Three realistic predictions and one that is far-fetched. Can you tell which is which?

predictions for 2014Sometimes, to break the ice in class with my students, we’d play “two truths and a lie.” Basically, the students (and myself) would tell two truths about themselves and, you guessed it, one lie. We would then have the rest of the class try to determine the lie. With the coming of the New Year, I’ve seen a few Predictions for 2014 type articles. So, I decided to present my own version of these predictions with my class’ game in mind. Three truths and a lie, or at least three realistic predictions and one that is far-fetched.

Prediction #1: The Tea Party will fail worse than a child sit-com star trying to make a comeback in hip-hop. That’s right, my first prediction is the end is nigh for the Tea Party. This is the year that will see them finally resemble the laughing stock they’ve always been.

I base this Prediction for 2014 a bit on their gambit run to shut the government down. It might leave more than a bad taste in the mouth of voters. The Tea Party can no longer claim “we are the new brand.” It will be interesting to see what kind of noise will come from that party this year.

Take a quick look at the upcoming 2014 elections. Can you pick one Tea Party candidate that has a legitimate platform and chance? These aren’t the same politicians that the Wisconsin good ole’ boys shoved down our throat due to their Tea Party affiliation not too long ago. But they are the same ones who now have lackluster support just to win a primary. That describes the course of a honeymoon stage into the bitter breakup stage. You know, you date a new girl and she’s a great kisser—she does that little thing with her tongue—but after a few weeks of going out you find it revolting? Yeah, that’s the Tea Party.

predictions for 2014Prediction #2: The US will pass an anti-gun law. Gun control is usually on the tip of everyone’s tongue where it’s told to remain by the NRA who then takes aim at it much like that poor kid holding the apple on his head. I’ve had a gun in my past. I’ve used to shoot it, I liked to shoot it, and I have to say I’ve done a lot with it in private that I don’t think should be performed in a public sphere.

I believe 2014 will be the year where guns are no longer accepted in (and I am aiming low here) movie theatres and/or playgrounds. That’s right, I think that we can safely say that no matter how bad the movie or game of kickball is, a gun is probably not needed to help the outcome.

This is a state’s rights issue. At least that is how the US Supreme Court sees it and it will take the individual states to really make this happen. I know a lot of positive things like gay rights and marijuana have been keeping the state voters busy. However, I see that pot and gay marriage is now gaining acceptance in some states, so maybe the voters (at least in those states) can move on to lesser matters like keeping people from killing each other en mass with firearms.

Prediction #3: Guantanamo Bay, better known as the indefinite anti-human rights symbol of America will close its doors. Yes, it is about time that Obama makes good on his policy promise of his first election. I could say “but which failed promise?” but this one still tops the cake.

I’ve got nothing else to say on this matter. It’s just time. It had an alarm clock set; Obama hit the snooze button a few times, but eventually he needs to get up and finish business. To the world, and more than a few Americans, there is a horrible regime imprisoning people without cause or trial in Cuba and that regime is us.

Prediction #4: There will be legislation put forth that no human being on earth based upon race, religion, creed, gender, or sexual preference will be refused basic rights by the United States.

I’m not saying this will be a federal legislation nor does it have to be sweeping. Just a nice statement by “the people for the people” saying, “Hey, maybe we should treat the world the same way we want to be treated. This “all people are created equal” thing really means something.”

I know, it will be hard for the US to give up spying on Muslims who play World of Warcraft. It may even be difficult to stop the disease of war that we’ve plagued the world with this century. I know its hard to stop this self-inflicted plague because we beat those war drums so well. Maybe it is time for a different instrument; lay down the drums, and pick up the trumpet of peace.

Peace on Earth and Peace to its own citizens.


  1. # 2 is the long shot. No way enough pol’s stick thier neck out that far as to support anything related to restricting guns. Just too much polarization on this issue. I own a gun. I don’t think I have to carry it around to prove anything.

  2. Wow, that’s tough. Whereas all four are admirable, I don’t foresee Obama not being able to close Guantánamo; I don’t see Congress passing a gun control law; I don’t ever see everyone being treated equal in all cases! And I don’t remember the fourth. Whether or not Obama himself attempts any of these, they all require a whole lot more communication and cooperation than I am able to see our government acquiesced to.

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