Your debate with Bill Nye exposed your true colors.

ken hamDear Ken Ham,

I know what I’m about to say will have little impact on you or any of your followers, but I feel I have it say it anyway. The recent debate you had with Bill Nye highlights the stark difference in outlook between both science and creationism. Whether you realize it or not Ken, you basically indicted yourself before a national audience.

Before you and Bill Nye met to debate, many began to question the usefulness of the debate itself. Particularly secularists, believed that debating you would only lend false credibility to creationism as a valid alternative to science. Instead, what the debate did was trounce you and your positions with real facts.

Now of course your hardcore creationist fans were probably not swayed by Bill Nye’s arguments, however all indicators showed that the majority of viewers walked away from the debate believing that Nye had resoundingly won. Even Christian audiences agreed that you performed rather poorly in debating the actual facts of evolution.

The majority of Christians believe that just saying “because the bible says so” is no longer a good enough response to serious questions posed by science. This is perhaps due to the fact that you used most of the debate to try and promote a political agenda, rather than debate on the facts.

It reminds me of a little project I partook in during middle school. In the 7th Grade, while I was attending a Lutheran Private School, my science class teacher decided to hold a mock evolution debate during a class session. Being that this was a Lutheran school, the majority of the kids in class were on the side of creationism. Out of a class of twenty, I think only five of us were on the side of evolution.

I researched facts and data for three days prior to the debate. When debate time came, My comrades and I presented a factual breakdown of evolution and why it is more credible than creationism. When the other side came to respond, they literally pulled what I shall now term as a “Ken Ham.”

All they did was read some quotes from the bible and said, “that’s what it says, so that’s what it is.” Needless to say, the creationists had no real argument other than “the bible says so” therefore we on the evolution side won the debate by default. I say by default because the “science teacher” for that class was actually a self-proclaimed creationist. Yet, even she seemed to have standards high enough to know that saying “the bible says so” wasn’t sufficient enough to form an argument or win a debate.

One side’s argument literally being; the bible said it, end of story, while the other side presented facts and organized breakdowns of why evolution is an undeniable fact about our world. You, Mr. Ham, stated outright that “nothing” would change your mind when it came to the bible. That right there sums up exactly why you and your theories are not taken seriously in scientific circles.

Bill Nye summed the issue up perfectly. All we need is evidence of your claims, Ken Ham. That is all. Yet, this isn’t about science. You have no interest in real science. All you and your ilk desire is to prevent people from questioning the scriptures in your holy book, which you believe holds the key to all human morals. If your book is wrong, then God must be wrong.

Many on the secular side have feared the debate would lend you undue credibility. Instead, it exposed you for what you truly stand for. You have no intention on practicing actual science and the methods they entail. It’s all about spreading dogma. The response to the debate has shown that many Americans, including Christians, have begun to catch on to your game.

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