Not vaccinating yourself from preventable diseases puts everyone at risk

jenny mccarthyJenny McCarthy is well known for spearheading the anti-vaccine movement, which has caused quite a number of needless and preventable deaths. Because of her crusade, outbreaks of preventable diseases have been reported throughout North America, including a current outbreak of measles here in New York City and Western Canada.

There are plenty of movies and stories out there based upon this exact scenario. You don’t even have to do any of that hard research stuff. We all know where outbreaks of dangerous diseases lead. We need to do everything possible to avoid these situations. You are putting others at risk when you don’t get vaccinated.

“But if you’re vaccinated, why do you care if I’m not?” 

Good question, anti-vaccine proponent. The very young and very old may not be vaccinated, and others may not be for various health or religious reasons. Those other non-inoculated people put the young and old at risk. They cause outbreaks, and kill innocent people, usually children and the elderly. While the measles vaccine is effective in approximately 95% of those who receive it, there are still those who will contract the virus.

“No, because vaccinations are what makes you sick!”

Since vaccines typically carry a small but quantifiable health risk in and of themselves after injection, there can be varying degrees of disease symptoms occasionally evident. But they are still overwhelmingly effective. If vaccinated, you are as safe as you can possibly be. You may still contract measles but it will be milder and be far less likely to lethally infect your brain. If the majority of the population is inoculated, it increases overall immunity. Viruses have no easy hosts and face eradication or dormancy after a few years. 

“Like I would trust Big Pharma! They make a lot of money from vaccines!”

Vaccinations are barely profitable compared to maintenance drugs like Lipitor, or whatever else. Because of this, vaccine production is actually dropping. Immunized against disease? Well that’s bad business. It’s in the better interest of big Pharma to keep us alive and paying, after all, not dead. This argument is pure fallacy. 

Jenny McCarthy
Current outbreaks of preventable diseases

Instead, the question for “Anti-Vaxxers” is how they justify not using this process, and how they could possibly be seen as helping children, since we need to continually vaccinate in order to keep viruses in check. Opposing inoculation is ill informed non-science. Nonsense. Malarkey. Fecal matter of male cows. What these people are actually good for is creating hosts for viruses. The more available hosts, the greater the outbreak, and an epidemic does not care what your position on vaccines is.

The best arguments forwarded by those opposed to vaccinations have been debunked. They have others. There’s another that ludicrously says, “I’m not vaccinated and I don’t get sick,” and some other pseudo-scientific claptrap easily dismissed with cursory research, not worth linking to. Suffice it to say, there are many unsupported theories that would never get mentioned in a sane world. And they wouldn’t get mentioned if not for the celebrity endorsement of Jenny McCarthy.

Ms. McCarthy rose to fame for her sense of humor, good looks, and marketing savvy. While many of her critics refer to her supposed lack of intelligence, this isn’t really the case. To stay relevant in the never-ending celebrity news cycle, one needs to be savvy and clever, qualities Jenny possesses in spades. She has gone from fart jokes on MTV to upgrading her image as a comedic maternal figure on ABC’s “The View.” She is a published author followed by millions of people throughout social media. She is intelligent and influential, and it’s an untruth to write her off as stupid.

Because she has been bright enough to stay on top of the media world for so long, she cannot claim innocent ignorance. Instead, she forwarded her agenda with complete disregard for new information. She did not change her position but continued to disseminate information she had to know was questionable at best. Cognitive dissonance is not innocence, it’s willing ignorance.

Therefore, as the case she built her entire anti-vaccination crusade upon has been thoroughly discredited, Ms. McCarthy is partly to blame for the current outbreaks. There is no defense for her on this matter, she has done so willingly. These particular chickens are home, and have been roosting for some time. We should refer to these outbreaks as “The Jenny McCarthy Epidemic.” She is largely responsible for it, so let it be named for her. 

There are those who say Ms. McCarthy is not to blame. Nicole Knepper, from Chicago Now, recently defended Jenny. Her main point not already discredited in this very piece ( i.e. Big Pharma reaps huge profits from vaccines ) is as follows: “Blame the media for perpetuating half-truths and preying on our fear and emotionality for the sole purpose of selling swamp water whenever they can get away with it.”

