QM's writers pick their favorite articles of the past year

best articles of 2013As the world turns 2014… or should I say; the world turns 4,540,002,014, the writers at Quiet Mike have created a special list for you made up of it’s best articles of 2013.

In the past year we witnessed the launch of Obamacare and a government shutdown in the United States. We saw an awful man-made disaster in Canada (no, not Rob Ford). And most importantly, we continue to live in a world that still has a habit of putting corporations before people.

January 1st, 2014 not only marks the beginning of a new year for us all, it also marks our site’s first birthday. While you can be sure to see the same congressional gridlock in the coming year, you can also bet we will be there to provide you all with the same great wit,  knowledge and facts you’ve grown accustomed to. Thank you for your support and enjoy!


Inder Comar: The Man Behind the Bush Administration Lawsuit by 

An Interview with Inder Comar Esq., the Lawyer bringing the Bush Administration to court on behalf of Iraqi refugee plaintiff Sundus Shaker Saleh.


Politics of Selfishness: Libertariansim in America by 

Ayn Rand, lasseiz-faire, and the virtue of greed in the United States.


Madison Kimrey is No Prop by 

An interview with Madison Kimrey, the incredibly well spoken twelve year-old activist who’s taking on Governor Pat McCrory in North Carolina.


Facebook: No Longer Social Media by 

In order to make money for their stock holders, Facebook has started to put a price tag on everything, including our speech.


Adjuncts in Higher Education: The Other Fast-Food Worker by  

How an adjunct college teacher can be a worse hourly paying profession than a McJob.


Conservative Anger over Obamacare should be Blamed on Republicans by 

Obamacare is a conservative idea, still Republicans in congress chose obstruction rather than trying to make it better.


best articles of 2013Runaway Oil by 

With up to 50 dead in Lac-Mégantic, people need to realize that the transportation of oil will never be safe.


Happy Un-Birthday, White Jesus by 

Christian fundamentalists need to get over the fact that Jesus wasn’t white or born in December.


Five Myths of the Liberal Media Explained by 

Five Myths of the Liberal Media and how the media establishment in the US is far from progressive.


Cutting Edge Sustainability by 

Australia is out to prove that green energy is both affordable and competitive.


The American Minimum Wage Nightmare: It Hurts Us All by  

The current American minimum wage hurts more than just the workers earning it. It hurts us all.


The Rent in Afghanistan is too Damn High by 

Why is the United States contemplating another 10 year stint in Afghanistan?


information bubbleThe Tea Party’s Information Bubble Needs Popping by 

If you ask around, Tea Baggers all get their information from the same unreliable sources.


Flawed Logic: More Guns Means Less Gun Violence by 

Louisiana is a prime example of the NRA’s flawed talking points.


The Fighting Words Doctrine: Not All Speech is Free by 

Contrary to what some Americans might think, not all speech is protected under the First Amendment.


The Security Industrial Complex by 

A mind blowing look at the numbers behind America’s growing security industrial complex.


In Praise of Wendy Davis by 

How one Texas State Senator has given hope to pro-choice activists around the country.


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