Ever dream of what the most progressive American Government would look like?

After watching Canada’s men’s hockey team barely squeak out a victory over Finland, and reading Julian’s article on his top 2016 candidate yesterday, it got me thinking. If were to play god, I wondered, who would be on my American progressive dream team?

I decided to create this progressive dream team by picking a president, a vice-president and filling in eight important cabinet positions and officers. Let me know what you think!

progressive dream team, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren
Sanders & Warren

President: Bernie Sanders

The independent senator from Vermont would be my first choice for President. He is the most outspoken liberal in Washington and his social democratic views are very parallel to my own. If he were in office he would get money out of politics for good, introduce universal healthcare, strengthen the social safety net… and he would do it all by noon on his first day.

Vice- President: Elizabeth Warren

The Senator from Massachusetts and consumer rights advocate would be my second choice for president. She’s a fighter first and foremost. Second, she leaves little doubt as to who she works for; everyday people like you and me. With her in office, big business and big banks would finally be put in check.

Secretary of State: Jon Stewart

You’re probably thinking I’m joking around here, perhaps you’re right, but this is my dream. I figure the nation’s top diplomat should be both politically aware and be able to make people laugh. Jon Stewart therefore make perfect sense (at least in my mind). Besides, would you prefer Dennis Rodman?

Secretary of the Treasury: Paul Krugman

I figure the Secretary of the Treasury should have a little background in economics and Paul Krugman is as liberal as they come. The Nobel Prize winning Keynesian economist is a no brainer. Unlike those trickle-down twits, he knows how the economy really works.

Secretary of Defense: Vacant

That’s right, I’d leave it vacant at least for a while. The symbolism behind it would signal a new direction for the country and an end to the military industrial complex. You can’t go to war if there is no one there to plant the idea.

Inder Comar, progressive, dream team
Inder Comar

Attorney General: Inder Comar

I’m sure very few of you have ever heard of this man, but that should change. He is the lawyer from San Francisco bringing the Bush Administration to court on behalf of an Iraqi refugee. Anyone willing to risk his career to bring the six main Bush Administration officials to trial for war crimes deserves one hell of a promotion, whether he wins or loses.

Secretary of Agriculture: Michelle Obama

While Barack has been in office, wife Michelle has been trying to get people to eat healthier. If she’s truly as serious as I think she is, I can think of no one better. Our food would be better inspected, food stamps would be a priority to those who need it, and maybe she would even go the extra mile and put an end to frankenfood.

Secretary of Labor: Robert Reich

He did as good a job as anyone could under Bill Clinton, but he left the position frustrated and angry because he wasn’t permitted to do more. I would give him the chance to finish the job he started. After all, there is no bigger advocate for wealth equality in the country than little Robert Reich. His documentary “Inequality for All” is a must see.

Secretary of Education: Bill Nye

Why the science guy you ask? Because with him as secretary of education we would have kids learning facts instead of myths. A country full of kids interested in science would bring a wealth of innovation for the future. Maybe the 26% of Americans who believe the sun revolves around the earth would disappear. Nye might even decide the metric system is worth teaching.

progressive dream team, David Suzuki
David Suzuki

Administrator of the EPA: David Suzuki

Most Americans will not know who David Suzuki is. Most likely because he’s not American, he’s Canadian. Sorry, I need at least one fellow countryman in my dream, but trust me, he’s well qualified. He was warning us about global warming long before there was an inconvenient truth. His whole life has been dedicated to nature, clean energy, sustainability and fighting climate change. There is no one better qualified in the world.


  1. Great team. They’d have my vote and full support! I think comedians are a perfect fit when it comes to a second act in service to our government. Just look at Al Franken. They are some of the most intelligent, observant, outspoken, and fearless individuals out there.

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