It's hard to beat a fundamentalist party that controls the media, suppresses the vote and has all the money

midterm elections, republicansYou wouldn’t think Democrats are in trouble. Thanks to the ACA, millions of previously uninsured Americans are now covered. President Obama’s patience with foreign policy has avoided war in Syria, Iran , and Russia, despite Republicans constantly pounding the war drums. In fact, March of 2014 was the first month in a long time without an American soldier killed in action. These are all resounding successes, politically and culturally.

Republicans meanwhile, have constantly been left with egg on their face. They have wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on over fifty fruitless votes to repeal the ACA. They wasted another 24 billion on the Shutdown, something they now try to blame on Obama. The Sequester. Benghazi. Bridge-gate. Freedom Industries and Duke Energy poisoning water. Paul Ryan’s new budget slashing domestic programs to the lowest point in modern history while further reducing taxes for the rich and substantially increasing defense spending.

Yet Americans can expect a repeat of 2010 when it comes to the 2014 midterm elections. Republicans will at least hold on to, if not increase their seats in the House, and they will take the Senate as well. You thought obstructionism was bad already? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

How is this possible? Republicans should not even be in shouting distance of any more power with all of their social issue blunders and fiscal oversights. Here are five ways they will win this year:

midterm elections, misinformation1) Misinformation, Misrepresentation, and Defamation

“I don’t condone cheating. But I would sometimes spread misinformation. This is a great tactic. Misinformation can be very important.” ~ Rand Paul, October 18, 2013

Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi! Despite hearings, examinations, and investigations, the GOP continue to hit the Benghazi button. It doesn’t matter that the points of that tragedy got lost, throw red meat to the conservative base. The real outrage behind the Benghazi attack lies in how Republicans are aiding the terrorists in their goals. If the point of a terror attack is to spread fear, discord, and divisive tensions in the target populace, with the help of the GOP, this particular endeavor has become very successful.

This is an important Republican strategy, and it works for them time and time again. Constant screaming, constantly skewing issues, constantly taking quotes out of context, “You didn’t build that” and “What difference does it make” distracts the Electorate from Republican war crimes in Iraq, horrific blunders with the economy, and gross mishandling of social issues. They are quick to attack the opposition and put them on the defensive. This way, Republicans are not held accountable for their own misdeeds, and misdirect voters to a new target.

We are seeing this tactic get ramped up already. Rand Paul recently trotted out his plan to campaign against Hillary Clinton; Monica Lewinsky. When asked about Hillary, Paul talked about how horrible it was for Bill Clinton to “take advantage of a young girl” like that. It would seem Rand has his Presidential platform together already. Oh, but mentioning Paul’s father Ron? That is off-limits. Not to mention Paul’s famous tendency for plagiarism. Classic misdirection.

Although conservatives like to complain about “liberal” or “mainstream” media, the opposite is often true. Fox News is far from “Fair and Balanced.” Fox is a barely disguised propaganda machine for the right wing. But conservative influences are felt throughout the media as a whole.

CBS has been heavily pandering to a Republican audience. Their now discredited Benghazi piece on 60 minutes is but one example. Even the liberally leaning arts program, CBS Sunday Morning, shows conservative-sympathetic pieces such as the segment dedicated to lesser known Koch brother, Bill. Mr. Koch was sold some counterfeit wine bottles. These were extremely rare and expensive items, and he complained of his troubles as he walked by his Picasso collection. That the scam artist is now in custody was secondary to drumming up sympathy for an obscenely wealthy man who has made heavy donations to conservative SuperPACs.

The Sunday morning political shows on all networks regularly give high ranking conservatives airtime. Indeed, it’s a rare Sunday when Mike Rogers or John McCain makes no appearance. So for Republicans to claim that they don’t get a fair shake in the media is laughable. They are not only getting their say, they are having their message polished and trumped up. And what messages! Republicans seem to make their careers on outrageous statements. For examples see Michelle Bachmann, Steve King, Sarah Palin, and Louie Gohmert, just for a few examples.

