Why take such a big risk with such a little chance of a success?

Open Letter to the Tea PartyDear Tea Party,

What exactly did you achieve with the government shutdown? After all is said and done, it’s clear your campaign to repeal healthcare reform has cost a you guys a lot and gained you nothing politically. Your great showdown to end Obamacare had failed yet again, and this time the defeat has been made total. What I still don’t understand is why? Why let the country be destroyed over an ideological battle that you simply could not have won?

It has been estimated that the entire shutdown debacle has cost the taxpayer over $20 billion including back pay for the government employees who weren’t paid. Your Republican sponsored shutdown has also caused several other enduring economic problems.

The shutdown and debt ceiling threat has put American economic power at risk. The instability has caused America’s creditors and partners to take more caution when dealing with American currency. America’s top notch credit rating is at risk of being downgraded once again. The Chinese and British are rethinking trading with the dollar, and in the shutdown has left a bad taste in the mouth of the American economy.

Despite this, your Tea Party crowd cheers your behavior as not only good, but the only thing that can be done to get what you want. Now I know you have convinced yourself that the ACA (Obamacare) is the worst thing to have happened since the black plague and that somehow it will usher in Obama’s Marxist police state. However, don’t you understand politics at all?

Shutting down the government to defund Obamacare was never a feasible option to gain a satisfactory result. It’s clear a good chunk of Americans view the ACA unfavorably, but those who aren’t happy with the law don’t believe that it’s worth shutting down the government. A clear majority of Republican supporters view shutting down the government as a bad idea.

Even Ted Cruz has admitted that his whole spectacle in the Senate was meant to gain fundraising opportunities. He and his cohorts knew that the Republicans had no chance of holding the government hostage to defund the ACA, yet they went ahead anyway. They shutdown the government knowing it would accomplish little to nothing and the rest of you supported them anyway. For what?

In politics you win by winning. Making a huge stand knowing it will lose only squanders political capital. Not that I would want to give you guys in the Tea Party proper political advice, but you have to stake out goals that you can somewhat achieve. Why you ever supported these actions is so hard for me to understand.

If it was up to me, I say go for it Tea Party! Keep going at Obamacare and the debt limit. By doing so you practically guarantee a Democratic victory in every election cycle to come, so please keep it up. Just know that healthcare reform is here to stay. Rather than cut your losses and let it work, you continue the death of your political organization. So in that case Tea Party, never mind my letter. You’re doing just fine.


  1. But… But…. Louie Gohmert told Lou Dobbs just a couple of days ago that Harry Reid was responsible for the Government Shutdown!
    Even Dobbs rolled his eyes.

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