The extreme right-wing radio host and Fox News contributor is the female equivalent to Rush Limbaugh

Sandy RiosSandy Rios is an extremely conservative radio host, often featured on Fox so-called News. Rios’s commentary is also frequently featured on Right Wing Watch and Media Matters due to the enormous amount of hate, bigotry and misinformation she spreads on a daily basis. Her targets are typically the LGBT community, liberals, President Obama and make-believe “take overs” of America by horrible, nasty people who don’t actually exist.

In the aftermath of the slaughter at a shopping mall in Kenya, Sandy Rios chose to dive face first back into the birther pool while at the same time, spreading a lie about a “cousin” of the president.

On her radio program, Ms. Rios had this to say: “The implications of this are pretty frightening and of course it’s interesting that this is the country from which our president hails. This is his lineage. We know his cousin Raila Odinga is a Muslim communist. It’s just amazing. I think he’s the Prime Minister right now.”

Oh dear lord, where to start. President Obama was not born in Kenya. He was born in Hawaii, which is a state. An American state. Raila Odinga is not related to the president, but even if he was so what? I have a cousin who is so right wing, his car won’t even turn left, does that make me right wing? No of course not. Mr. Odinga isn’t a Muslim.

The shooting at the Navy yard also attracted Ms. Rios’s attention, but not because it was a horrible event, not because people died, but because women were in positions of power. She was slightly miffed that Navy Secretary Ray Mabus mentioned grief counseling in his statements, and she was full of derision for the “little woman” from the FBI. Yes, Sandy Rios took this tragedy and used it to promote the idea that “chicks running the show” is a very bad thing.

Remember the woman who compared counseling for female abuse victims to a day at the spa? That’s Sandy Rios. During that appearance on Fox “news,” Ms. Rios continued the “only sluts use birth control” mantra by asking Jehmu Greene why she thinks it’s alright to tell young women they can have as much sex as they want. Translation: if you use birth control, it means you sleep around and are a horrible person. And then she compared coverage of women’s contraception to Red China. Yeah, it’s an awesome clip, just have an airsick bag nearby.

Sandy Rios
Sandy Rios at home on Fox News

When it comes to homosexuality, Ms. Rios often sounds a lot like a Russian politician. She goes on and on about “propaganda” and how promoting homosexuality (you know, by treating everyone like a human being and not burning anyone at the stake) is destroying marriage and our children. After J.C. Penney chose Ellen DeGeneres as their spokesperson, Ms. Rios aligned herself with the truly hateful group One Million Moms and attacked Penney’s for their decision.

I’ve written it before and I will write it again. Conservatives, if this is not the message you want spread on your behalf, change the messenger. You’ve got Ted Cruz reading Green Eggs and Ham without even understanding the moral of the STORY, you’ve got Bryan Fischer comparing Ted Cruz to the prophet Elijah, you’ve got Glenn Beck and David Barton and you’ve got Sandy Rios. Elizabeth Hasselbeck just this week promoted the lie that the ACA discriminates against cancer victims. These are the people conservatives have chosen to speak for them on television and radio.

So don’t come crying to me. Don’t tell me I’m manipulating their comments-those are all links to either audio from radio shows or videos from television. Using their own words against them is not anything other than shining a light into the darkness of the right wing media machine. Sandy Rios and the rest scream about liberal propaganda when the fact of the matter is, the right wing uses propaganda better than any group I’ve seen in my lifetime.


  1. Nope. We have to monitor the crazy, the lies and the manipulation. As disgusting and uncomfortable as that is, progressives need to know what is being fed to the conservative minions. And then we have to counter the crap with the truth. It’s a horrible job, but somebody has to do it. Kind of like being a sanitation worker.

  2. I think it’s strange that a woman would say that women are not qualified for leadership positions. Ms. Rios is an accomplished professional. I don’t agree with basically anything that spills out of her lying mouth, but you can’t argue that she hasn’t ascended to some level of success in her chosen field. Having worked in the radio business for decades, I know that successful talk show hosts have a LOT of power. If their ratings are strong enough, they can say and do pretty much anything they want, as long as it doesn’t result in the station or the network getting sued. The lawyers attend to those details.

    So, why is she turning against her own gender? Is it pandering to men, who make up the lion’s share of talk radio listeners, or does she actually believe she and the other half of the population are unqualified to lead? If a Democratic female runs and wins the Presidency in 2016, maybe her head will explode.

    I have a friend who works with her, so I sent her the link to this article. Maybe she’ll turn up and have some delicious comments for us.

  3. We shouldn’t view those unwanted pregnancies, or the children they produce as a “consequence” to an older man who takes his young sex partner to the store to get Plan B. Her ideology is twisted. Sandy Rios is a SICK woman.

  4. Don’t bother with the small minds. It’s not progressive to put others down—they speak for themselves, fortunately!

    • While I understand the sentiment (it’s not progressive), I don’t see that writing about people like Sandy Rios is putting them down. It’s shining a light on the darkness they spread. For years, people on the left have been screamed at by people on the right for lumping them all together. Well, if conservatives continue to promote and support pundits like Sandy Rios, embracing her hatred and bigotry, that’s their choice. No one is forcing them to do this. Sandy Rios says things that are offensive, mean and flat out wrong, yet no one the right has ever (and please correct me with links to articles or videos if I’m wrong) said “Whoa, stop, you don’t speak for me.” Until they do that, until they separate themselves publicly from people like Sandy Rios, I will keep shining that light.

    • She has a powerful pulpit to put out her bs, so it is fine to question her motives, she makes her paycheck put others down. imho

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