Republican Obstruction, Marijuana, the March on Washington, Military Justice, Quotes and much more

The Best Memes of August 2013

bernie sanders
Bernie Sanders
bradley manning and military justice, best memes of august 2013
Bradley Manning & military justice
mark twain, British royalty
Mark Twain on British Royalty
george bush in jail, best memes of august 2013
George Bush Behind Bars
Cenk Uygur
Cenk Uygur
Christianity in America
Christianity in America
ron paul, Consumer Protection
Ron Paul and Consumer Protection
darrell issa
Darrell Issa
frank zappa
Frank Zappa
george carlin, american dream
George Carlin and the American Dream
george orwell
George Orwell
jello biafra, corporate media
Jello Biafra and corporate media
republicans and miley cyrus, best memes of august 2013
Republicans and Miley Cyrus
martin luther king jr, march on washington, best memes of august 2013
The March on Washington
naomi klein
Naomi Klein
noam chomsky quote
Noam Chomsky
paul krugman quote
Paul Krugman
peanuts more dangerous than marijuana, best memes of august 2013
Peanut Budder
Thomas Jefferson quote
Thomas Jefferson
ramsey clark quote
Ramsey Clark
republican obstrutionism, best memes of august 2013
Republican Obstrution
republican theocracy, best memes of august 2013
Republican Theocracy
barack obama, rodeo clown
Barack Obama Rodeo Clown
stephen colbert, liberal media bias
Stephen Colbert and the Liberal media bias
welfare in the US
Welfare in the US
george bernard shaw, revolution in egypt
Revolution in Egypt
benjamin franklyn, security and Freedom, best memes of august 2013
Security and Freedom
Russia, LGBT crackdown, best memes of august 2013
Russian LGBT crackdown
homelessness, best memes of august 2013
Homelessness in America


Barack Obama on welfare
Barack Obama on Welfare


  1. This is the biggest collection of BS I have ever laid eyes on. Seriously, if you don’t like America, leave. I’m tired of fighting for you. Good men and women have died, families have been broken, spouses widowed, and children orphaned to protect your right to free speech. You are spitting on their grave.

    • You’ve protected nothing except a corporate empire. No one fought in Iraq for freedom, they fought for geopolitics. It’s a sad day when houses are broken, wives are widowed, and children orphaned over an imperialist war that has done nothing but make us less safe and cause the world to hate our guts. We won’t be going anywhere, as you sir do not hold a patent on what is or isn’t “America”…

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