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Quiet Mike likes to end the year with a little tradition. Since we believe you can find a little humor in anything, we are once again presenting a year in review made up of our best political cartoons and memes of 2013.

The good news this year is that most of the content is original. We were fortunate enough to bring on some talented cartoonists (Nemo), artists (Tish Talbert) and meme creators (Julian Drury and QM himself) this year. The critics have been than kind or they are at least keeping their mouths shut.

While we aren’t exactly the Daily Show, we do try and bring a little levity to our site once in a while. 2013 has left us no shortage of targets to pick on and laugh at. In the United States there is the always popular Fox News, Republicans, the NSA, the government shutdown and Ted Cruz. In Canada there’s corrupt senators, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and Ted Cruz…

In the rest of the world, we welcomed a new Pope and dealt with world powers like Syria and North Korea. And of course, as always we end it with some of the people we lost in the past year. Enjoy!


republican lies about Obamacare

Best Political Cartoons and Memes of 2013
40+ repeal attempts and still going

Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown Meme
Government Shutdown

Best Political Cartoons and Memes of 2013

Fox News & The Liberal Bias Media

stephen colbert, liberal media bias
Stephen Colbert and the Liberal media bias

best memes of October 2013, John Stewart


peanuts more dangerous than marijuana
Mmmm… Peanut Budder


best memes of October 2013

ted cruz meme
Ted Cruz
food stamps, best memes of September 2013
House Republicans voted to cut food stamps by 40 Billion

republicans and miley cyrus, best memes of august 2013


Intervention in Syria Cartoon

Humanitarian war

North Korea

KIM, north korea


yes we scan

Boston Bombing

Best Political Cartoons and Memes of 2013

Gun Control

gun control, human rights meme

Chris Rock meme on gun control

50 Years of the Dream

martin luther king jr, march on washington
The March on Washington

The New Pope

Best Political Cartoons and Memes of 2013


Lac-Mégantic Disaster
ted cruz, canada meme
Super Spy Ted Cruz

Best Political Cartoons and Memes of 2013

Rob Ford

RIP 2013

Roger Ebert
Roger Ebert
Hugo Chavez
Hugo Chavez
margaret thatcher
Margaret Thatcher


Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela

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