Hmm. Blame the media? Well, Jenny McCarthy is the media. Tune in to “The View,” remember? So by this logic, blaming her for these outbreaks is entirely appropriate. As for selling swamp water, other than her campaign itself, e-cigarettes fit that bill nicely. Jenny sells those, Nicole, so your argument defeats itself, sorry. Other than that, Ms. Knepper is a great writer.

Ms. McCarthy’s willing ignorance does not equal others’ knowledge. I don’t care if you call yourself an indigo mother and that your son is a crystal child, Jenny. That’s just questionable mysticism you are using to justify to yourself that you’re better than the rest of us. I won’t stand for that, especially in the face of your blatant hypocrisy. Sure, you’re out to save kids from evil vaccines, but you want them to buy awesome nicotine, right? They’re even flavored like fruit candy! Yum!

There was a terrified old lady at the Rite-Aid this week. I walked in with my son happily babbling in his stroller, and she seized my arm. Startled, I looked into her eyes as she pointed at my boy, “The measles! There’s a measles outbreak! You gotta be careful! I know! I remember!”

So smoke the e-cigs if you got ‘em, everyone. See if they help you deal with The Jenny McCarthy Epidemic. It isn’t going away soon, and that’s too bad for the rest of us.

“You don’t talk about the spherical Earth with NASA, and then say, ‘Let’s give equal time to the Flat Earthers.’ Science is not there for you to cherry pick.”~ Neil deGrasse Tyson


Chad R. MacDonald has a degree in English literature from Cape Breton University and subsequently received a full scholarship to AMDA in New York City. He is a former security professional, veteran of the hospitality industry, and experienced in both the arts as well as administration.He has been writing all his life, likes baseball, hockey, literature, science, the arts, and marine photography.Chad lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son and their gigantic cat.


  1. I can’t understand the vitriol that people spew at those of us who are worried about vaccines. I am in a wheelchair because of the MMR. Living proof that vaccines are not always safe. We are not uneducated, or easily fooled. I’ve had people say, “gee, sorry, I guess you are an anomaly.” As long as it’s not your child, it’s okay. Give us a break, please, and understand that Big Pharma is making a lot of money off of the sale of these vaccines and, thanks to Congress, cannot be held accountable for distributing a bad product. My life has been irreparably changed by a vaccine and I will not apologize for being against vaccines.

    • Did anyone actually put a quote in this article from any of her three books on this topic? We had an outbreak of pertussis here in 2010 over 500 cases, with many of them babies. We had to interview all of the families and over 98% of the family members were vaccinated. And of the infants over 2 months 96% were vaccinated. I caught pertussis and have had every single vaccination and then some, including boosters. I read many of these articles, but I have yet to find any quotes or information from her 3 books stating not to vax, only to slow the schedule down but still receive all their shots. It’s easy to use her as the scapegoat -blond, fake boobs and playboy. There are other folks in the industry who slow vax or anti vax, but they are never mentioned. I believe vaccinations are important, but has anyone thought that we may need additional vacs for new strains of disease like our flu shots? It makes me wonder of those who have been infected how many we’re vaccinated/slo vax/no vax. That would be interesting. Could someone provide me with some facts from any of her autism books that states she is anti-vax, then I could start bashing her too?

      • You know what I enjoy? Someone immediately jumping to the attack without even checking why their comment is moot, like Evangeline here just did.

        Feel free to post links to the sources of your anecdotal evidence, E. You aren’t even the first to try it in this comment section. If you aren’t going to read the article you are attacking, scan the comments first before you try it again. Little tip for next time.

        “Post quotes from her books?” Are you kidding? McCarthy has been thoroughly debunked. Defending her yourself only shows you are willingly ignorant.

        So I’m not going to hold my breath that anything from your story will be linked to a credible source but instead the anti-vaxxer pseudo-science that I mentioned in the piece wasn’t even worth linking to. Know why? Because it’s debunked by research so cursory that it could be compared to the research you should have done before posting your comment.

        “Post quotes from McCarthy’s book.” That is sadly, ludicrously, hilarious.

