The former Executive Director of the South Carolina GOP is a good example of why you don't vote Republican

Todd KincannonThis manly man is Todd Kincannon. Todd is the former Executive Director of the South Carolina GOP and a lawyer. His specialty is shooting down gays, blacks, Asians, and women in 140 characters or less armed with only his twitter account. No one is safe when he steps behind his keyboard and turns into a twelve-year-old angry boy with mommy issues.

Todd’s latest twitter rage was directed at Sen. Wendy Davis, TX. He has referred to her as a hooker, a looker, and someone who provided her sexual services to campaign contributors. In a January 23 tweet from this year, he suggested that “Wendy Davis stimulates the knee-pad economy. And a lot of penises. Wonder how many knee-pads she went through at Harvard?” Perhaps there is some professional jealousy on his part given that his law school Alma Mater is the University of South Carolina Law.

Kincannon also thinks he has the answer for any woman in an abusive relationship because not only is he a lawyer, but he seems to believe he is a licensed social worker/therapist. His solution is simple: the woman must let the man know if he hits her once that she is to warn him “if it happens again she will blow his brains out.” Apparently, Kincannon believes the justice system looks the other way when you put a hole in your husband’s head (they don’t). In his opinion, if a woman can’t do this because she is too emotional, he can’t help but ask, “Should women be allowed to vote?”

Todd KincannonHe sounds like a real catch but sorry ladies this tall drink of acid rain is taken. He is married to what he calls “the best fake wife ever.” They apparently share a love of racist little jokes. She has left him endearing little notes letting him know that “O.J. (not the killer) is in the fridge.”

Before he attacked Wendy Davis he was hot on the trail of Trayvon Martin. Kincannon funneled his disdain for the Super Bowl into Trayvon Martin tragedy.

This Super Bowl sucks more dick than adult Trayvon Martin would have for drug money – Todd Kincannon (@ToddKincannon) February 4, 2013

When interviewed by the HuffPost about his tweets, Kincannon responded by saying that he liked to post something that was “inflammatory and borderline and crazy sounding just for fun.” Then he would sit back and watch people “go nuts…and do the very thing that they accused you of.” For example, he said “he’s been called a cracker and gay.” Sure, because in his mind, being called names is exactly like exploiting a tragedy as a way to thinly veil your racism.

When pushed a little more he said look “I don’t understand why the (Martin) matter has a political dimension to it. Liberals act like he was a perfect little angel when he was a thug.” Apparently being black while walking through your father’s neighborhood after a trip to buy snacks is thug-worthy.

After spending a few minutes on Kincannon’s Twitter feed it is hard to understand how he could think of himself as a provocateur who has his finger on the pulse of America. However, it is easy to see why the Republican Party just doesn’t get why it has become the party of angry, white, men and the party of hate. Or as poor misunderstood funny guy Kincannon tweeted recently:

I’m a rich white God-fearing Southern male who loves pussy, liquor, and guns. When will a political party care about my needs? – Todd Kincannon (@ToddKincannon) March 8, 2014


  1. No, I don’t agree. Remember, it was God that told the Jews to take the lands occupied by another race of people. After all, they were the chosen ones. Proof that racism comes from the creator of all things. ::Tongue in cheek so don’t go bananas on me:: But let’s address this logically. The first amendment of the Constitution allows us to speak our minds. It doesn’t allow that all of our comments are right…… no, let me rephrase that. That they are correct. It’s such a shame the GOP I grew up with has turned so racist since we elected a half black president.

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