Dick and Liz's defense of torture is hurting America's moral authority.

cheney torture cartoonThe Cheney Clan still won’t give in to reality or public opinion, especially when it comes to waterboarding. It’s amazing to me that anyone can even defend the practice, let alone claim that it’s not torture. But both Dick Cheney and his daughter Liz have become the main faces of public support for waterboarding and severe torture tactics. I probably shouldn’t be surprised, but I am. Their attitudes don’t just make them look like total pricks, but it also resonates around the world. The Cheney’s are hurting America’s moral authority (whatever is left of it at least.)

Waterboarding is back in the news yet again because Liz Cheney has gone on a media tour to defend her dad’s actions. She’s been attacking Democratic lawmakers who are pushing for an investigation into the CIA torture program under the Bush Administration. In doing so, she is only reinforcing an already abysmal ideal that many Americans already see as bullshit.

Waterboarding, as I’m sure our readers are aware, has been an issue in the United States for the past decade. The main issue of course is that the practice of waterboarding has been classified by every legal standard as a torture technique to simulate drowning. The use of this tactic by American intelligence agents against suspected and known terrorists has caused great harm to America’s image. Even still, the Cheney’s defend every instance of torture enacted after 9/11.

Keep in mind that this is not a very close debate. Just about every legal indicator states or leans towards the fact that waterboarding is torture, and therefore is technically a cruel and unusual punishment, banned under the US Constitution. The UN has declared waterboarding torture, and in fact the United States has done the same on several occasions.

After World War II, the US and Allied Powers had Japanese war criminal executed for using waterboarding on American and Allied POWs. The US decried waterboarding when it was used by the North Vietnamese in the Vietnam War, and by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. The same goes for Saddam Hussein who supposedly used it against his political opponents.

waterboarding, tortureMany survivors of waterboarding will attest that it is indeed torture. People like Jesse Ventura to John McCain, all testify that waterboarding is torture. These people who have experienced torture have often put up challenges to those defending the practices to undergo the procedures themselves. Even Rand Paul has stated the GOP should reject the Cheney’s for defending torture. Not surprising, neither Dick or Liz Cheney have stepped up to meet the challenges.

It’s odd how much people like the Cheney’s downplay the harmful effects of waterboarding. The way they present it, you would think waterboarding was like giving someone a bubble bath. So then what’s the point if the practice is indeed so harmless? You mean to tell me you expect the bad guys to talk simply by “sprinkling water” on their faces? Either the Cheney’s are defending torture, or they’re defending the dumbest interrogation tactic I have ever heard.

I’m glad that more more figures are coming out against the Cheney’s. It’s obvious why they are defending waterboarding. Dick Cheney is trying to defend his legacy, and he certainly doesn’t want the government to sanction him as the VP who presided over illegal torture. Liz of course is just a patsy to defend her dad. What sickens me, though, is how vehemently they defend the past horrors.

So many Americans wonder why many people across the world do not like the United States. Dick Cheney is one huge example of why. The United States goes on tirades about democracy, international law, and human rights when a country like Russia, Iran, or Syria start behaving badly. The US continually breaks international norms and laws, but somehow can still lecture other countries with a straight face.

Not all Americans are like this, but a large subset of America can somehow preach one thing and practice another without a trace of irony. No wonder why the Russians don’t take us seriously when we berate them about Ukraine. We have no credibility on these matters anymore, and the Cheney’s are partly to blame.

Dick and Liz, please just fade into obscurity. The American people are not idiots. Pander to your base all you like, you cannot hide what you did and still defend it. Honestly, I would love to see a criminal investigation against the entire Bush Administration for their roles in the torture scheme, Cheney being top on the list. Rather than a prison term, we should ship them to GITMO in order to be waterboarded 100 plus times a piece. Then we can see what Dick has to say about waterboarding.


  1. Small point: there are two Liz Cheney’s, mother and daughter. I worked with the mother back in the Nixon Administration, when she was director of the National Endowment for the Arts. She is a principled conservative, very bright, and utterly decent. Like me, she thought that President Nixon’s increase of her budget from $5 million to $168 million a year was robbing the public as a whole to serve the rich. I felt somewhat the same when I saw my ex-neighbor Bill Buckley being financed on PBS, but was, unlike Paul Ryan, happy to see Big Bird teaching an innumerate nation. She did have the decency to say this to Nixon’s face — one of the few examples on record of a swivel servant objecting that their budget was too large.

    The daughter, the unqualified and unprincipled Senator-wannabe, is the subject of this article, and the world would be a better place if she were eaten by the dogs in the streets of Kandahar.


  2. We are not the greatest country in the world any longer so long as we practice torture. When are dick cheney and donald rumsfeld going to be sent to the Hague and tried for crimes against humanity, crimes against peace and war crimes. I am sick of these animals getting a free pass and spewing their damn lies on our airwaves. They are criminals pure and simple and should be sent to the Hague immediately.

    • There is a civil case in the 9th District Federal Court in San Francisco. See FB page Witness Iraq. There is also a story that I wrote that is an interview with the attorney handling the case.

  3. The water boarding the Japanese did was significantly different than what was done at Gitmo. I suggest you look a bit deeper into that before repeating this talking point.

    Now that being said, torture does work, and in instances regarding national security, terrorism, it is a legitimate tactic. If it saves lives, it is worth it.

    • You must really like this site given you can’t stop commenting on it Mr. Troll. Are you trying to suggest Americans waterboarded more humanely than the Japanese?

      How can you expect to be taken seriously when you say torture is a legitimate tactic? It’s illegal, There is nothing legitimate about it

    • Robert Buckey, you are an example of why the entire world has come to hate America. You are a violent, psychopathic coward and your ignorance embodies everything that lets your country commit horrible atrocities. You are so scared of “terrorism” (that is, American civilians actually being exposed to the brutal wars you wage across the planet) that you are willing to kill hundreds of thousands of civilians and torture innocent people.

      When you defend torturing people in a dungeon without a trial, what makes you any better than the terrorists you claim to be fighting? To the rest of the world, you are the terrorist, Robert Buckley. You are willing to torture people and sacrifice innocent civilians in your invasions to “protect” yourself from retaliation.

      The only people who deserve to know what torture feels like are those that advocate or defend its use. If one day you are captured and sentenced to decades of torture like America’s victims, remember that you said it was a legitimate tactic.

      For the sake of your countrymen, keep in mind that when you speak online in defence of America’s disgusting atrocities, you are reflecting on all Americans. And you make your whole country look like cowards.

      • Well said, Fluck.
        And Buckley. If you are too ignorant to understand why information gathered under duress is useless, than you are useless.
        I could explain it, but attempting to reason with people like you is torture….

    • If torture worked so well, why did they have to waterboard KSM 100 plus times, and still get no vital information from him as a result? Like I said in the article, whitewashing waterboarding as if we were only washing their faces proves either that you are defending torture illogically or that you are defending the dumbest interrogation tactic ever. Torture does not work if you expect true information. Also, as Mike Weishar pointed out, it is also illegal. Whether or not you believe it can work is irrelevant. Waterboarding is torture, no matter how you want to spin it. If you claim it isn’t, then I would extend the challenge for you to undergo it yourself and then tell us how you feel afterward.

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