How do Gunbullies react when you call them on their behavior? Unsurprisingly, like bullies.

gunbulliesI’m a sucker for superheroes and have loved comic books all of my life. Even the stereotypical plot points, when the hero or heroine gets the bad guy talking to expose their plans. Did you see Marvel’s “The Avengers” movie? Black Widow uses this technique twice in that film. This site published a piece intended to do just that, draw out and expose gunbullies and their techniques. It was a resounding success.

Once again, it does need to be said that Gunbullies do not represent the average American gun owner. As I have said many times before, I do not support a gun ban. I have learned through life experience that not everyone is responsible enough to own a firearm. Those that would attempt to bully you with internet comments aren’t those to be trusted with weaponry. If you’re not the person seeking out targets for fellow Gunbullies to swarm, and if you’re not part of that swarm, then this doesn’t apply to you.

You see, there is a small yet very vocal faction of gun owners in this country that you can safely classify as Gunbullies. They are far beyond simple gun rights, they want to intimidate those who don’t feel like they do. Many Facebook pages exist with the sole purpose of directing swarms of followers to posts with opinions they don’t like. This isn’t in dispute, these pages are easy to find and don’t hide what they do.

One of these pages in particular was singled out, and sure enough, they took the bait. They didn’t even try to see if it was a trap, they just posted the link to the piece and sent their followers to attack, just as it predicted. I did enjoy that they said that guys like me are the reason they created that attack page, and was proud they felt threatened by the article.


gunbulliesSo how do Gunbullies react when you call them on it? Unsurprisingly, like bullies. Last week’s article contained screenshots of statements that can’t possibly be defended, such as Davis here, threatening to feed me the dead body of my own child. Pretty cut and dried there, right? You have to acknowledge that this guy is bad news.

Not so much. The closest anyone got to doing so was my own personal pet troll, blocked from my Facebook and stalking me from site to site attacking me which, again, was the whole point of the piece. This dude said the kid was wrong to say what he did, but that didn’t matter because I was hoping for somebody to say something like that. Insanity. Nobody wants that. He followed that brilliance with how he is just a drunken party guy, so nobody should take him seriously. Really. That was his excuse, the kid was probably just drunk.

Just let that sink in, it’s okay to threaten to kill a parent and their child if you’re drunk. That’s the takeaway. Give that boy a pistol! YEE-haw!

He followed that up with another vitriolic rant against me, and then told me elsewhere to stop referring back to that threat. He’d had enough of it. Why should he care? Nobody was threatening to kill his kid, so this shouldn’t matter. And this guy was far and away the very best the Gunbullies could do in regards to justification of this attempted intimidation.

Most commenters just called me names. I got “liar” a lot, followed by “liberal” and various sundries from the insult store. My favorite was being called “coward” by anonymous commenters hiding their names and faces. After all, it would be awful if someone could figure out who they were, and maybe trace them back to their Facebook profile or something, hmmm? You know, like what happened to me, the guy not hiding his name and face. Yeah that would be terrible, huh?

Yeah, I’m speaking in a condescending tone to them. That bothered quite a few of the swarm. But bullies don’t deserve respect, and they sure don’t like pushback as it turns out. One of them gave me the sage advice that I should ‘suck it up, buttercup” so let’s hand that right back to the rest of the group.

Some even called me the bully. Pretty hilarious, as the majority of them were directed here by gun nut pages with the sole purpose of bullying me. One of them even likened their tactics to the stand Rosa Parks took. “Moms Demand Gunsense are the real villains,” they would say. “They are totally picking on us! That’s why we smear and defame their founders with lies. That’s why we make up fake profiles  and attribute quotes to them that they did not say!” Sure, Gunbullies, whatever. Moms Demand Gunsense are not threatening your lives. But you have been threatening theirs.

Many accused me of being a troll. Considering that I composed the piece as a trap to get Gunbullies to put their repulsive behavior on display, I suppose that is kind of true. Yeah, I troll Gunbullies. I troll those who would try to intimidate others with lies, threats, and swarms of followers trying to shout you down. You know why? Because you need to be called out on that bullshit, Gunbullies. I’m not picking on women. I’m not threatening to kill anyone’s child. I’m exposing those who are.

gunbullies mapGunbullies are not average everyday Americans. Once their pages began sending followers here, we tracked their origins with the analytics account paired with this site. Overwhelmingly, supporters of Gunbully pages come from the American South, and not even all of it. Specifically Texas, but Arizona and Florida were well represented as well.

Gunbullies use the volume of their opinions to make up for the lack of volume in their numbers. They are not the average American. They are not the majority, they aren’t even close. The highlighted hate page gave me a sudden rush of attackers, but not nearly as much as some other gun nut pages did. Better yet, it gave the article higher exposure and it was picked up by much friendlier pages. So some thanks are in order for helping get the word out.

Many showed they hadn’t even read the piece, they just started raging away, putting words in my mouth. With the notable exception of one regular site troll who craves the attention, most Gunbullies used pseudonyms. None but the aforementioned troll showed their face. Certainly, nobody dared to post their full name with their face.

If you’re not brave enough to put your name and face to something, you have no business calling anyone else a coward. But their lack of bravery was a given, regardless. After all, they have to attack one person, or a group of Moms having lunch, in a big group. The real reason they came running was because they fear what I have to say and they want to shut me up.

