?

  9. Sue is wrong at least with respect to Americans. The royal family is part of our heritage: it was a royal pain in the a$$ when george was king back in 1776. Our Founding Fathers (and Mothers) had to fight a war to get those redcoats out of the 13 original states, and then again in 1812 to keep them back in Canada. It’s amazing that 200+ years later, Americans are so fascinated with those royal pains in the a$$.

    • They are not a pain in the ass now for America, so whats the big deal? And your bit of history is small compared to ours.

          • That blood-soaked history is hardly anything to celebrate. And I’m tired of the contention that tourism to Britain will go down without the royal family waving wanly from balconies. Tourists from North America and Asia aren’t refusing to visit Paris until the French reinstall the descendants of Louis Capet at Versailles. If anything, all the security that accompanies the movements of the living royal family in the UK get in the way. Kings and queens are anachronisms best left to distant memory.

            • I disagree. A lot of tourists from the US and Asia come to the UK not only for our history but for our Royal Family.

          • But what is there to see? It’s not like you’re likely to run into members of the House of House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha while shopping at Tesco. I lived and worked for years near Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh and the only glimpse I ever got of royalty was through car windows. If the current residences of the royal family were completely open to the public that tourists would have a lot more historic sites to visit, not fewer. That lot just get in the way.

            • There is plenty to see! For starters you can go in parts of Buckingham Palace, Hampton Court Palace, Clarence House, Kensington Palace, Windsor Palace for starters. I wouldn’t dream of wanting to see their private quarters. You can go to the Tower of London and see amongst other stuff, the Crown Jewels. Then there are castles such as Hever near where I am from in Kent that belonged to Henry VIII. Wander the castle, gardens and maze and get a sense of history.

  10. Why in this day and age would we be comfortable addressing anyone as “Your Highness”? Obsequious behavior is disturbing, especially when it is directed towards a person who has done nothing to earn it beyond being born into the “right” family. The implication is that those of us who lack “blue blood” are inherently inferior. Are we really okay with that? If so, why?

  11. What a complete load of rubbish! We don’t worship the Royal Family (If I did worship anything it would be them over God) they are part of our history, heritage that you Americans don’t have. The birth of ANY baby is wonderful. The Royal family is hard working and do a lot of charity work. At age 87 the Queen is still carrying out many engagements. FYI Yes she is the head of state but in name only. She does sign laws in but has no part in forming them. Besides its a formality. No Royal has denied a law in many a year.

      • We don’t bow to or worship the Queen or Royal Family. If you care to look it up you can see what they do. As in Canada, she is just a figure head in GB too. I wasn’t repeating what you said. I was countering it.

        • You did repeat a lot of what I said; the charity work, staying away from politics, I even said I understand why Britons follow them.

          But don’t tell me you would”t bow to your queen or call her your majesty if you met her

          • When I say bow (or worship) I meant as in bowing or worshipping a God. Of course I would bow in her presence, Its called respect. No different to shaking the PM’s hand.
            ‘I for one would rather see what the royal family is doing for the country and the commonwealth (if anything)’ I was countering that. By saying ‘in name only’ in Canada but not for GB you were implying she is more than our head of state. If that is wrong then you didn’t write it very well.
            You may say you understand but what you wrote after was very snide. That says the contrary to me.

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