The clown needs to pressure top McDonald's executives into giving his co-workers a raise.

letter to ronald mcdonaldDear Ronald McDonald,

Listen up you clown! I am an American consumer and I have some issues I wish to express to you and your company, especially to the executive management. I’m sick and tired of your company’s hypocrisy. I’m sick of the standard that they and other chain corporations set when it comes to the people who work for you.

As someone who once adored your happy meals as a kid, it offends me that I have grown up to a company like yours that makes billions in profit while those who work there can barely afford to pay the rent. Most McDonald’s employees earn minimum wage. Tell your bosses that they should start trading in a little profit in order help your co-workers instead of making excuses.

The company  you work for has ignored those who serve them, including yourself. I mean come on man, it looks as though you haven’t been able to buy new clothes in decades! Instead they focus on diversion to prevent any changes in labor and wage laws. They pay your co-workers a wage that cannot compete with rising costs, and instead of rethinking the policy and paying workers more evenly, they choose to blame the problems on the workers themselves.

Granted, McDonalds is not the sole arbiter of this model of business. Walmart is notorious for advancing such policies, even actively encouraging their employees to get on welfare due to the fact the company refuses to pay them for what their work is worth.

I understand that the real issue here is not the company in itself, but its the way in which labor and wage laws are set in this country. The minimum wage being only $7.25 an hour and the fact that in many states, fast food workers can’t bargain for better wages, creates a mass pool of workers who are making very little money for the work they are doing.

Despite this, your bosses continue to dodge their responsibility towards its own people. They would rather tell your co-workers to go on welfare than to pay them a decent wage or give them any benefits. They would rather tell your co-workers to not eat the product they sell. Come on now! How does Hamburglar survive? stealing burgers from poor Wendy? They even told you guys to sell Christmas gifts for cash on eBay!

The worst part is, whenever someone wants to change the law and give your people better income stability, your corporate overlords fight every step of the way. When your co-workers go on strike, they call them selfish and freeloaders. These are people who want to work with you, but can’t afford to do so. As the job market gets tighter, they merely spit in their eyes and you stand their giggling like the clown you are. How sad are you?

Instead of blaming the workers, they should pay them what they need to survive and stop making excuses. McDonald’s is a multi-billion dollar corporation. Even if they spent a billion dollars to pay workers better, you would still be worth billions. Their profitability does not rest solely on the low wages they refuse to raise. The government shouldn’t have to force them to pay your co-workers a living wage.

In closing Ronald, let me say this; I know you’re just another highly paid corporate tool. Anyone who’s on television as much as you must surely make a decent salary. But I’d like you to look into that heart of yours and use that smile we all grew up with to tell your bosses some changes need to be made. After all, how long can you sit idly by and watch your co-workers suffer? We’ve all had enough, and I can tell by the look on his face that Grimace has too.


  1. You do realize that most stores are franchises, run by local businessmen who are trying to pay off the investment in a store, right? McDonalds sells everything to the small businessman, and he manages his profits, not McDonalds.

  2. All of america has grown up with mcd’s,, they should stand for more than profits,,, afterall,,,, we made them rich eating their,,,, lets make it right ,,, and raise the wage for all people, and show the way ,,, no lead the way Mc donalds!! You have always done great things FIRST,,, DO IT AGAIN,, AND ALL OTHERS WILL FOLLOW.PLEASE♥♥

    • I wish he can go to my school
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