An update on the lawsuit aimed at bringing the Bush Administration to justice

Bush Lawsuit UpdateLast August, I had the opportunity to interview Inder Comar, Esq. about the lawsuit he filed against the Bush Administration. He explained the entire case to me in an article I published called Inder Comar:  The Man Behind the Bush Administration Lawsuit. If you are hearing about this case for the first time, you will find the details within.

The case was filed in the 9th Circuit District Court in San Francisco, California last year. A hearing had been scheduled for April 3, 2014 to determine whether the case moved forward or was thrown out of court. The Department of Justice, who is defending the Bush Administration, had previously responded to the complaint by requesting that the case be thrown out. The Bush clan is claiming that the planning of the war occurred within the scope of their employment and they therefore have immunity.

But rather than dismissing the case, the hearing was taken off calendar because the judge on the case asked for additional information. So Mr. Comar is filing a 2nd amended complaint on June 9, 2014 that provides more details about the planning of the Iraq war and when it started. According to Mr. Comar’s evidence, the Bush/Cheney team started planning the invasion of Iraq as far back as 1997.

The 2nd amended complaint will explain that the war was motivated for personal enrichment and the war was a “crime of aggression.” One of the points that Mr. Comar discussed was that the Bush Administration does not have immunity if it can be proven that the war’s planning did not take place after George W. Bush was first elected. This means that the war had been planned outside the scope of their employment and so conspired to commit this “crime of aggression.”

The neoconservative movement that fueled the fire will also be described as well as what financial damages are being sought for the Plaintiff, Mrs. Saleh. Clearly, the judge is being extremely careful in writing a decision, and it could take another six to nine months to see if the trial moves forward.

Since the onset of this case, there has been a lot of interviews with Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleeza Rice involving war crimes. So far the case still seems to have gained little attention here at home, and Mr, Comar could not comment on how much attention it’s getting internationally. However, Mr, Comar did mention how the International Criminal Court is currently investigating British troops for war crimes in Iraq on a criminal level, while Prime Minister Tony Blair is still not under investigation at this time.

I will be speaking to Mr. Comar again after June 9 and will be able to obtain a copy of the 2nd amended complaint for everyone to view. For more information on Inder Comar and the lawsuit, please see his website and like the Witness Iraq Facebook page for updates as well. I am very honored to be keeping in touch with Mr. Comar about this case and look forward to seeing it work its way through the Federal Court system.



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    • Yes they were convicted and I myself submitted evidence regarding the use of WMD’s etc but unfortunately they were let off on charges relating to depleted uranium etc……at least it was a step in the right direction but could have been much more severe in its content…Peter Eyre

  1. The Honorary President of the Supreme Court of Italy, Ferdinando Imosimato, says he has evidence from the Italian Secret Service that shows the US planned Iraq well before 9/11. I’m sure he’d be happy to share. He’s a member of lawyersfor911truth, and was at the Toronto Hearings on 9/11 back in 2011. He says he’s seen enough and is recommending the International Criminal Court get involved.

  2. It’s a no-brainer. They used the excuse of WMDs to attack even though their own people told them there were none. Can you imagine the public outcry of all those people who were so anxious to go to war if on the first day Saddam had used WMDs & there were 10,000 casualties? They knew there were none & that’s why they attacked. The lesson Iran has learned from this is if they DON’T have WMD,the US will come in & take your natural resources. It’s like Necromancers out of the Chronicles of Riddick. The rest of the countries in the world who are dependent on Middle East oil & Saudi Arabia wouldn’t support us until the initial plan was changed & they were able to share in the spoils.

  3. Mr. Comar has a high hurdle to overcome. Piercing governmental immunity is extremely burdensome. Especially when it involves a President. However, there is a lot of evidence this was something that junior had wanted from long before taking office and that companies that either he or Cheney were involved in had directly profited from the war. This is one to watch.

    • It would be a precedent case for sure. The judge is really taking his time and at least it’s in the 9th Circuit, the most liberal of federal courts. I just know that the evidence can be handed over to the ICC and hope that it does.

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