Mitt Romney, during his Presidential run, forwarded fear mongering, sexism, placism, socioeconomic discrimination, race baiting, and deflections from truth. Out sourcing jobs overseas while calling Americans lesser beings. There were even taped recordings of Romney telling us to our faces that he doesn’t care about blue and lower collar households. Let’s just tack on the suppression of LGBT Americans while we’re at it.

Romney still won in states with primarily poor or blue collar voters. The only people who should have been voting for this man are people who have the same kind of money as him. And he not only stayed in the race, he gets to keep offering his opinion today! What else do you need? Romney dressed in KKK robes with a swastika on his forehead? Even then, he would still have a career, apparently. How does he do it? How do Republicans constantly get voters to side with them against their own best interests? The answer lies in conservative media.

Just watch Fox News, any program, for a little while and the platform becomes clear; outrage, hyperbole, paranoia, and advancement of a persecution complex. Conservative media tells viewers that they are the chosen people of God and America. They demonize those they consider outsiders, such as immigrants, homosexuals, non-Christians, women, and ethnic minorities. Invariably these groups are coming to take away your “American” way of life. That there is no one way to enjoy an American life doesn’t factor in. This is straight up “Us vs Them.” In short, Republican fear-mongering.

Most importantly, Republicans tell their base that everyone else is lying. This is where the “liberal media” is important. Don’t change that dial. Stay right here, viewers. Then repeat whatever agenda you want as much as you like. Skew facts, present the side of the issue you want focus upon, misinform, misdirect, and misrepresent. It’s textbook population control.

midterm elections, money2) Money Talks

“For the love of money is the root of all evil.” ~ Timothy 6:10, King James Bible.

This one is pretty simple; the side with the most money to spend has a decided advantage. The Supreme Court of the United States just made it legal for unlimited donations to pour into political campaigns. On top of Citizen’s United, the SCOTUS has effectively put American elections up to the highest bidder.

Koch Industries is well known for pouring money into partisan politics. They are paying for attack ads right now. The Kochs are not nice people, only out to make profits, lives of the people be damned. The McCutcheon ruling just gave them unlimited access to buying elections in smaller districts.

The SCOTUS ruling can be traced back to the right wing Heritage Foundation and through to ALEC, so this ruling is only the latest implementation in a long running plan to buy the Presidency of the United States.

Don’t believe me? Refer to Sheldon Adelson, currently looking for the next Presidential candidate to bankroll. He just made tough guy Chris Christie apologize for statements about Israel. Christie isn’t supposed to do that kind of thing, according to his image. Sheldon is trying to select the next President. Christie wants to be the next President. So he says what Sheldon wants him to say. Those puppet strings are made of gold, after all.

Money Talks. And Republicans bow down to it.

midterm elections, cartoon3) Faithful Fundamentalist Following

“Oh, my brothers and sisters in Christ, if sinners will be damned, at least let them leap to hell over our bodies. And if they will perish, let them perish with our arms about their knees, imploring them to stop, and not madly to destroy themselves.” ~ C.H. Spurgeon

There is no arguing with a Fundamentalist. They will not compromise. They are completely and utterly convinced of their moral superiority. Erin Nanasi’s article summed it up perfectly:

“You cannot reason with people or groups who exhibit no willingness to listen. Arguing with a fundamentalist on either side is like banging your head against a wall: It hurts, it’s a huge waste of your time, and eventually, you pass out.”

Whether you refer to them as Fundamentalists, Evangelicals, or denizens of the Bible Belt, the GOP has long depended upon these people. Religious fervor can be a King-maker after all, and Republicans have repeatedly benefited from this. Again, refer to the Tea Party tidal wave of 2010.

Conservatives have doubled down on their commitment to ending many facets of women’s reproductive rights to appease Pro-Life factions of their base.  With dwindling support from mainstream Americans, Republicans are more dependent than ever on their most fervent supporters, no matter how far on the right-wing fundamentalist fringe they are.

As Michael Moore pointed out in 2012, Republicans are far more likely to organize on Election Day:

“This election’s going to be decided on who gets out the most people that day. Who’s up at four in the morning, making sure that dozens, hundreds, thousands of people in their communities are getting out to vote.”

