A world where Mitt Romney won the Presidency in 2012 would be a little different from the one we live in now.

President Mitt Romney is about to pick another fight, this time with Russia. The American military is already working overtime. The USA has doubled down in Iraq and Afghanistan. Fueled by an enraged conservative base, additional conflicts erupted in Egypt and Libya, ignited by Benghazi and ostensibly intended to hunt down the Muslim Brotherhood. Then an incursion into Syria, where American soldiers fought alongside Al Qaeda resistance against Bashir, this occurring mere weeks after the invasion of Iran.

American naval forces have increased their presence off the coast of North Korea, agitating China and escalating their tensions with Japan. This in turn has sent the Chinese to Vladimir Putin in alliance. Ever since Romney ordered American forces into Syria, Putin cut off communications with the West, and annexed the Ukraine, Belarus, and was now making advances into Romania. Analysts believed Russia would make a push eventually, but nobody expected this much so soon. It’s as if Putin is being egged on.

Back on the home front, VP Paul Ryan made devastating cuts to education and social programs while advocating helping the poor. With no unemployment assistance, Affordable Health Care repealed, little help from food stamps, and no educational or employment opportunities available; many Americans, especially the young and poor, have nowhere to turn but the military. Flush with taxpayer cash, America’s armed forces always needs people lately, considering the multiple battlefields it’s fighting on.

Those who don’t turn to the military fall to crime. Criminals end up as prisoners. Prisoners end up as slave labor. America’s burgeoning corporate prison world is expanding faster than anyone projected. Mitt Romney points to this as proof of the jobs he said he’d create.

But he doesn’t stop there. Mitt Romney slashes environmental regulations in the name of “Free Enterprise” and fast tracks the Keystone XL Pipeline. Massive oil spills over American lands become commonplace. Fracking wreaks havoc where the KXL does not. Water supplies across the nation are contaminated at a record setting pace. The API puts Brooke Alexander to work, reassuring Americans that they’re still Americans and this an America that Americans are making more American. For America.

Everyone is told to pray. God is on our side. Pray for our soldiers. Pray for America. Pray for Mitt Romney. There is no shortage of reasons to pray. World War seems ready to begin at any moment. But we will prevail against our oppressors. We will bring freedom and democracy to the world. We will see you all in Heaven.

mitt romney

Nobody speaking out against Mitt Romney or his government ends up in a good place. Concerned citizens are immediately branded “traitor” for questioning the Administration. Celebrities are blacklisted and journalists are fired. In Nevada, a misguided rancher dares to stand up to the government regarding years and years of fees he owes which he refuses to pay. He draws gun-toting supporters to his side. They are wiped from the face of the planet.

The gun violence problem in the nation expands exponentially. Americans are filled with despair. Conservative media stokes fires of paranoia and persecution complex throughout the nation. Everybody is out to get you! It’s everybody else’s fault! Mitt Romney appoints a special committee to look into solutions. It’s headed up by John R. Lott Jr. It doesn’t matter that Lott is a discredited researcher and pro-gun advocate, the NRA and other gun lobbies want him front and center. Lott advises more guns to solve the gun violence problem.

In the meantime, there’s Russia. Mitt Romney drags America closer to yet another war. China watches carefully. Sarah Palin is on television repeating her famous line, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke!” The crowd roars. They love that bit. You can buy a T-Shirt with that saying now. It’s the title of Palin’s next book. Pre-order now, only $29.99!

The military opens it’s maw for America’s young. The prisons wait for the leftovers. Water rationing begins. Everyone buys guns. It gets harder and harder to vote. Religious Freedom is pushed down in favor of Christianity pushed down your throat, no matter what your personal belief system already may be. LGBT Americans, immigrants, ethnic minorities, non-Christians are the enemy. Paranoia reigns. And Mitt Romney is the President. We’re told this is what the Founding Fathers had in mind.

Heavy handed? Yes. Far fetched? Not that much. All it would have taken was no “47% Video” and this could be the world we live in now. It’s very close to the one we are already living in regardless.

Vote. Do what you have to in order to register. Jump through the hoops if they put them in front of you. Help your friends and family to vote. Take your family, your friends. Stand in the line. Don’t let them stop you.

When we vote, we win. When we don’t? War.





Chad R. MacDonald has a degree in English literature from Cape Breton University and subsequently received a full scholarship to AMDA in New York City. He is a former security professional, veteran of the hospitality industry, and experienced in both the arts as well as administration.He has been writing all his life, likes baseball, hockey, literature, science, the arts, and marine photography.Chad lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son and their gigantic cat.


