It's an uphill battle, but Democrats can still hold on to the senate

Five Reasons the Democrats Just Might Win the Midterm ElectionsPollsters and political pundits are predicting the Democrats will lose control of the Senate this November. Our own Quiet Mike’s Chad MacDonald offered Five Reasons Republicans Will Win the Midterm Elections. While the Democrats have an uphill battle, it is still possible for them to maintain control in the midterm elections. Here are five reasons Democrats just might hold on to control of the Senate.

Obamacare is Working

Despite attempting to repeal Obamacare over 50 times, Republicans are beginning to grudgingly admit the law is here to stay. There are popular aspects of the bill that appeal even to Republican voters. Children of the insured can remain on their parent’s policy until age 26.

There are more than 9 million newly insured because of the law and for many in this group they are insured for the first time in their lives. No one will ever be denied health insurance again because of a preexisting condition. It is also notable that in the states where Obamacare is failing, that blame can be laid squarely at the feet of the Republican controlled local governments.

Women’s Issues

In states where Republicans have control of the local government, women’s rights are being decimated. In 2012, a record 430 anti-abortion bills were introduced in various Republican controlled state legislatures. The Senate Republicans did everything in their power to block the Paycheck Fairness Act. The legislation, sponsored by Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., would require employers to prove that differences in pay are based on qualifications, education and other “bona fides” not related to gender. Women make up 50 percent of the voting electorate and based on chatter on websites related to women’s issues they are paying attention to this election.

Cuts to Social Programs

Republicans have blocked key programs meant to help the economy recover from one of the worst downturns in history. Late last year more than 1.3 million people lost their Emergency Unemployment Insurance benefits. The reason for the loss was due to an all-to-familiar tactic by House Speaker John Boehner of refusing to call a vote on bills that are unpopular with his conservative base. The bill should pass easily, but is stuck in purgatory. Republican house members also passed a cut to food stamp assistance by 8.7 billion dollars overall. And despite taking up the futile attempt to repeal Obamacare not one jobs bill has made it to the floor for a vote.

The Economy is Recovering

Despite catastrophic losses in home values, the recovery in housing market values has increased for the fourth consecutive quarter. The unemployment rate was as high as 10 percent in 2009. It now stands at 6.3 percent. The stock market has doubled in value with the election of Obama and there is no reason to believe the markets will not continue their gains in the foreseeable future.

The American Population is Not Stupid

Despite what Republican politicians would like to believe, America is not made up of a bunch of fools. People know that the Bush economic policies are why they lost their houses and their savings. They know the Bush era turned a budget surplus into record deficits. They also know that the only way to continue the recovery is to give the President a Congress who works with him rather than against him.


  1. Per the five “reasons” you offered as to why “Democrats might win the midterm elections,” not one is subject to debate. There is no rebutting the facts, no debunking the reasoning of the case that you make. But, though I hope that facts and reasoning will matter, I have my doubts. And I have my doubts that the Democrats will save the Senate, though facts and reasoning are on their side.

    I have observed the exigencies of demagoguery in southern politics all of my life—beginning, I suppose, with three members of my family who were old southern democrats elected to national and statewide office and one who became governor of South Carolina just before it transitioned from being solidly Democratic to solidly Republican. That demagoguery—and the exigencies that go with it—is still alive and well below the Mason-Dixon line and in the border states.

    Strong, strong cases can be made for Kay Hagan and Mark Pryor and Michelle Nunn and Alison Lundergan Grimes and Mary Landrieu. But each has the same letter following his/her name in parentheses—(D). And, though facts & reason are on the side of these Democrats, Republican voters who will determine their destinies really don’t care about facts & reason. They only care about the letter that follows a candidate’s name in parentheses.

    Republican/Tea Party candidates have figured out that the majority of southern whites do not vote reflectively and thoughtfully. They vote reflexively and viscerally. Which is why appeals to them on the basis of facts & reason are almost worthless. They don’t vote on the basis of what they think—if they did, they wouldn’t consistently vote against their own interests. They vote on the basis of what they feel. And what they feel is the anger, bitterness and resentment of people who, for well over two centuries, have lived lives of entitlement only to find that the demographics are changing and those who once figuratively worked their fields and picked their peaches are now knocking on the door of the plantation Big House and asking for a seat at the dinner table.

    Yes, the ACA is working and has been successful, I expect, beyond the best hopes of those who put it in place. Yes, the GOP/Tea Party record on women’s issues is beyond abysmal and it is beyond me to understand how any woman in her right mind would vote for a Republican whose agenda includes denying her the freedom to choose what happens per her own body, denying her the right to equal pay for equal work and denying her the protections of the Violence Against Women Act. Yes, the GOP/Tea Party has, in every instance, voted against legislation that would provide a helping hand for the poor, the unemployed, the disabled (with a stunned Bob Dole sitting in the Senate well in a wheelchair watching them cast their negative votes), the elderly, the young and the most vulnerable in our society. Yes, the economy is recovering. And, no, the American public is not stupid.

    But the tsunami of anger and resentment bred by the GOP/Tea Party demagogues will, I am afraid, in the states Democrats must win to maintain a Senate majority, overwhelm reflective, thoughtful consideration of the character of the candidates and where they stand on the issues.

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