According to the media, the Russian occupation of the Crimean Peninsula is Obama's 18th biggest test

Biggest Test for Barack ObamaAs the Russian Army occupies the Crimean Peninsula, American President Barack Obama finds himself with the biggest test of his presidency. At least it would be if it weren’t for the seventeen biggest tests that came before it.

Yes, every crisis is the biggest test for Barack Obama and his presidency. The media loves to make their stories as dramatic as possible to try and gain viewers. What better way to do so than by acting as if every emergency foreign or domestic will make or break Obama’s Presidency.

In fact, it all started before he was actually President. His first biggest test was pointed out before he was first elected. In the midst of the financial crisis, The Daily Democrat wrote in 2008 that “Should Obama win, sorting out the economy is going to be the biggest test of Obama’s presidency.”

After his election in 2008, the floodgates opened. Almost every situation where Obama had to make a decision of some form was cast as the biggest test of his presidency by someone in the media. Here they all are as documented by the Huffington Post.

If you look long and hard at this list you’ll come to realize two things. The first is that the media is willing to label almost anything as imperative to a successful Obama Presidency. While some of these issues were indeed important, others were certainly not. Visiting Israel for instance was more common practice than it was a test.

The other thing you’ll notice is how many of these items Obama nailed. Of all the biggest tests Obama has faced, he’s passed at least 80% with flying colors. Every time the media builds up an event to the point where Obama’s presidency will be defined by the result, it makes the President look that much better when he succeeds.

The media is doing him a bit of a favor by setting the bar a little low in some instances. Either way, the media will continue to keep building him up, it’s what they’ve come to do best. Which is fine so long as Obama continues to pass his biggest test, over and over again.

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