Republicans say the dumbest things, but on Fox News they still get taken seriously

Government shutdownThe other day, I decided to see how Fox News was covering the U.S. Government shutdown. I must admit, it was a bit hard to find as both Tom Clancy and a plot turn for NCIS topped the U.S. Government shutdown story in the “Fox News Now” tracker. Here are the 5 dumbest comments I overheard:

5. House Speaker John Boehner, through Brendan Buck, announced that he was:

“pleased the president finally recognizes that his refusal to negotiate is indefensible.”

Why does this rank as something dumb? Well, a simple re-wind of the same news would see that the democrats have been trying to sit down with Boehner since the spring.

So, if we extend this logic to driving a car; John Boehner is the guy who will ignore all road hazard signs, slam his car into the safety rail, fly over the bridge and then, while plummeting to his doom, pump his breaks and swear at their failure to slow his mid-air crash.

1aquote-michele-bachmann4. Michele Bachmann on why the government needed to shut down:

“President Obama changed Obamacare, against the constitution, 19 different times.”

Well, at least now I know the rumors about Bachmann losing her left 3rd toe to frostbite are true. So, did Obama while burning the constitution change Obamacare 19 different times?

Well, if by “Obama” Bachmann meant “congress” and “against the constitution” she meant “in their role as laid out by the constitution”, then, yes. Congress did write, and Obama signed, 14 laws that did amend Obamacare with most of the changes being points of clarification.

A few changes, such as the removal of an income reporting tax on small business was done with the support of both Democrats and Republicans, including Michelle Bachmann.

So, for Bachmann, the reason to shut down the government was to hold Obama responsible for his un-constitutional act of signing laws that she, with her own head and hand voted for. Someone should remind her that if the President of the United States performs mass Un-Constitutional offenses, it’s a case for impeachment, not for shutting down the government.

3. Lindsey Graham. Oh, how easy it is to pick a random Lindsey Graham statement to go near the top of the “dumb” list. Sadly, at random is exactly how I picked this quote. I put on Jon Scott’s interview with Graham and placed the cursor at a random point on the video time line. This is the gem that came out:

“Our national security is greatly compromised due to the government shutdown.”

Now, this is a bit of a miss-leading item. The comment comes from Director of National Intelligence James Clapper stating that he cannot “guarantee” the country is safe due to the furloughed intelligence community.

The idea that he could “guarantee” the safety of everyone in the United States if it wasn’t for a government shutdown is more than a bit laughable. Was there some level of money that made everyone in the U.S. safe? If so, why would this information just come out now? Wouldn’t this be a hot topic?

Forget the kids in Africa, if you just donate $10 a month we can all be safe, terror free, and without war! This is a plain accountant strategy by Clapper. He basically stated, “I need money to keep operations of my department at full effect.” After Clapper’s statement, Graham then focused on the “can’t guarantee” that the U.S. is safe during the government shutdown. This bit of selective hearing must be something not currently covered by the Congressional health plan.

Is the U.S. safer during a shutdown? With 800,000 instant out of work people, not to mention a military that gets shot at for less than an IOU, I’d wager “no, the U.S. is not safer during a government shutdown” but did you really need the Director of National Intelligence for this bit of knowledge?

Ted cruz102. Ted Cruz went on Bill O’Reilly to discuss  the shutdown Obamacare:

“Millions of Americans are out of work due to….Obamacare.”

First of all, the question O’Reilly asked referred to the 800,000 plus Americans out of work due to the shutdown. Second, for Ted Cruz, the government shutdown isn’t about an inability to pass a budget or the people who are affected by the shutdown itself. For Cruz it’s utterly about the imaginary millions who lost their jobs to Obamacare before it was implemented.

To make the point even more painful, O’Reilly attempted no less than four times to get Cruz back on script about the government shutdown. Each time, Cruz went back to Obamacare. It came to the point where O’Reilly gave up; he pointed out the ‘non-compromise compromise’ Cruz was trying to sell against Obamacare and stated it was a bad idea. Cruz ignored O’Reilly again to take arms against guess what? Obamacare.
When Bill O’Reilly gives you a forum, spoon-fed directions, and multiple chances to save face and you still can’t pull it off, then it might be time for Ted Cruz to accept his 15 minutes are up lest he sound like a senile parrot.

Cruz’s last statement on what the effect of the government shutdown is on the Republican Party and how to get the 800,000 back to work? “We need to fix this train wreck that is…Obamacare”.

Someone get this guy a cracker.

1. Todd Starnes while on Hannity:

“If you believe the Democrats, it’s time to go out and buy the potted meat and Tang and get in your survival bunkers…”

He said it as a joke; there was laughing involved by all parties in witness. This echoed just another one of the “it won’t affect me, so who gives a crap” statements the Republican Party and the news crews of Fox have stated since slightly before the shutdown came into effect.

This careless attitude sums up what is wrong with the shutdown and the Republicans who pushed for it. The ones who still get paid even when others will go without; the ones who flippantly rule from the positions of power given to them by supporters too broke in pocket, mind and spirit, to ask for that power back.

The Republicans who beat the war drum when they haven’t a thing to lose. Who say immigrants that put their life on the line to that drum beat are nothing but moochers. Who surely enjoy their healthcare while trying to deny it to others. These are the same smug faces who try to bite the teacher on the arm and then cry when they receive a smack for their efforts.

Maybe, just maybe, if money and lobbying were taken completely out of politics then this report wouldn’t be needed. There wouldn’t be a government shutdown and there just might be smarter people in congress…

I am reminded of something Jessie Ventura’s dad once said about congress: “Name me any other job that people will spend far more money in trying to get than they will receive in pay if they do get the job.”

I can’t name another one either.


  1. The GOP makes me heartsick, My head Hurt and My stomach queezy…These people are truly the most self delusional Characters in reality today. This stuff just can’t be made up!! Uh well of course the stuff they’re spewing is, but other than that… Do they realize that the majority of people will come to realize that they are completely out of their minds and the people will come to that conclusion shortly? I have faith in the American sensibilities. We elected Obama for the ACA, taxing the wealthy, and ending Big Corporate influence in Politics… He has succeeded in one out of 3 so far… Defeating the GOP will go a long way to succeeding int eh others…

    • You know the republican party is in trouble when Dems wished ronald regan was still alive. I’d kill for a regan in congress. I’d even take a Nixon at this point. You know it’s bad when even good ‘ole G.W. is starting to look good compared to the tea party. Maybe that’s their strategy. Be so horrible than when a decent republican rises up we will think it’s the 2nd coming.

  2. O’Reilly also managed to compare the ACA to some sort of prom taken over by a vicious gang of angry bikers. Or an angry gang of vicious bikers? He makes my head hurt.

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