Megyn Kelly claimed as historical fact that Santa Clause was white, but she didn't need to convince her viewers

fox news viewersWe all know the majority of Fox News viewers are white conservative Christians. They cater to their audience any way they can, whether they need to bend the truth or just plain make things up. Sometimes the truth bending is rather subtle, sometimes it comes off as just plain stupid. What they try and do is keep power in the hands of their viewership, those same white conservative Christians. Any threat to that power gets attacked.

So was it really a surprise when Megyn Kelly defended as historical fact that Jesus and Santa Clause were white men? As Jon Stewart explained it was “another example of a Fox News segment expressing anger and victimization over the loss of absolute power and reframing that as persecution of Real America by minorities, freeloaders and socialists.”

The fact is, Megyn Kelly didn’t need to say what she did. Here are ten reasons why Fox News viewers already know Santa is white:

10: Santa speeds through residential neighborhoods in a bright red convertible with no driver’s license or vehicle registration; yet he never gets pulled over.

9: By Fox News standards, a fat white man with a whip is just “expressing his cultural heritage.”

8: Santa only works one day a year, yet Fox News has never done a story about how much he plays golf the other 364 days.

7: Despite having a global spy network and massive database in which all people are designated “Naughty” or “Nice”; Fox News has never questioned Santa’s surveillance efforts.

6: Fox News has never demanded Santa answer their questions about Bengazi, despite his massive information collection abilities.

5: Fox News avoids doing stories about white men that use only non-union minorities to manufacture their products at below poverty wages.

4: When Mrs. Clause offers kids hot chocolate and cookies, Fox News doesn’t accuse her of having a “secret agenda to take away our children’s right to eat healthy.”

3: Fox News has never accused Santa of being a socialist despite his long record of giving to the needy.

2: Fox News has never asked for Santa’s immigration papers or demanded he show them his long form birth certificate.

1: Fox News anchors have never confused the name “Santa” with “Satan”. Apparently they only have this problem when people of color are named “Obama” and “Osama.”

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