A party needs a dedicated base to motivate and mobilize each other to ramp up support for elections. Those who are convinced that they are opposing child murderers? Yeah. They would fit that bill. And the religious fundamentalists are not alone. The conservative base, Evangelical or not, is well known for being hate-filled and angry, and those are strong motivations for heavy voter turnout.

midterm elections, cartoon4) Voter Suppression

Oh look, it’s the Supreme Court again. Apparently deciding racism was over, the SCOTUS rolled back the Voting Rights Act. Within a 24-hour period States who had historically broached the VRA implemented the same oppressive policies it was meant to discourage.

Republicans don’t do well with a great majority of voters, so it’s better for the Republicans if many people don’t vote. The less voter turnout there is, the better the GOP does in elections. That’s why they historically do better in the midterms after all.

Republicans will rig the game by gerrymandering districts. They will restrict voters with specific identification requirements. They will reduce voting hours. They will take away polling stations.

Republicans will make it a giant inconvenience for people to vote, because they don’t want people voting. Period.

midterm elections, apathy5) Voter Apathy

All four previously mentioned points mean nothing without this one. Apathy is the same as allowance. Doing nothing is equivalent to a right wing vote. Republicans absolutely count on the other party not coming out. Because when the opposition does show up, the GOP loses.

Another reason Republicans constantly scream “outrage” is that if there’s always a scandal, then there never is one. Constant squabbling from Washington tunes out the general Electorate. People stop paying attention, and spend their time watching “Honey Boo-Boo” or “American Idol.” Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Republican governors are being indicted. Rand Paul is guilty of plagiarism. Conservative deregulation is leading to poisoned water. And, as this very site predicted, Chris Christie is swaggering around again. Why? Because he exonerated himself. He’s in the clear because he threw his subordinates under a bus and commissioned lawyers to say he’s innocent. All the Electorate will get out of the constant noise is that Christie’s innocent. Just as he intends.

Ultimately, this is why Republicans feel free to fail the nation so blatantly; there is so much awfulness perpetrated in Washington that voters have mostly tuned out. They get to re-write history however they want come Election Day, and are never held accountable for their obscenities.

And once an election is won by Republicans, their agenda then becomes your agenda, whether you like it or not. Take a look at what’s in store:

Standing Tall for America means firing your workers and moving their jobs to India. A woman can’t be trusted with decisions about her own body, but corporations can make decisions affecting all mankind without regulation. Jesus loves you, and shares your hatred of homosexuals and Hillary Clinton.

The best way to improve military morale is to praise the troops in speeches while slashing veterans’ benefits and combat pay. Don’t talk back, or you’re a traitor. If the President isn’t Republican, then he should be impeached. Work more than forty hours a week for little or no pay. You’ll be rewarded after you’re dead.

Does this represent how you define being American? If not, too bad, that decision won’t be up to you soon. As it stands right now, the 2014 midterm elections will be a repeat of the 2010 Tea Party tidal wave. And this is the ideology that will be rammed down your throat even more heavily than it already is. Abstain from voting at your and your nation’s own peril.

You’ve been warned. Repeatedly.

Chad R. MacDonald has a degree in English literature from Cape Breton University and subsequently received a full scholarship to AMDA in New York City. He is a former security professional, veteran of the hospitality industry, and experienced in both the arts as well as administration.He has been writing all his life, likes baseball, hockey, literature, science, the arts, and marine photography.Chad lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son and their gigantic cat.


    • LMAO! Aw. Poor widdle wacists! Is oo getting no wespect? Aw.

      The problem with whiny bigots is that they are angrier, quicker to organize, and in the case of the Kochs, have a lot of money to spend.

    • Democrats constantly call Republicans racist because it’s easier for them to attack the arguer then the issue itsellf. Or when Obama says things like the arguement for getting rid of the ACA is over when the rating are dropping and will be the main arguement in 2016. But no lets call someone sexist instead of arguing the issues with Hillary.

      • Okay, John, thank you, we get it, you are here to personify Point One.

        I have never called anyone racist that did not deserve it. I am not saying that all Republicans are racist, but they sure don’t dissuade racists. Who was standing in front of the White House waving Confederate flags?

        Those weren’t the Democrats.

