Many Christian conservatives no longer do what Jesus would do

Christian Hypocrisy in America, Jerry Falwell
Jerry Falwell

Christian hypocrisy in America seems to be at an all-time high. Conservatives in the country have managed over the last thirty plus years to turn the teachings of Jesus completely upside down. What was once the right thing to do morally in the country has become immoral, even though the source material remains the same.

Of course religion has turned a blind eye to injustices in the past (take slavery for instance), but as far as actually flipping religious philosophy in the US, I can’t think of any American that has done more to propagate it than ex-president Ronald Reagan.

Reagan was first elected with the help of the “Moral Majority”. A southern-oriented organization of the Christian Right founded by evangelical Baptist pastor and televangelist Jerry Falwell and religious conservative activist Paul Weyrich. Both key figures of the “the new right.”

The Moral Majority was an organization made up of conservative Christian political action committees and it quickly grew to become one of the country’s largest Christian lobby groups.

The Moral Majority was opposed to state recognition and acceptance of homosexuals, even though Jesus had no known opinion of gays. They opposed the Equal Rights Amendment, even though Jesus supposedly loved everyone equally. They also supported the censorship of media outlets that didn’t share their views on family values, and of course they opposed abortion even with the mother’s life in jeopardy. If Jesus were alive today, I don’t think he would share those views either.

By the time Reagan had won the Republican presidential nomination, the Moral Majority was already hard at work turning apolitical Christians into good Christian conservatives. They did so by feeding the public fear of blacks and immigrants and the evils of homosexuals and abortion. A tried, tested and truly easy way to create a large base in the south that is still practiced today.

So with the religious-right on-board the Reagan train, it was time to teach them something they knew little about. Most people know by now that Reagan introduced his own brand of economics to the United States when he was first elected. Reaganomics, voodoo economics, trickle-down economics, call it what you want – Reagan’s base ate it up as if it came from the bible itself.

In order for Reagan to sell his economic vision he had to ingrain into the minds of the religious-right the idea that the American Government was responsible for the country’s problems. Everything should be left to the free market. Most would agree he was quite successful; after all, he was the great communicator.

Christian Hypocrisy in AmericaFast forward thirty years and not only is Reaganomics still alive and well, but we have arrived at a point where Christian conservatives who once admired Reagan from their classrooms are now in office. In fact, many who once followed him would now say he’d be too liberal to get elected.

Somewhere in the time between the Moral Majority and the birth of the Tea Party, social programs became entitlements. Welfare no long helps the poor, it has become a burden on the poor, food stamps and unemployment benefits now prevent people from wanting to find work. So on and so on. Like Bill Maher said last week “there is always a good moral Christian reason to tell everyone you need to fuck off and die”

I can’t tell you how bizarre it feels to see someone with a “What Would Jesus Do?” bumper sticker on their car preaching against feeding the masses (food stamps), healing the sick (universal healthcare) and caring for the poor (welfare). I have to wonder if they even realize what they’re saying.

I know the amount of reading Americans partake in has dropped over the last few decades, but it seems as though they would rather be preached to by a politician or a right wing pastor than actually reading the book they supposedly base their morals on.

Christian Conservatives like to think back to Reagan and tell me they have no problem feeding or caring for the poor as long as the government isn’t involved. In other words they have no problem with it as long as they don’t have to help. There aren’t enough churches in the world that can afford to feed and care for all of America’s poor.

Christians for the most part try to follow the teachings of Jesus the way he intended. If you’re one of them, please do us all a favor and let your Christian conservative brothers and sisters know they’re going the opposite way down a one-way street.



    • You are the one that is wrong. You have nothing to back up your statement. It is not a lie that “most” of the Right is about denying anything that benefits poor people, people that are not white, or of a different sexual persuasion and seniors.

  1. Anyone who thinks generosity begets dependence are acting like the brother of the prodigal son. Why should I not get state help if some people cheat the system? I have used it to get enough food, shelter, medical and psychological help to get the strength be a contributing citizen again, thank you very much.

  2. The Bible that many of them don’t bother to read thoroughly, if at all, describes a system in the old testament for making sure that poor people have enough to eat, and tells them not to withhold what is needed from their fellow men and women, whether they were of Israel, an orphan, a widow or a sojourner(non-Israeli or immigrant)…they just try to pretend it’s not in there…I am an SSDI/Medicare beneficiary, I worked for it, paid into it, am still paying for Medicare, and they have their beady little eyes on that, now…

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