        Have a nice day.

  2. Maybe to better understand Jenny McCarthy’s quackery you might want to look at her spiritual guru. I went to a Seattle event Sept 22,2012 & watched so called angel medium Doreen Virtue tell the mother of a young black male who was having reoccurring thoughts of killing himself & who had actually gone to act on those thoughts but was interrupted that ‘ Those who talk of suicide do not do it. They just want attention. They need counseling. But, they don’t ever do it.” She went on to offer the mom help in the form of her latest book on Mother Mary which she claimed if placed unread on nightstand could help heal the energy of the home and situation. Hay House staff did nothing to stop this . The spreading of one of the #1 myths on suicide as truth came from a woman who claims a Ph.d in Psych ( seems to be distance learning college that had to drop her entire program as part of its plug to gain accreditation) to hear dead people and angels.

    Doreen Virtue looks to me to be an utter fraud as any kind of spiritual anything.
    She is the one who seems to have helped Jenny get in touch with her inner “Indigo.”. Who knows if or how much of Doreen Virtue’s former Christian science view on vaccines were imparted to McCarthy as “from the angels”. The interview was on Jenny’s now defunct website..

    Doreen Virtue up until a few months ago had a post up encouraging a mom with young children toward full non-vaccination. The mom had seen Virtue’s numerous anti-flu shot posts and wanted Virtue’s view of vaccinations for children. Virtue at the time posted something along the lines of if she had little ones now she would not vaccinate them for anything and she would home school them or send them to the waldorf’s. With Measles & Mumps now sweeping the US. I can only pray that mom did not listen to Doreen Virtue and vaccinated her little ones.

    Doreen Virtue professes to be an angel expert and to clearly see & hear angels.. She is on her 5th marriage and has had 4 divorces. She uses her 2nd ex husband’s last name Virtue and has her sons by her first marriage seemingly using the Virtue name for writing and speaking and in very neat twist .. her 5th husband is now also using her 2nd ex-husband’s last name publically . I can not but ponder if this is quite possibly to hide her string of failed marriages from new fans.

    Whether it’s whoring out traditional Catholic art on Mary/Jesus divination deck for profit while making anti-Catholic statements during her lectures
    or selling mediumship via DVD for ANYONE to become a medium for ONLY $400 .
    ( ).
    there is seemingly NOTHING Doreen Virtue won’t try to quack out/whore out for $. She prides herself in reaching those who feel like misfits. She tells them they are “special light workers”.

    Would you rather be called weird & possibly ADHD or an Indigo?
    Would you rather your child called possibly autistic or a crystal child?
    You can see how Jenny may have fallen prey to this.
    Doreen Virtue like a whacked alternative health site has products to sell to make you feel special at her profit no matter what your friends or doctor may say about your possibly needing Ritalin.

    Currently Virtue is plugging her Earth angel series. If you thought you were a soul made in the image and likeness of God. forget that.. Take a quiz to find out who you are Virtue style.

    Doreen Virtue’s vaccine views that are still up include: , , , ,

    If Jenny picked up Virtue’s Indigo crap hook line and sinker then there is no saying if Virtue’s Christian Science anti-vaccination views may have to any degree also have influenced Jenny McCarthy tendency to demonize vaccinations at a critical time when Jenny was struggling with why her son wasn’t like the other kids.

    • Huh. Interesting. We had someone named Brenda post some indigo mom stuff here in response, but this is far more encompassing. Thanks for posting, I will go over this thoroughly.

  3. You did not once mention the word autism or mercury in your article. says that there still is mercury in some flu vaccines. Mercury can pass through the blood-brain barrier and is one of the most toxic substances known to humans. Mercury been linked to disease, poor mental health, and Alzheimers. Mercury can also pass to a developing child in its mother’s womb. If you weren’t pushing some agenda, you would have mentioned these facts in your article. Instead of stating facts, you just focus on one person who is against vaccines who happens to be famous.
    And yes, before you say it, I read your entire article.

      • If you had read the entire article, “Anonymous” then you would have seen the link to the credible source debunking the entire vaccines=autism bullshit. No fucking wonder you are too chickenshit to use your own face and name commenting on this, you ignorant cowardly fuck, you’re disseminating the same bullshit false information that McCarthy is.

