Thanksgiving has come to represent everything the rest of the world despises about America

Thanksgiving in AmericaThanksgiving in America will soon be upon us in a few days. Once again, on a holiday where we’re meant to give thanks and count our blessings, we will no doubt continue to expose our gluttony, show our greed and exploit our poor.

It’s a shame because many Americans beneath the surface strive to do right and celebrate the holiday properly with dignity and without selfishness. Unfortunately, most of what we see on the surface contradicts the actual meaning behind the holiday.

For starters, Thanksgiving in America is meant to be shared with your family regardless of your economic class. For the last few years however, more and more corporate retail chains have decided to exploit their often poor workers by forcing them to work on thanksgiving.

The United States is the only country in the developed world that does not mandate national holidays to all of its people. The country keeps the holiday in the hands of the free market and the market is starting to take full advantage of it. Funny how conservatives can call poor people entitled when they can’t even get a holiday off.

So while the well to-do can sit comfortably at the dinner table surrounded by family, pig out on turkey and stuffing, and watch the gladiators bleed on the gridiron, the working poor have to keep working.

A growing number of retail chains who already exploit their workers with low wages are now forcing them to work at regular pay over the holidays. These stores include the usual suspects like Wal-Mart, Kmart, Sears, Old Navy and Toys ‘R Us. Thanksgiving is quickly turning into Black Thursday.

Thanksgiving in America cartoonThese days every American on Thanksgiving can satisfy their two biggest desires on the same day; shopping and eating. It wasn’t long ago when people with money in their pocket had to sleep it off before rushing out into jam packed malls. Now they don’t even have time to digest.

Speaking of jammed malls, nothing seems to bring out the worst in Americans more than a Black Friday sale. I’m glad I stay home and watch the circus on television. Honestly, pushing and shoving, brawlspepper spray, fist fights, even shootings. I thought mosh pits could get rough.

All of this aggression to save a bit of money on something that people don’t even need. If these shoppers had any brains they’d realize just how much these retail chains are screwing us every other day of the year and stay away. Besides, by going to Wal-Mart or Old Navy on Friday we’re rewarding the same companies who took advantage of their low paid employees the day before.

I understand these Black Friday sales can be important to those with smaller incomes. It’s just too bad they are often the ones stuck behind the register.

There is a war on Thanksgiving being perpetrated by our retail stores, but I think it started with us long before our corporate overlords took over. As I mentioned, Thanksgiving is supposed to be about quiet reflection, being thankful for what we have and helping others who have nothing.

Instead, most of us overeat, watch simulated war on a football field, and shop until we drop (or drop someone else). Sadly, this is Thanksgiving in America and it has all become tradition.


  1. I don’t support Black Friday or working on holidays. If more of us would just resist the urge we could make an impact but unfortunately, as you stated, it’s also the poor that can’t afford to pass up the sales. It’s quite the evil ploy to milk every last penny from the poor to line the corporate aristocracys coffers. Until we fight back at this lowest level we will be forever at their mercy.

  2. Well said Mike.. WELL SAID!.. Due to personal, economic reasons, I’m making most of my presents this year, and what I can’t make I am purchasing from local artisans. I’m done with corporate America.

    • Bonnie you kick ass. I’m of the same mentality. I refuse to shop on thanksgiving or black Friday. If I have to do any shopping for the holidays I do it on small business Saturday. That way I know my money is going to people who truly need it.

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