Imagine if we treated the Earth with the same respect and admiration we give Jesus

worship the earthSince the dawn of time, mankind has worshiped all types of gods and idols, as well as the sun, the moon and the stars. They deified these things to find answers to the meaning of life and the afterlife or simply because they were told to.

We no longer worship the sun or moon, but we still cling to religious beliefs first conceived in the Bronze Age. Evolution works slowly apparently. We now find ourselves living in a world where religion is failing, and for good reason.

Organized religion has been utilized as a form of control since its very inception, its danger lies in the way it controls the way we think. That way of thinking has never been more dangerous than in the 21st century.

Most of us continue to praise prophets like Jesus, as we’ve done for thousands of years while the Earth around us changes for the worse. If mankind is going to survive another century or two, we are going to have to radically change the way we think.

Religions like Christianity and Islam believe in a heaven, a paradise of the afterlife we all go when we die, if we obey the rules. The problem with believing in an afterlife is that billions of people become apathetic towards the place that sustained their life when they were alive. Why care for the place you live if you’re only there for a short time and paradise follows? Unfortunately, there is no commandment that says “treat the earth like you would your mother”.

Not only do these old religions say little about caring for the Earth, but their bibles actually encourages its destruction. Genesis basically tells us to use every resource the Earth has to offer and Revelations promises paradise to the believers after the Earth’s destruction. Clearly, these monolithic religions allow us to think little of the place we call home.

As we sow the seeds of devastation upon our planet with global warming, pollution and radiation, we need a new train of thought. We need to start worshiping something new. Something that matters now, today, not in the afterlife.

I’m not saying we should all start bowing and praying to the sun again, that would probably make things even hotter down here anyway. No, I think it’s about time we started worshiping the ground we walk on… Worship the Earth that is, not ourselves.

Think about it. If a religion that centered on the Earth had caught on two thousand years ago instead of that Jesus fellow, do you think the planet would be in the state it’s in now? Well, maybe. Humans are fairly stubborn and stupid, but at least we’d have no excuses.

If we treated the Earth with the same respect and admiration we give our fairy tale prophets, the industrial revolution would have still happened, but it would have been much cleaner. And the moment we realized we were harming the planet, we would have done our best to change.

We would have clean drinkable water flowing from our taps and from the sky. Our landfills would be recycling centers and our cars would all be electric. Of course, every Sunday morning we’d gather as a family to garden or plant a tree and every Earth Day we’d all exchange presents… Who knows?

At least there would be no climate change deniers and something could get done. Religious conservatives would actually be chanting “no more fossil fuels!” instead of “drill baby, drill!” What a cool upside down world it would be.

Look, I’m not saying we need to start kneeling down and kiss the ground every few hours, but we do have to start thinking differently. We need to put the Earth first… Before any religion.


  1. I’ve found many branches of Wicca and Native American traditions that feature Gaia worship. Are you thinking of something beyond what already exists?

    I agree. Mama Earth could use some loving. Her systems are crashing. However she manifests this change humans are reaping what they sowed.

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