    • Furthermore, “Anonymous,” Jenny willingly chose to be the face of this ill-informed and ignorant movement, and deserves to be held accountable for the damage it has done. And if you’re defending her, you are just as fucking bad you chickenshit flat-Earther bastard. You represent to me exactly what’s wrong with this world.

  4. Great article. I grew up in an age when polio was the big scare – a lot of my little friends had to walk with calipers because of polio. I haven’t see polio sufferers around since about 1960 when polio vaccine was started at my junior school. That said, if we take the anti-vaccine lobby’s “logic” then we should ban the use of Aspirin. Countless millions are healthy and happy thanks to this simple and cheap drug, but one or two people have died from taking it. So it should be banned, right? Do a double-blinded study to prove that vaccines are harmful and let’s see the results. Till then, I’ll recommend vaccinations to everybody!

  5. So, you linked my page about Jenny being an indigo mom and her son being a crystal child. I’m not trying to be nasty or anything (you clearly have enough of that going on in your comments), but it truly isn’t about being better than anyone. Most people around her age are Indigo and most kids her sons age are crystal (if you take any stock into that sort of thing at all and it’s cool if you don’t).

    • I wasn’t saying that your beliefs are about being better than anyone else, but that McCarthy is using same to say this about herself, justifying her anti-vaxx crusade.

      I linked your page to explain what an indigo mom was, that’s all. The slam is on Jenny, not you.

      • McCarthy also thinks botox is OK. Botulinum toxin is the most toxic substance known. Fortunately for McCarthy, dose makes the poison, whether she understands the concept or not.

      • Well I doubt she directly claims that. I understand your point, but I think it’s flawed. The FDA stated that e-cigs have about 1000 times less harmfull chemicals than normal e-cigs.

        If anything, attack her on the grounds that there are thousands of studies linking real tobacco products to all sorts of cancers, heart disease, dental problems, etc (not caused by the nicotene itself, but by all the other gunk in there). Therefore, it makes sense that e-cigs are a safer way to “smoke” (it’s vapor, not smoke).

        However when it comes to studies about Autism and Vaccinnes, she only has “faith” in that one fraudulent study published in the Lancet.

  6. I have often wondered if, speaking of Jenny McCarthy and her “autistic” son, they have ever done any studies comparing the previous drug use of the mother and the occurrence of autism in children.

    I do not mean to offend anyone with autistic children, or make any kind of accusation. Just wondering.

  7. Neil, I am sorry but the e- cigs have helped me to kick the cigarette habit that I had for 30 years. I am a firm believer in them. All the ingredients in them have been approved for human consumption. And I know my lungs are repairing themselves as it is much easier to breathe now then what I was 2 years ago and i no longer get winded going up and down the stairs at my home. I agree Jenny Mccarthy is an idiot but plus don’t put down the e-cig that way as it has been a great tool to assist me ad thousands of others kick the cigarette habit.

    • I didn’t actually knock the e-cig. I knocked Ms. McCarthy’s campaign against putting vaccines in your body while promoting nicotine. That’s a tad hypocritical, yes? The focus is on her, not them.

      Congratulations on quitting smoking, Richard! Not an easy task.

  8. Hisxmark, anyone who has congenital syphilis was born with it (thus the term congenital). Tell me what vaccine would have prevented that.

    • Thank you for resorting to personal attacks in a weak attempt to discredit an author for a well-sourced article. I am happy I threaten your ignorance enough for you to do so.

      Have a nice day!

      • Apparently she was a Playboy center-fold (them: Catholic schoolgirl), made a TV ad where she farted in an elevator, and another where she was sitting on a toilet with her underwear around her ankles.
        Her son was diagnosed with autism (probably mis-diagnosed Landau–Kleffner syndrome). She blamed this on an immunization reaction, although there is no medical evidence connecting immunization to autism even statistically.
        Wikipedia reports she is also a comedienne.

