Celebrate the 4th of July with a collection of articles that target Republican policies and antics

anti-conservative articlesHappy Birthday America. On this day of celebration, Quiet Mike would like to present to you a collection of anti-conservative articles written by our great staff over the last twelve months.

We realize that Independence Day is more than just a bad movie, it’s a day normally reserved for putting aside our differences and bringing the country together.

However, since the Republican Party doesn’t feel the need to cooperate or put their differences aside for the betterment of the country 364 days of the year, we aren’t about to give them a day off.

So if your bored or have the independence day blues, allow us to cheer you up and make you angry. Enjoy!

Sam Brownback and the Republican Destruction of Kansas

Written by Kyle Patterson-Vierthaler June 13, 2014. How Kansas Conservatives are Crushing the State’s Future

A Saleh v. Bush Lawsuit Update

Written by Michelle Simmons May 29, 2014. An update on the lawsuit aimed at bringing the Bush Administration to justice

John Lott: The Key to Defeating Gun Lobbies

Written by Chad R. MacDonald April 26, 2014. We need to silence the man most responsible for the misinformation being spread about gun control

8-Year-Old Olivia McConnell Takes on Republican Creationists

Written by Wendy Cooper April 24, 2014. Only religion can make a third-grader seem smarter than some politicians

The Tea Party’s Founding Fathers Mythology

Written by Sean Everett April 30, 2014. Why the Founding Fathers Fetishists Need a History Lesson

American Legislative Exchange CouncilKnowing the Enemy: The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

Written by Quiet Mike April 14, 2014. Politicians and corporations working together to pass right-wing legislation state by state

Knowing the Enemy: The Heritage Foundation

Written by Quiet Mike March 24, 2014. The right-wing think tank responsible for America’s conservative shift these last forty years

Todd Kincannon: The Epitome of Manly White Republican

Written by Wendy Cooper March 11, 2014. The former Executive Director of the South Carolina GOP is a good example of why you don’t vote Republican

Republican Bullies are all Bark with No Bite

Written by Chad R. MacDonald February 14, 2014. Like all bullies, when they are put in their place they run and hide, then come back again

Conservative Marijuana Madness

Written by Julian Drury January 5, 2014. Why pot is the last thing conservative culture should fear

Ten Reasons Fox News Viewers think Santa is White

Written by Frank Oatley December 19, 2013. Megyn Kelly claimed as historical fact that Santa Clause was white, but she didn’t need to convince her viewers

New Voter Suppression Laws Target every Demographic of Democrats

Written by Guy Turchetti November 12, 2013. States looking to tip the scales in Republican favor are implementing new voting laws that affect women, minorities and college students.

Fox news bubble, fox news, Anti-Conservative ArticlesThe Tea Party’s Information Bubble Needs Popping

Written by Erin Nanasi October 17, 2013. If you ask around, Tea Baggers all get their information from the same unreliable sources

The Religious Right, Healthcare and Armageddon

Written by Julian Drury October 12, 2013. How religious conservatives used religion to justify the shutdown debacle

A Message to Moderate Republicans

Written by Erin Nanasi July 24, 2013. If moderate Republicans don’t like the direction of the GOP, they should try and change it instead of complaining to liberals



  1. My son deserves props for making me aware of this site and I have enjoyed, been educated by, been challenged by, and been made even more aware of the importance of nuance by reading the articles on Quiet Mike. I would guess it targets an audience more in his age group than old guys and gals in their 60’s like me but, hey, I get tired of reading work done only by people my age or older.

    Hence, your publication of this collection seems an appropriate time to compliment all of you per your work. And to thank you for keeping an old geezer interested.

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