  1. I believe you should have used the subjunctive in the title, since it’s a situation that didn’t happen and won’t, since he’s not running. “What if Mitt Romney were President?”

  2. “With no unemployment assistance, Affordable Health Care repealed, little help from food stamps, and no educational or employment opportunities available;”

    This clause no verb.
    Two flying prunes.

    Granny Grammar
    Prune-faced Grammarian.

  3. Nice to see that someone else pegged the fact that a Republican in the White House and an GOP-controlled Congress would lead to a Fascist regime….
    Yes, GOP Progressives and Moderates: it’s well past time for you to pull your heads out of your sphincters and start voting for Democrats, who TRULY represent you now….

    • Andrew,
      What is the difference in Destination between Fascism, Communist, or even Socialist? The only difference is the railroad tracks and pathway they use to get there when compared to Free Market Capitalism.

      Do you actually believe you could opine as you have under one of those forms of government. I grew up in a blue collar household as one of four children where my Mom worked in the home to the head of household earning excellent wages from strong Union representation. But I was a child of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

      That world is long gone and neither party has the platform to prosperity in this New World of Global Economy. Period. End. You might feel better by making obscene references and tearing others down, but that line of shallow thinking is exactly what got us in this boat to begin with.

      Chad makes it clear that even if all his postulate theoretical results were to play out, the world would still not be much different than we currently endure.

      Support Harry Reid? Nancy Pelosi? Surely you jest.

      • Oh Gregory, please. Stop putting words in my mouth. This is the second time you have trumpeted how much you missed the point of this article. Do give it a rest before you humiliate yourself any further.

        Have a nice day.

        • Chad,
          I did not miss anything other than your lack of depth and credibility. In both instances, I was not replying directly to you and my comments on your “writing” was verbatim and meant to be complimentary to your honesty.

          Some are pikers. Others mine gold. You lack the work history and life experience to actually be relevant or insightful. You are a happy watering hole where rednecks have been replaced by excuses for sorriness who synapses never were much more than marginal.

          You totally miss or won’t engage in the global reality and as any faithful left leaning lap dog knows, you have a person to blame, usually a manafactured perception of how white males caused it or controlled it, or if that fails to persuade your less than room temperature IQ number of followers, you grovel in governmental programs and philosophies that further wait down the very middle class you believe they raise up.

          Get a grip. Or better yet, find employment in something productive and meaningful other than scribbling.

          • It’s hard to take your cheap shots seriously since you’re the one taking the time to painstakingly analyze this piece and postulate about who I might be, when you don’t know me at all. But no surprise there, you are also busy telling everybody what I’ve said, when you have completely missed the point and couldn’t be farther off base.

            Of the two of us, Gregory, you seem to be the one requiring something to occupy your time. Go ahead and rain more insults upon me, we can all see you don’t have the first clue what you’re talking about. That’s not a guess on my part, you’ve made it painfully obvious.

  4. Maybe not that bad maybe a bit worse. All I can say is thank God that President Obama won!!!I was literally sick with worry during the last 2 pres elections and I know that although President Obama may be suffering from low ratings I still really like and respect him and am thankful every day that he won!! Can you imagine what this country would have been like with McCain /Palin at the helm. OMG much worse than Romney/Ryan!!!

  5. Chad,
    All these heavy handed and far fetched opinion scenarios of the world under a Romney Presidency, and yet, you admit that “It is very close to the one we are already living in regardless.” So is it fair to agree that We, the People, lose either way? Die by lethal injection or firing squad? Does it really matter.?

    The Beltway Ball Boys and Girls along with virtually all mass media are simply pawns in the game to a One World Government. The United States remains the monster obstacle to that goal. We cannot be beaten militarily, so we must be destroyed from within. Lose the dollar as the benchmark currency and every word and opinion you rendered is lost in the chaos to survive on the street.

    American politics has been manipulated to a Hatfield-McCoy where we fight each other blindly with hate because you are a Hatfield and I am a McCoy. The dangers of this foolishness have illuminated what happens in a Republic or Democracy when the electorate is either ill informed or simply not engaged.

    We need leadership who unite and not divide. Spreading the wealth needs to be initiated by paying decent wages first, not worshiping the sacred cow of stock holder dividends, Incorporation in foreign countries, and Financial Institutions who are allowed to have it both ways.

    It is often said to understand you must study history. I have concluded that most voters are pretty scared and confused, as well they should be. There are hundreds of issues and points that I would debate in the name of citizens staying informed and taking a stand. And with anyone, name the time and place.

