For the second time in a week, the Supreme Court ruled against women's healthcare

Women's HealthcareThe plot thickens in the fight for women’s reproductive rights. The Supreme Court is at it again, this time with Contraception. They ruled today in typical 5-4 fashion that closely held corporations with a quote “religious objection” don’t have to provide contraception coverage under the ACA (Obamacare).

The “Hobby Lobby” decision comes less than a week after another blow to women’s healthcare options. The SCOTUS ruled last week that Massachusetts can’t have a law thirty-five foot barriers in front of abortion clinics to protect clients from pro-life protesters.The Supreme Court by the way, has a much larger buffer zone.

This time around, the Roberts Court once again got it wrong. The 5-4 decision was mainly framed in the sense that the HHS rule mandating contraceptive coverage by all providers was a “undue burden on religious rights.” Once again we are left with a spun narrative that has no relation to the actual fact at hand.

It is not true that Obamacare mandates all “employers” to pay for contraceptive coverage. The HHS never mandated that employers had to pay for contraceptive coverage for women employees. The issue is quite different.

The rule was that Healthcare Providers were to pay for contraceptive care on every plan offered by an employer. You know those healthcare plans that jobs pay for? The ones that cover many healthcare services, from checkups to operations? Well, now these plans have to also cover contraception (like many cover Viagra).

Granted, not every job in America offers great healthcare plans, mine certainly does not. However, the  jobs that do offer great healthcare plans have plans that automatically cover contraception. The employer is not paying for the contraception, the health insurance company is. In essence, the Christian fundamentalists at Hobby Lobby won’t even allow someone else to pay for a woman to have access to contraceptive coverage under a healthcare plan (without pay extra out of pocket costs).

No one was asking Hobby Lobby to pay for it out of their pockets. Also, the contraceptive coverage was optional. No woman is forced to buy contraceptives. It was an optional choice available under all basic plans (personal and employer). Well, not anymore. Thanks John Roberts….

This video sums up my feelings well.




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