  1. I have to say this article is written in such an extreme generalization it is actually funny. I’ll go through each one of the “Five Reasons” and tell you why you completely wrong.
    Let’s start out with number one “Misinformation, Misrepresentation, and Defamation”. You start out saying that Benghazi is such a GOP weapon but in reality it is just as bad as your friends over on MSNBC with the so called “bridge-gate” scandal. I don’t know about you but a few people dying in an embassy is kind of a bigger deal then closing a bridge for a few hours, but I feel like Rachel Maddow would say differently. If you don’t want there to be scandal after scandal you could simple have a transparent office like Obama said he would have when he originally ran but he continues to have no idea what happened and was never informed.
    This is my absolutely favorite, when liberals talk about how Fox News is so unfair and so horrible. Take amount and google the Pew Research study that said that MSNBC was even more bias when reporting news then FOX news. But of course you would never actually hear that argument because they keep the liberals happy.
    When you say that Fox News is fear-mongering it is something that ever single news station does and I would include Fox News in that mix. Take a basic media class and you’ll learn that emotion and fear is a standard for reporting news to grab the viewer. You even do it yourself in this article when you call the term textbook population control and say things like KKK ropes.
    On your next item you say that Money Talks and how citizens United are what is going to cause the republicans to win. Last time I checked the top 4 largest Super Pac’s are all liberal so this should be the best thing for you guys. Also unions are like a cash pig for the liberals. You say that Chistie does what Sheldon wants him to say but in reality the people that are influencing the union are controlling the people what to say.
    The third issue you bring up is the Fundamentalist. I think it is funny that you constantly attack people that hold religion close to them. Maybe if you don’t feel like abortion is right and you fight for it you should be called hate-filled and angry. You continue to make fun of people that are religious but the Jewish population is the most consistent group to vote liberal than any other demographic in the entire United States.
    The issue of Vote Suppression is something that I have seen firsthand. If you look it up about 50% of the states in the US are controlled by Republicans in their legislatures. So this gerrymandering thing is done by both parties and if it is only 50% of them then it shouldn’t really be an issue.
    In your last point of Voter Apathy you once again attack Christie. Does this have anything to do with the fact that he is the first guy that said he wants to run for president for 2016 and is well liked, because I haven’t seen you say anything about any other governor in this whole article, not even Sarah Palin.
    The Republicans aren’t going to win this election because of all these reasons that you are talking about, they are going to win because Obama has been a complete disappointment. The healthcare act is below 40% in approval (slightly lower than Obama himself). If he wanted to have less scandals against him maybe he should have been so unformed about issues like Benghazi, the website crashing on healthcare, or Fast and Furious.

    • Thanks for fully fleshing out the first point of the article, John! It’s nice to have someone set the exact example that’s talked about!

      It took over a day for someone to troll this. Republicans are losing their touch.

    • The Bengazi issue has been a closed one and should be after the investigation was concluded with no wrong doing found by the administration. That’s why Republicans need to get off this. The Chris Christie Bridgegate is an ongoing open case under federal probe and being covered by MSNBC as well it ought to be. It should also be covered by Fox News and all other networks Therefore, the two should not be compared. The bridge closing was not just for a few hours; it was for four days causing major interference with interstate trade and safety. It is a big issue when politicans think they have the right to purposefully manipulate heavy traffic and people’s lives in this manner. There is a difference in what is distributed via media….Fox is known for planting unsubstantiated information into the minds of those who do not, or will not research for truth…it is a reinforcing of minds who take in and regurgitate out exactly what’s been said. Frankly, I prefer my information coming from Dr. Rachel Maddow, political science expert, whose information is well researched, and corrected post broadcast should there have been an error made. As to the approval rate for the ACA, I think you need to check your numbers because the last time I checked the new healthcare law has a substantially higher approval rateing than you have provided. The large numbers of Jewish voters only means that Jewish voters identify with the philosophy within Democratic values, but it does not take away from the separation of church and state. I could go on and on, but hopefully, you get my point that your points just don’t cut it.

