Obamacare isn't perfect, but instead of going after the healthcare law's actual faults, Republicans still prefer to lie.

republican lies about ObamacareObamacare has faults, and I don’t just mean with healthcare.gov, but rather the actual limited concept of healthcare (mandatory insurance) that Obama settled for to help the poor get insurance. There are things that I really don’t agree with; there are provisions like allowing businesses a gap year while not allowing individuals the same gap (and the complete, repeated, and total avoidance of the question by Kathleen Sebelius during her John Stewart interview).

There are people being forced to pay more for their new plan under Obamacare after repeated promises from Obama that such things would not happen (a lie, even if it’s for the greater good). basically, there is, as Jimmy Buffett said, “a lot to drink about”.

So, with a laundry list of things that Republicans and their news clones could complain about – actual legitimate concerns about Obamacare – why do they feel the need to make up things to scare the public? Is someone off script or are Republicans just that lazy, deaf, or flat out incompetent and petty, that instead of actually going after the facts they decide to spew rhetoric based on illusion. Insubstantial nonsense seems to be the bread and butter of Republicans and their conservative pundits. Are they that allergic to the truth that even when the truth suits them, they would rather spin lies?

The following top 10 Republican lies about Obamacare are actual things I’ve seen or heard about Obamacare that at least one media personality has stated, straight faced, to the public.

Lie 10. “Obamacare will have death panels – Sarah Palin. The actuality is, well, it’s Sarah Palin. I should give her props for being able to read a complete sentence from her teleprompter.

Lie 9. “Obamacare is nothing more than the largest tax increase in the history of the world,” Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh is nothing more than the largest liar in the history in the world. 

republican lies about Obamacare

Lie 8. “Hidden in the healthcare.gov code is language that means users ‘waive any reasonable right to privacy of your personal information’” – Joe Barton. This might be the single dumbest thing I have heard about signing up for Obamacare. Signing up does not ask for medical records as pre-existing conditions aren’t a factor in finding insurance due to, well, Obamacare.

Lie 7. “No doctors who went to an American medical school will be accepting Obamacare” – Ann Coulter. OK, I’ve heard smarter things dribble out of Coulter’s mouth when she was drunk. I won’t say not even she believes some of the stuff she has written, but I find it hard pressed that anyone really believes we still have doctors in the US that went to a US medical school. All jokes aside, there isn’t one—single—portion of evidence that suggests this to be remotely true or even possible to carry through.

Lie 6. “Members of Congress, thanks to the Obama administration, are going to be the only people in America to get subsidies in the Obamacare exchanges” – Jeb Hensarling. I’m not even sure where to start here. Basically, the entire thing can be corrected by Jeb prefixing his statement with “Everything I’m about to say is a complete lie written for me as I am a tool who can’t think for myself, but I love being paid to say stuff given to me by the Republican Party.”

Lie 5. “A strong bipartisan majority (in the House of Representatives) voted to de-fund Obamacare” – Ted Cruz. For Cruz, “strong bipartisanship” meant “two” Democrats. I guess they don’t have great math skills up north, eh?

Lie 4. “Obamacare will question your sex life” – Betsy McCaughey. Well, at least someone thinks I have a sex life, Betsy, but I doubt this line equal to that of a 3rd grader crying “cooties” will work in bashing Obamacare.

Lie 3. “Obamacare provision will allow forced home inspections by government agents.” – Examiner.com blogs (like the one by Joe Newby). Well… If “government agent” is a euphemism for a nurse and “forced home inspections” is a euphemism for in-home care, then sure. Forced home inspections by government agents – In-home care from a nurse. Same thing!

Lie 2. “[Under Obamacare] 75% of small businesses now say they are going to be forced to either fire workers or cut their hours”Marco Rubio. According to Politifact.com, this figure is actually less than 10%. Maybe Rubio and Cruz had the same math teacher?

Lie 1. Due to the word “Dhimmitude” being on “page 107 of the health care law, Muslims are specifically exempt from the government mandate to purchase insurance.” – Chain email. Yes, I know. I just included a chain email in a list where real people are quoted. The reason why is simple; a chain email is just another form of political influence sent out by writers who are like-minded fellows to the ones writing the news and political persona packages quoted above. The difference is in America’s unfailing belief in chain mail and letters from ‘a friend of a friend’. As for the actual letter’s claim? Not one shred of proof. If you wish to explore the law for yourself, it is available in PDF form online.

So, after seeing this short-list of republican lies about obamacare, I am a bit sad that the Zombie Plague has not made its way into the Obamacare foray. Well, until now. Enjoy while you can…

republican lies about Obamacare


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  2. its easy to exploit people on what they say and you debating against them, but your words mean nothing when you just talk bad about people instead of proving what they said is wrong or incorrect. Like the personal information part is bull on what your saying, they have limited control on your information. And by accessing your info doctors are being required to ask if your a gun owner, and by doing so one of the private sectors has the right to audit your info and take into account of your past medical history. If your have ADHD or PTSD and ect… then you are subjected to home invasion and prosecution of being not mentally stable and in control of concealed fire arm and ammo. I backed up my response with extensive research I have done, and by doing so my little paragraph is more adequately correct compared to your assumptions on people and what they say against your Democrats.

  3. Fine article — but I prefer to keep the name Obamneycare. This is Romney’s Massachusetts tested plan of government give-aways to insurance companies, gussied up for Federal use by the right-wing Heritage Foundation.

    The insurance company give-away happens to involve health care for some poor people, so that’s nice. We also got Tang out of the space program, and a whole lot of Southern crackers learned to wear shoes thanks to the Vietnam War. It’s an expensive way of doing things.

    The good thing is we’ve got a majority of Americans signed on to the idea that health care is for everybody. Next stop: a health care program, maybe?


    • Yes, I do find it funny that this is really a big mirror of Romney’s concept and not–almost at all–a true healthcare program. I will be at the top of people who think Obama should have stuck to his guns and allowed for the chance of something that resembles Universal Healthcare.

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