Why Republicans need to be silenced on the health care issue once and for all

Repeal Obamacare

The Republicans in the House are hellbent on trying to repeal Obamacare again, even if they have to shut down the government to do it. This attempt could be labeled the 42nd attempt to repeal President Obama’s signature legislative achievement. Like all other attempts before, this recent one is bound to fail, but there are drastic political implications with this latest run. And unlike past attempts, the Republicans in the House have now made the conditions much more severe.

The Republicans in Congress are saying that either Obama and Congressional Democrats need to allow healthcare reform to dissolve or they will shutdown the government and disrupt vital services for the entire nation. It’s just pathetic how far Republicans are willing to go to stop healthcare reform from taking full effect.

Despite the wave of conservative propaganda stating they want to repeal Obamacare because of the “cost” it will have, and how everyone will be burdened for the worse, it appears that these new reforms are actually working quite well. Premiums for healthcare plans are lower than what was expected, and across the board, the healthcare reforms that were passed actually work when allowed to take full effect.

I theorize that the reason the Republicans have presented such a drastic ultimatum is because of the fact that the healthcare plan is working better than expected, and the Republican Party quite honestly cannot allow the healthcare reforms to work. If they start to work, the program becomes popular and accepted among the people as a whole. If that happens, the Republicans face a political scar that could affect them permanently in the political circus.

Just think about it. If Obamacare becomes popular due to success, the Democrats have a political weapon they can use election after election. Not a single Republican in both houses voted for the reforms. An Affordable Care Act that works would mean Republicans are wrong on the issue and it could haunt them for years to come. Honestly, their continuing fanaticism on this issue is not helping them in the popular opinion at all.

Repeal Obamacare
Enemies of Obamacare

Where Obamacare is implemented to the fullest and allowed to work properly (state by state) the reforms work and accomplish what was intended. However, in my home state of Louisiana, Governor Bobby Jindal has vowed to never allow the Medicaid expansion package to occur which is crippling the poor and middle class’s access to affordible healthcare.

Here’s an honest truth; I have no health insurance. The job I work for offers no health insurance to my position (and many others) and average insurance premiums are between 200-300 dollars a month for individuals and families. I have recently received my letter mandated by the government which gives details and info about my options concerning healthcare.

The federal government will set up a healthcare exchange (because Louisiana refuses to make one of its own) and hopefully I will be able to apply for the tax credit that’s claimed to be offered. It is vital for someone like me to be able to get assistance in affording a full healthcare plan. I may be young, but I have health concerns that I simply cannot afford to pay on my own. Does the Republican Party care? Well, I’ll let the reader come to their own conclusions.

The Republican Party and conservatives have pushed time after ridiculous time to repeal healthcare reform, and each time they have failed with no chance of success. I hope Obama and the Democrats take full advantage of this political gift, and ram home to Republicans how well healthcare reform works.

After over forty tries, I hope that progressives can finally hammer down the right and silence them on this issue once and for all. Healthcare reform is here and we have to allow it to work. We need it to work. I want it to work, because frankly I need it as do so many millions of Americans.

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