If you can’t take responsibility for your conduct online, then you’re not responsible enough to own a firearm. If you don’t realize that bullying and threats aren’t ethical, you’re not wise enough to own a gun. If you purposely attempt to intimidate other people, then you’re the “bad guy with a gun.” And if you threaten, scream at, or insult those who call you out on such repulsive behavior, then you love to dish it out, but can’t take it. Sure explains why you want to hug your gun so tightly.

Good guys don’t threaten to kill children. Good guys don’t stand up for those who say they want to kill children. Good guys don’t hide their faces to attack one person en masse. Good guys don’t cyber-stalk people they don’t like. Good guys don’t spit in women’s faces.

Gunbullies, you are not good guys. America is realizing that. Thanks for proving me right. Please keep doing so.

“I would rather be a little nobody, than to be a evil somebody.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

Chad R. MacDonald has a degree in English literature from Cape Breton University and subsequently received a full scholarship to AMDA in New York City. He is a former security professional, veteran of the hospitality industry, and experienced in both the arts as well as administration.He has been writing all his life, likes baseball, hockey, literature, science, the arts, and marine photography.Chad lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son and their gigantic cat.


    • So he’s been arrested for marijuana…. over two years ago…. and this is an article about guns, how is that relevant? he puts somebody’s full name on the internet to blast them when what he said had NOTHING TO DO WITH GUNS, you were probably just trying to piss him off to get a reaction, fuck man you liberals will throw anyone under the bus who thinks differently than you

      • I have no clue either.. I am uncertain if that would be a felony if convicted.
        If so he might be excluded from gun ownership unless he can get a pass from the governor. Which the way things are going would only be fair.

  1. Hail Eris!

    Well done, Chad! You’re drawing them out very nicely. You can tell they’re trying too hard to compensate for tiny penises.

    Being called a traitor by Dick Cheney is the highest honor you can give an American.

  2. too bad this kid was 19 when he said this, doesn’t mean what he said was ok but it DOES mean he was too young to own a gun, your argument is based on a false premise

    • what it means in all states he can not by from a licensed FFL but can buy in some states from his older brother or friend who has a spare gun laying around.

      • so in that case even a law abiding citizen with no priors cant have a gun for protection (or simply because they like guns) because they may be somehow affiliated with someone whose irresponsible. Hell, how about cops can’t have guns anymore? One of them might have an irresponsible 19 year old brother who finds it lying around and decides to shoot up a nursery because he’s high on marijuana (because marijuana is the only thing on the record of this Marchus villain you have created), all of you who think like this, I hope you die from a gun

        • No.. what it means is that. when I no longer needed my 9mm ruger semi-auto pistol, I gave it to my 19 year old son.
          He ended up selling it to the to his fiance and her father as a gift for her mother along with some regular magazines as well as large capacity. [actual large capacity not what is sold standard with the pistol.] All perfectly legal.
          But what it also means is that if my son hadn’t wanted it and I put an ad in the paper. or on a local web sales. If a person showed up looking to buy it and I wanted to find out if this person was on the Union “No Sell List”, and I made “the call” I would be arrested, convicted of a felony, and my guns taken away.
          People think it was odd that the NRA supported the records check [that list] and don’t now? you see the one thing the polititians don’t want to do is give you the choice. you either have to go to an FFL and fill out all their Tax papers, or fillout and keep that paper your self.
          I’d be happy to keep the paper if it was a “no sell” result but, no I’m not going to keep a log where not doting the “i” correctly could be a felony itself.
          The fact is I suggest decriminalize calling the No Sell list. Not Require it, Not restrict it to Tax Collecters. Let someone choose to call it.

    • The idiot is taking an EMT course. Getting convicted for issuing death threats to a child can get in the way of an EMT certification.
      Paul Joe G.

  3. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you wrote the same thing last week, Chad.
    Disagreeing with Chad= intimidation.
    Trying to get Chad to back what he claims= bullying.
    Offering a counterpoint to Chad= “trying to silence him….ahhhhhh!”
    Anybody who sees that Chad is full of crap is not responsible enough to own a firearm, which basically means most adults capable of critical thinking should be disarmed.
    You’re not exposing anything, but your inflated ego and . intellectual cowardice.
    Paul Joe G

  4. You said:

    Many accused me of being a troll. Considering that I composed the piece as a trap to get Gunbullies to put their repulsive behavior on display, I suppose that is kind of true. Yeah, I troll Gunbullies. I troll those who would try to intimidate others with lies, threats, and swarms of followers trying to shout you down. You know why? Because you need to be called out on that bullshit, Gunbullies. I’m not picking on women. I’m not threatening to kill anyone’s child. I’m exposing those who are.


    Troll: One who purposely and deliberately (that purpose usually being self-amusement) starts an argument in a manner which attacks others on a forum without in any way listening to the arguments proposed by his or her peers. He will spark of such an argument via the use of ad hominem attacks (i.e. ‘you’re nothing but a fanboy’ is a popular phrase) with no substance or relevence to back them up as well as straw man arguments, which he uses to simply avoid addressing the essence of the issue.

    That fits you to a tee. But you call people trolls when they point out where they think you’re wrong instead of responding with your own rebuttal. Apparently, anyone who disagrees with you is automatically a troll. Have fun in your echo chamber.

  5. Everybody, just leave it alone. no need to inflate this mans obviously over sized ego.

    He is merely a troll looking for trouble.

    Don’t waste your time on him, seriously don’t.

    • But for me in most cases the point has little to do with the person I am debating with and much more to do with the multiple persons reading and not posting.
      The more people I can get to realize the main problem with gun control is the number of persons it kills the better it will be.

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