    I would settle for our leaders to regain their moral and ethical compasses.

    • As I recall, in the beginning President Obama tried to unify the warring parties in congress and actually spent a good deal of the time when he had the most support in the House and Senate on that fruitless endeavor. You cannot negotiate with fanatics, however, and he failed to recognize the religious wrong and the tea party as just that, fanatics hell-bent on destroying him at any cost. We as a nation would have been much better off today if he had gone in with the attitude of “I won with a sizeable majority and this is how we’re going to do things. Get on board or get out of the way.”

      • 47 per cent is a real landslide mandate. And I don’t support a Muslim Socialists who dances to the tune of George Soros and the Tides Foundation. This is a guilt trip gone bad on segregation, none of which current Citizens can legally or morally embrace.

      • Tammy,

        Well said. Now, for the last two years of his term, he is doing what he can with his own powers — rather than the much more that could have been accomplished with cooperation. It’s a damn shame there was nobody available to cooperate with, and going with second best is all he can do.

        Good on ‘im fer gettin’ real — even if it’s real with a touch of despair and disappointment mixed in.


  6. Rome fell…American retrograde would have compounded, had Romney had won. All the fools of the GOP lacked was a fool like Romney to lead them to self destruction. As Rome fell so can America fall…this is the self evident fate of Empires.

    • Robert,

      And you specific query is…?

      I thought it was rather good. I suppose there’s the possibility a peace-loving Republican Congress would have impeached these two loons by this point, but in the absence of any such, uh, succour I think this is a pretty good run down of what the suckers were promising.


  7. While I support virtually nothing that Mitt Romney stands for and virtually none of the policy proposals he espoused during the 2012 campaign, I fear you might have gone over the top in your assessment of what the country might presently face had Romney won.

    In terms of foreign policy, I doubt that either the isolationist wing or the deficit hawks of the GOP/Tea Party—much less the general public—would have allowed military adventures to the extent you posit. Neither do I think he would have pushed such intervention apart from strong coalition support from our European allies—and they would have been even less inclined to coalesce with Romney than they are with President Obama.

    Beyond that, it has become clear that corporate/business interests are exerting more and more power over foreign policy around the world. We do, indeed, have a global economy, and while armed intervention by large forces means billions for a company like Halliburton, it disturbs most other international industries—especially oil and natural gas. Oil and natural gas interests are already impeding the placement of tough sanctions on Putin—cf. the UK and Germany—and I have no reason to think Romney would have been any less compliant with their wishes.

    Domestically, I suspect the biggest difference economically would have been the rapidity with which the wealth/capital/income/opportunity gap widened. The GOP House has successfully blocked President Obama’s initiatives on behalf of the middle- and working-classes, so it is not as if the dynamic would have changed under Romney—it would have simply gained more speed as his tax cuts and austerity measures drastically reduced the funds available for discretionary spending.

    The privatization crowd would have made more strides, despite the evidence we already have that privatization of our prison systems and our educational systems has, in the overwhelming majority of instances, become a horror show. Lacking votes in the Senate, he could not have yet repealed the ACA but he would have been able to slow its implementation to a snail’s pace—we would yet be firmly embedded in the failed system we had prior to the ACA. His austerity measures would have increased rather than decreased unemployment and, apart from unemployment benefits, we would be facing deepening despair among American workers. Furthermore, with no one able to buy their products at home, we would see more and more production leave the country in order to be more proximate to its markets.

    I don’t know that civil liberties would have taken a bigger hit than they have already taken—Romney would not have had to do what the Roberts Court is already doing. But minorities would have taken big hits and would have had no advocates in those controlling the country. And the possibility that he could make one or two Supreme Court appointments might have institutionalized their status as oppressed minorities. Furthermore, I believe hate groups would have been emboldened by the expanded power of the far-right and, obviously, minorities would have felt their sting most harshly.

    So, while I am not quite as apocalyptic as you per what a Romney administration might have meant, I am relatively certain it would not have been pretty. The one glimmer of hope we might have had, however, would have been that four years of Mitt Romney and the GOP/Tea Party policies would, I suspect, have been enough to put the Republican Party and its policies on ice for a long, long time. Only 24% of the country identifies itself as “Republican” right now. Four years of living under their policies would halve that percentage and relegate them to marginality.

  8. Another great read Chad…a nightmare we CAN wake up from thanks for voters who rocked that election…oh and for the “Florida” bartender who risked his life for making that video public.

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