      • Bengazi was an investigation that went on for a year and a half, and people actually died. You are correct by saying that you can’t compare these two things because “Bridge-gate” is being backed by the Democratic Party because Christie could be a threat in 2016. Maybe Christie could use Obamas trick of just not knowing anything about it. It’s being covered my MSNBC because they have an agenda to smear the truth and the Republican Party and no one else is covering it because it isn’t news anymore. Also when you say politicians “purposefully manipulate heavy traffic and people’s lives in this manner,” that is actually the role of local government to control the infrastructure and traffic and sometimes it disrupts the people. Next time I go to work and they close a lane on the highway I hope they open up a federal investigation for the damage to interstate trade.

        Because you didn’t bother to look up the study that I mentioned before here it is. MSNBC has a dramatically higher amount of Opinion than actually news for years. So don’t just keep saying that Fox News is, as you say, “known for planting unsubstantiated information into the minds of those who do not, or will not research for truth.” It’s kind of ironic in fact. Maybe this is the reason that MSNBC has lost more views and revenue this past year then Fox News and CNN combined. As for your Dr. Rachel Maddow being a self-declared political science expert is not an end all be all. We have Huckabee on Fox News that was a governor for 11 years, does that make him an expert on politics or Bill O’Rielly who has had a show since 1996 when Rachel Maddow was still in school, who knows. If you want to be a political expert I would say branch out maybe read Politico, Real Clear Politics or anything that isn’t set on a parties agenda like MSNBC or FOX even.

        As I’m sitting here I just brought up Real Clear Politics and with the Public Approval of Health Care Law sitting at 39.8% with Gallup saying as high as 43%. I’m not sure if 3 percent is “substantially higher” but I guess now days you have to grab every percent you can. Obama is also sitting at 42.9%.
        Typical Democrat for saying something like “Marl totally owned me”, calling a debate over once you have to stand up for your own statements.

        • @John….Yes, the Benghazi investigation went on for a year and a half with no findings of administrative wrong doing. So that’s done with but you have to admit that Fox news continues its coverage because it is a negative talking point Republicans feel necessary to harp on. Yes, the sadness is that there were deaths in our U.S. Embassy, as there were many more such deaths in our Embassys during the GW Bush administration, not to forget the unnecessary deaths and maming of our men and women in an invasion of a country under false pretense. The Benghazi investigation is fiished so a continued discussion of it is a dead political point for Republicans. Period.

          However, the Christie alleged crime is still under investigation, as well it ought to be. One should not take lightly the purposeful closure of the one of the largest bridges without warning, holding hostage buses filled with school children for hours/days; emergency vehiciles and first responders unable to get through to people needing help, which ultimately caused the death of one woman. This threat to the public safety of thousands went on for four days, whereby shutting down the interstate commerce from NY to NJ at a financial cost to numbers, and Christie claims he knew nothing about it except that the evidence is now showing he did. Whether he was involved in the actual plot behind the political revenge closing, or simply did nothing about it, demonstrates that when he did know of it and did nothing about it, that he either purposely did nothing to stop it, or that he is seriiously inept in his roll as governor. Yes, it is important to continue to follow the investigation via media reporting. If Christie decides to run for higher office, he will be vetted even further. It’s not a thing Democrats, alone, do; it’s what every candidate hopeful goes through as part of the process.

          As far as the credentials of Dr. Rachel Maddow in her knowledge regarding the subject of political science: She holds an undergraduate degree in Public Policy from Stanford University as well as being a Rhodes Scholar in Political Science, whereby she earned a doctorate in politics from Oxford University. She is known for her well-researched, and data-bsed material as it is presented to the public. And then there is her long list of experience in the field. None of your cited Fox news showcasters hold these credentials in the field of political science. as she does.

          ABC News/Washington Post polling recent reported that Obamacare stood at 49% favorability. Most polling, however, showed greater favorability if you singled out to ask people if they like the ‘components’ of the health care law. Invariably, people say they like what’s in the law called the HCA, but Republicans said they don’t like “Obamacare”…this polling demonstrated that a majority of people, even Republicans, liked the ‘components/ of the bill, but they clearly demonstrated that they do not know the difference between the Health Care Act vs. Obamacare…they think it is two different laws. So, the bottom line is, that more people actually like the new health care law, but won’t admit to liking “Obamacare” because Republicans and Fox News are filling them with false information in order to confuse their reality.

