Why I think Warren would make a better candidate than Hillary Clinton.

elizabeth warren 2016Let me tell you why I think Elizabeth Warren 2016 sounds better than another presidential run by Hillary Clinton. For the Hillary fans out there, sorry to disappoint, but I would much rather see a President Warren.

For starters, just know that I don’t prefer Warren over Clinton because of another Clinton becoming president. Believe it or not, I would rather see Elizabeth Warren run due to her policy positions. What Warren stands for and what she can potentially offer is of greater benefit to America, in my opinion. Hillary is not necessarily a bad candidate, but I think Warren comes with some advantages in both electoral and policy aspects.

One issue where Warren stands strong is in her progressive values. I understand that Hillary calls herself a progressive, and I truly believe she is to a certain degree. Yet, Hillary comes with establishment baggage that I would much rather not carry back into the White House. Many Hillary fans have said to me that Obama was supposed to be the “change” candidate and look what that turned into. I understand the point, but Warren is different.

Warren has held and fought for her positions long before she ran for public office. Unlike Obama, who largely seemed to press upon progressive issues for sake of a campaign, Warren has a solid track record for fighting for progressive values and causes. It’s a record I wish Obama would have had.

Warren was a long-time advocate of creating a Consumer Protection Agency, raising the minimum wage, and has also become a big advocate for ending Citizens United and removing corporate money from politics. Across the board, Warren has a better track record on progressive issues. Many will disagree and believe that Hillary would be the stronger candidate in 2016, but her policies fall short.

elizabeth warren 2016The main reason I would like to see Warren run in 2016 is because she strikes fear into the hearts of Wall Street. Unlike Obama, whom Wall Street was more than willing to fund, Wall Street despises Warren. In some way this could be her weakness. With rampant money in politics, a Warren candidacy would drive Wall Street towards the Republicans. Perhaps this also serves as an advantage though.

What Warren does well is channel middle and lower class frustrations into a voice that we can all relate to and learn from. She reminds us of that teacher you once had in school who can both educate and communicate, allowing you to understand the depth of what must be learned.

Warren is able to merge progressive issues into an offensive platform that can be both understood and defended well. What Warren offers is a true progressive potential that can rally the left as well as galvanize the center into understanding why progressive issues are also American issues.

It is amazing that a debate is being held as to whether one of two women would be a suitable candidate for president. While Hillary Clinton is certainly a strong candidate and politician, I think Warren’s vision is better for a progressive America. She offers more than a strong candidacy, she offers a strong ideal, that I think has the potential to help bring America to brighter days.


  1. Count me in, to back Elizabeth Warren as an excellent candidate for the Presidency in 2016.
    I used to believe I would back Hilary Clinton . . . until I saw more and more of what Warren DOES on a daily basis.
    And, I believe that Warren would BE the stronger candidate, because she does not have negative baggage from the past.
    Yes – although, on her own merits, Hilary Clinton is well qualified for the Presidency, she IS burdened (justly or not – it’s there) with baggage from the past, (both real and imagined – from her marriage to Bill, and her stint as Secretary of State) that – in an election campaign, would consume gobs of money, time, and attention to constantly deflect, defend and explain

  2. At first you said, “For starters, just know that I don’t prefer Warren over Clinton because of another Clinton becoming president.” and go on to say “Yet, Hillary comes with establishment baggage that I would much rather not carry back into the White House.” It’s pretty much one and the same. #ijs

  3. I love, love, love Elizabeth Warren, and she would make an awesome President. But the very reason she would make an awesome president, are the reasons that the money running this country would never let her. She’s got to be electable to be effective.

  4. I would like to see Warren run for the same reason some wanted Bill Moyers to run.
    Just for the ideas it would bring to the campaign.

    Thing is, if I’m not mistaken, Warren has already said she has no interest in running for president.
    That could change, I suppose. But right now she lacks the “fire in the belly” that such a run would require.

    • I did support Clinton’s presidential campaign, instead of Obama. I travelled to another State and did door-to-door. And I have never done that before. And then I read this article about Clinton’s tactics as Secretary of State toward another woman, the President of Argentina, who like Clinton is an attorney, and I became thoroughly sickened. Clinton employed methods that – in theory – violate federal law HERE, against people with disabilities, those that are not readily apparent, and therefore more easily violated. But I guess as Secretary of State those things don’t matter. Afterwards, I contacted her campaign manager in Maryland with whom I and several other women supporters had traveled to Pennsylvania to campaign for Hilary. She didn’t know anything about it, she said. So I sent her the attached link and never heard from her again.


  5. Not only do I think that she would make a better candidate, I think she would make a better PRESIDENT, for all of the reasons that you stated above. Why do I think that she would be a better CANDIDATE? I know that there are a lot of people who A lot of baggage against Hillary Clinton herself. There are people who are against her, just BECAUSE she’s Hillary Clinton. I disagree with their positions on that, but I do feel that THAT plays against her as a CANDIDATE. AND I fully believe that she would make a much better president!

  6. AGREED and thank you. Progressives need to unite during the primaries towards a truly progessive candidate and this is not Hillary. She with her voting record in the Senate would prove to be more of hawk then Obama.

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