As republicans have proved, keeping the populace poor and stupid is a good way to get re-elected

Politics has always been filled with hypocrisy. I don’t think I can find a clearer example than social assistance in the United States. If one needs proof, one only has to look at the The Republican Welfare State.

In the United States, you have two main political parties, Republicans (red) and Democrats (blue). Republicans are typically conservative, prefer less government regulation, detest taxes, and loathe social welfare. Democrats on the other hand are the opposite. They generally favor government regulations and taxes to pay for social programs.

The Irony here, at least at the State level, is that traditional Republican held states are the takers when it comes to welfare. In 2010, 20 out of 22 (91%) Republican controlled States took more money from the federal government than they paid in taxes. Democratic States had 11 out of 28 (39%) taking more than they gave.

The Republican Welfare State
Any State over 1.00 means the State takes more that it pays

I’ve never liked to refer to welfare recipients as lazy moochers or unmotivated poor people, that characterization is normally reserved for ignorant conservatives. The fact is; most people on welfare need it for one reason or another, usually for emergencies. More than half of welfare recipients stay on the program for less than two years.

Food stamps or SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) as it’s now called is another program shunned by republicans, so much so that they now want to double the cuts toward the program. However, just like welfare, The 47 million Americans that make up food stamp recipients are concentrated mostly in Republican controlled states.

food security Statistics by State

Since welfare and food stamp recipients are disproportionally found in red states, it’s no surprise that poverty is predominantly found in those same states, particularly south of the Mason-Dixie line.

poverty by state


If the Republican doctrine of low taxes and laissez-faire capitalism actually worked, you would think the results would be different. They preach a good game, but like they say; talk is cheap.

I’ve never understood why people who live in these failing Republican states continue to vote the GOP into office time and time again. Religion can mask the reality of poverty in some states, but you would think the people could only be fooled for so long. Perhaps it has something to do with education?

Chance for success rate at public schools

Unsurprisingly, public education in red states is below their blue counterparts and below the national average. It should be noted that most red states have also seen a decrease of high school graduates in the last 15 years.


That my friends is the Republican game; keep the people poor and stupid and they’ll keep voting for the man preaching religion and freedom. It’s that simple, it’s the same thing they’ve been practicing in totalitarian regimes for centuries.



  1. The only thing I object to is in your first line- calling people “stupid”. I prefer “low information”, because many have the ability to learn but truth and facts are kept from them and they are bombarded with lies from the right. Just as Texas decided to change their history books to only make whites look better in their history and wanted to take the focus off those of our founding fathers who have way too many statements that don’t match the right wing mantra (like Thomas Jefferson- he gets WAY too much attention according to them 🙂 ), people who have little access to technology and libraries and who are not provided with adequate learning materials in schools- end up not knowing much. But many of them are capable if they are exposed. I know for me- way back when I was in school- I did learn a great deal of history because of my extracurricular reading. I was lucky the library had such a good selection for me to be able to read about so much that was not in my history books.

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