          • I have spent years in politics and have worked for these major polling companies so please let me make sure I’m getting this right. Are you talking about the ABC News/Washington Post poll that is over 2 weeks old at this point and sampling size was listed as “Registered Voters” and no specific size was given? As well as 24% of those people in favor were considered “Somewhat” supportive of the bill and only 25% were “Strongly” supportive. Or the Pew Research study less than a week old that when asked “So far, that is up until today, has the health care law had a mostly positive, mostly negative, or not much of an effect on the country as a whole,” only 30 percent say positivity. Or when asked “And looking ahead, do you think the overall effect of the health care law on the country as a whole over the coming years will be mostly positive, mostly negative, or will it not affect the country much” only 38 percent of those people said positive. This is just one of the many polls that take place daily on the public opinion of Healthcare. I don’t think people are confused, I think they realize that the bill was full of lies and false promises. Keeping your doctor….deadlines extended… failure….dropped plans….blah blah blah. Fox News doesn’t have to fill them with false information because Obamacare is emptying their pockets with the continuingly high premiums and the fine if I don’t want to be force to sign up.

            I’m not even going to argue with the credentials issue. You say that Rachel Maddow isn’t as qualified as people in politics for 30+ years or Governors of states, that’s insane. You have people like Megyn Kelly that has a degree in Political Science and a J.D. but she isn’t qualified? Talking about qualified MSNBC does have Al Sharpton …

            I find it funny when you say that the Benghazi investigation is completely done and over and that Fox News should stop talking about it because it is making the Republicans look bad. And in your very next paragraph say that bridge-gate “… is important to continue to follow the investigation via media reporting.” And then say that if Christie runs for office that it should be vetted even further. But if someone like Hilary should run for office Benghazi shouldn’t be investigated further? Should I ask what a single accomplishment that Hilary did is or is that Bush’s fault that she didn’t do anything? If you are going to make demands at least be fair. When Obama simply does nothing about a scandal it doesn’t seriously inept in his role as president, but when Christie does it caused Children to be held hostage on buses like its 1980’s Iran or something. I just want to know why this is the first scandal that I have heard of from a governor being talked about this long in national news (MSNBC).

            • @John I’m talking about the paradox that when asked about the new health care law people don’t know the difference between the ACA and “Obamacare”, which appears to influence their response and the numbers. But when questioned as to whether they like having their children covered to age 26, or that insurance co. can no longer refuse to cover them if they’ve got a pre-existing conditions they favor the bill, and on and on …they like the components of the law, but answer differently depending on how the questions are posed. I would add that for the past 8yrs Massachusetts has done very well with its mandated health care law, a Republican driven, yet bi-partiasn passed law. It has decreased the numbers of emergency room patients and their costs that would have had to be picked up by the tax payer, and overall the healthcare has improved the quality of life for the overall population.

              The good news is that the national uninsured rate is now lowest than it has been since 2008.The results from the first quarter are based on more than 43,500 interviews with U.S. adults from Jan. 2 to March 31, 2014, as part of the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.

              One further thing of note is that the current readings for favorability is certainly hampered by the fact that 21 states having Republican governors have refused the Medicaid expansion which is leaving millions of people out of affordable coverage. If those people in those states are asked to reply, they may well say they are not happy and I don’t blame them. It is selfish for any Republican governor to refuse to help coverage with something so vital to their lives as healthcare. However, it is good to report that Republican governor, Chris Christie, did know a good thing and did accept the Medicaid expantion coverage for his state. He has done some good for his people.

              As to the rates: The current insurance rates are set by insurance companies per medical costs and for profits, not by the ACA, but the one thing that the new health care law does is mandates those companies to spend larger portions of individual premiums on patient care vs. CEO salaries for companies who have historically made huge profits and denied, or limited, coverage to many.

              With regard to your response to the qualifications of Rachel Maddow….I believe you read me wrong. I never said that “Rachel isn’t as qualified as people in politics….”. I said that she was highly qualified, in order to respond to the remark that was more demeaning to her her background. Having a doctorate in politcal science/politics, along with her experiernce, ranks her highly qualified and more so than most.