    • Actually, a degree in English lit means that the person has had to read within diverse and well-rounded fields of study, which often include (but are not limited to) science, medicine, history, psychology, philosophy, and sociology. It makes you look ridiculous to attack an intense major that you’re obviously ignorant about.

    • Mmm. The trolls have arrived. I see the anti-vaxxer FB page linked to this site is quite worked up about the pushback against your bullshit. Too bad, Barb, it’s about to get much worse for you.

      Have a nice day.

  9. I never heard of Jenny McCarthy until I ran across this article. The world is so full of fools, morons, and grifters it is hard to keep up with the players. But if people weren’t sheep, they wouldn’t get fleeced.
    I’m guessing though, that she has never had to change the diapers on a teen-aged measles victim with a burnt out brain, or a blind man in his thirties who plays with toy trucks because of congenital syphilis. She probably hasn’t even seen them, because we put them away, where they won’t offend sensibilities.

    • I guess you’ve never had to change the diaper of a 21-year-old promising young man who became a vegetable due to a vaccine.

      • Barb, the page you linked to produced no evidence linking vaccination and immunization to autism. Other adverse reactions are very rare.

        See this:

        “Before vaccines, an average of 178,171 cases were reported in the U.S., with peaks reported every two to five years; more than 93% of reported cases occurred in children under 10 years of age. The actual incidence was likely much higher. After vaccinations were introduced in the 1940s, incidence fell dramatically to less than 1,000 by 1976. Incidence rates have increased since 1980. In 2012, rates in the United States reached a high of 41,880 people; this is the highest it has been since 1955 when numbers reached 62,786.

        “Pertussis is the only vaccine-preventable disease that is associated with increasing deaths in the U.S. The number of deaths increased from four in 1996 to 17 in 2001, almost all of which were infants under one year.

        “In 2010 ten infants in California died and health authorities declared an epidemic with 9,120 cases. Investigating the cases of the ten infant fatalities, it found that doctors had been misdiagnosing the infants’ condition despite having seen infants on multiple visits. Statistical analysis identified significant overlap in communities with cluster of nonmedical exemptions for children and cases of whooping cough. The study found the number of exemption varies widely among communities but tends to be highly clustered, in some schools more than ¾ of parents filed for exemptions not to vaccinate their children. The data suggest vaccine refusal based on nonmedical reason and personal belief may have been one of several factors, in addition to less long lasting effect of the current vaccine and most vaccinated adults and older children have not received a booster shot, contributed to the California outbreak in 2010.

        “Much of the controversy surrounding the DPT vaccine in the 1970s and 1980s related to the question of whether the whole-cell pertussis component caused permanent brain injury in rare cases, called pertussis vaccine encephalopathy. Despite this possibility, doctors recommended the vaccine due to the overwhelming public health benefit, because the claimed rate was very low (one case per 310,000 immunizations, or about 50 cases out of the 15 million immunizations each year in the United States), and the risk of death from the disease was high (pertussis killed thousands of Americans each year before the vaccine was introduced).

        “No studies showed a causal connection, and later studies showed no connection of any type between administration of the DPT vaccine and permanent brain injury. The alleged vaccine-induced brain damage proved to be an unrelated condition, infantile epilepsy. Eventually evidence against the hypothesized existence of pertussis vaccine encephalopathy mounted to the point that in 1990, the Journal of American Medical Association called it a ‘myth’ and ‘nonsense’.”

        Now if you want to claim that “big pharma” and the AMA are in a massive conspiracy, I am going to suggest that you should be on medication, some suitable anti-psychotic. Over 178 thousand cases a year in the US before vaccination, to less then a thousand after, at least until the ignorant half-wits started killing off their children.

      • Actually, there can be some severe rxns. I’m not going to discount that. But autism is not one of them, and the prevalence of rxns is very, very low. also, you can just as easily get serious neurological problems from a lot of the diseases the vaccines prevent, since many carry the risk of developing encephalitis. If you read the information on the vaxx sheet and tell me you’re not comfortable with that risk, you have to also be aware of the risk of catching the actual diseases. i get why you might not be comfortable with some of the risks, but what really pisses me off is how people inflate the issue and make up stuff that’s not even real to support their views of the “danger” of vaccines.

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