              Yes, the Benghazi investigation has been competed…to continue to promote the event under false pretense hs become an obsession after the fact of the concluding investigation. However, the investigation into the Bridgegate is still ongoing, just as is the investigation for the lost plane 370…until these have been resolved, the media will continue to cover these stories. That’s the difference. And again, you read me wrong. I didn’t say Chris Christie ‘should’ be vetted more should he decide to campaign for president, I said he ‘will’ be vetted as will any other candidate.

            • NPR Polling dated April 3rd indicate 47 percent support and 51 percent oppose.

              Conservative Charles Krauthammer said, “The clock has run out on Benghazi.”

              Larry King said, “Fox News is so successful, but obviously, ‘fair and balanced,’ cmon…who we kidding?” King said. “I like Roger (Ailes)…but they are certainly not an impartial news network.”

              Answering host Marc Lamont Hill‘s question on MSNBC, King said it was pretty much as “knee jerk” as Fox, but that it doesn’t “go out and hire guys who’ve run for office on the Democratic ticket.”

              I think Larry King is a fair minded person that most American’s trust. I certainly do.

  2. I’ll vote for you if you vote for us! POPULIST AGENDA:
    Democrats’ Populist Agenda Will Win Because It Is What The Public Wants
    RAISE THE MINIMUN WAGE: 69 percent favor raising the minimum wage to $10.10 over the next three years. 58 percent are more likely to vote for a candidate that supports raising the federal minimum wage.
    PROVIDE PAY EQUALITY FOR WOMAN: 90 percent want to achieve pay equity by raising pay for women (74 percent strongly support it). And among unmarried women, 95 percent favor raising pay for women, 85 percent strongly.
    DEFEND MEDICARE: 69 percent are less likely to vote for a candidate that supports reductions in Social Security and Medicare benefits to address the budget deficit. 69 percent believe the benefits from Medicare are worth the cost of the program for taxpayers.
    MAKE CHILD CARE AFFORDABLE: 86 percent support helping low-wage workers afford quality child care.
    MAKE COLLEGE AFFORDABLE: 84 percent support expanding publicly funded scholarships to help more families afford college. 77 percent believe that over the past few years it has become harder to pay for college.
    A JOBS STRATEGY THAT IS FOCUSED ON MANUFACTURING AND INFRASTRUCTURE: 77 percent favor hiring people to do urgent infrastructure repairs. 71 percent support increasing government investment to build and repair roads, bridges, high-speed rail, smart electric grid technology and other infrastructure needs. 77 percent support tax incentives for manufacturer investments.
    PAYING FOR THIS BY CLOSING TAX LOOPHOLES FOR THE RICH AND CORPORATIONS: Nine out of 10 believe that any revenue generated by closing corporate loopholes or limiting tax deductions for the wealthy should be used for public investment and deficit reduction (82 percent), not to lower tax rates on corporations or the wealthy (9 percent).

    POPULIST AGENDA:11 Ways The Ryan Budget Goes Against What Public Wants
    JOB CREATION: 74 percent say improving the job situation is a key issue facing the president and Congress this year. The Obama budget includes $143 billion for job creation initiatives. The CPC includes $1.3 trillion for job creation. There’s nothing in the Ryan/Republican budget.
    MEDICAID: 74 percent have a favorable view Medicaid expansion under Obamacare. The Obama budget maintains that. The CPC budget increases funding for Medicaid through supplemental grants to states. The Republican budget makes deep cuts to Medicaid, converts the program to a block grant administered at the state level, and repeals the Medicaid expansion.
    FOOD STAMPS (SNAP) – 70 percent oppose cuts to SNAP. The Obama budget proposes no changes. The CPC budget restores SNAP benefits to pre-Farm Bill levels, investing $15 billion. The Republican budget makes deep cuts.
    EDUCATION– 69 percent say improving the education system in the U.S. is a top priority for the president and Congress this year. The Obama provides $66 billion to fund Preschool for All Initiative. The CPC provides $47 billion to invest in teachers and K-12 schools, in addition to adding substantially to the general discretionary funding for education. The Republican budget freezes the maximum Pell grant award at the same level for the next 10 years, provides financial aid to fewer families, and makes substantial cuts to overall discretionary spending, which includes education.
    TAX LOOPHOLES – 67 percent want a budget that closes corporate tax loopholes and limits tax breaks for the wealthy. The Obama budget raises $651 billion by doing this, and $13.8 billion by closing others. The CPC budget raises $153 billion by cutting loopholes and deductions for the wealthy, raises $14 billion by eliminating the home mortgage-interest deduction for vacation homes and yachts. The Republican budget says it will close loopholes, but does not specify any.
    CORPORATE TAXES 66 percent think corporations pay too little in taxes. 79 percent want to close tax loopholes that make sure corporations pay as much on foreign profits as they do on domestic profits. Obama raises $150 billion by closing offshore loopholes, another $48 billion by cutting oil company loopholes. The CPC closes loopholes and implements a Wall Street tax to raise $908 billion. The Republican budget dramatically cuts corporate taxes. It reduces the top corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 25 percent and reduces or eliminates all taxes on overseas corporate profits.
    INDIVIDUAL TAXES: – 61 percent say upper-income earners don’t pay enough in taxes. Obama proposes a minimum tax rate on millionaires to raise $53 billion. The CPC budget raises taxes on the wealthy by $1.27 trillion. The Republican budget dramatically cuts taxes on the wealthy. It reduces top tax rates by replacing the current tax brackets with just two brackets of 10 percent and 25 percent.
    SOCIAL SECURITY -66 percent say making the Social Security system sound is a key issue facing the president and Congress this year. Obama and the Republicans would prevent people from collecting Social Security Disability Insurance and UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE BENEFITS at the same time. CPC proposes changes such as eliminating the cap on earnings subject to Social Security tax.
    MEDICARE: – 61 percent say making the Medicare system sound is a key issue facing the president and Congress this year. Obama raises premiums on wealthy retirees, and reduces Medicare Advantage payments to private insurers, among other changes, to save $354 billion. CPC negotiates for lower prescription drug prices to save $157 billion. The Republican budget changes Medicare in 2024 with a voucher system for private insurance and raises the age of eligibility.
    MILITARY FUNDING: – 58 percent would support substantial reductions in military spending. Obama increases it 5 percent in the first year. CPC cuts military spending by $255 billion. Republicans increase military spending $483 billion.
    EDUCATION, ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT, HOUSING, JOB TRAINING, ETC (“DISCRETIONARY SPENDING”) – Opinion polls suggest that domestic investment in education, energy and environment, job training, and other areas are top priorities for Americans. Other polls show Americans would rather see higher tax revenue than cuts to these areas. Obama provides an extra $162 billion above sequester levels over 10 years. CPC provides an extra $1.56 trillion above sequester levels over 10 years. Republicans cut domestic programs substantially – nearing 20 percent in some cases – for total cuts of $791 billion over a decade.

    We’ll stand and support you if you will stand and support us.

  3. Major problem: the “stuff addicted” American people may not wake up in time to save Democracy let alone the planet. I fear we all are in deep shit!

  4. You have made us aware of what we in the US face now…it is easy to just turn off the sound or dampen the volume because the level of unreasoned hysteria from Faux Noise has risen so high. It is mind-numbing trying to follow any train of logic from the right wing today, and yet they continue to sway the masses to their side. Inexplicable, but we will soon see how the voting public responds. We must present a good counter balance and not give up any ground at this point! Thanks.

  5. There has to be an all out push to make people aware and get them to “Occupy the voting booth” in 2014. Organize, educate and get people involved. I co-administer a Facebook page-“PIISED OFF WOMEN OVER 50 AND FRIENDS OF PISSED OFF WOMEN OVER 50”-our goal is to help expose, defeat or unseat as many misogynistic politicians as possible in 2014. Join US.

    • I appreciate your input, and although mentioned only briefly, gerrymandering gets a mention. But that’s an issue worth an article upon itself, as are many points here.

      Having said all that, Betty, you are not wrong. Thank you for reading!

  6. I hate to say it, but you’re probably right. And if so, we are really screwed! And it could take a decade to fix the next Republican mess, if it can be fixed. When will the American people wake up?

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