A growing number of people are protesting Israel's actions despite western propaganda

Israel in GazaPublic opinion is turning on Israel and their tactics in the Occupied Territories. While the western media and our federal governments (Canada and the US in particular) continue to tow a staunchly pro-Israel line in their reporting and policies with the events unfolding in Gaza, public opinion is slowly turning the other way. While the establishment continues to remain tilted towards the right-wing government of Israel, global opinion is shifting against Israel’s brutal course of actions.

Across the world, demonstrations are being held in several major cities; London, Toronto, Montreal, Paris, Berlin, as well as New York, Detroit and Chicago. Cities across the globe are experiencing a wave of protest against Israel’s crackdown on Gaza, some of which are being met with violence.

Though widely unreported in Western establishment media, several demonstrations have erupted across Israel, protesting the government of Netanyahu and the tactics of the Israeli Army. Responses against them have been as equally violent. I have also seen little coverage of the protests in the West Bank and the crackdown there.

The establishment reactions toward the wave of outrage against Israeli actions in Gaza are not insignificant. It reinforces the reality that Israeli terror tactics are not popular. The United States often says that it leads “the international community” and “global opinion.” Well, here global public-opinion is speaking louder and clearer than the media and our governments.

Not surprising, the United States continues to support the right-wing position in Israel. It is absolutely incredible, but yes. Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks recently made a stunning comparison between both an interview with John Kerry and Benjamin Netanyahu. Both men gave talking points that were almost identical in both content and delivery. Uygur’s comment of “Who does John Kerry work for?” seems very appropriate.

The changing of world opinion is very wide in this case. While it is true that activists have been protesting the over-handed tactics of Israel in the Palestinian Territories for years, the recent flair-up in the conflict has exposed a huge gap between the establishment and popular opinion on this issue. The longer Israel stays in Gaza, the wider the gap will become.


  1. By the way- your logic is twisted. You are skewered in your thinking if you have the notion that being anti war-crime-Zionists somehow means being pro-Hamas. Example – before WW2 there were 2 significant Zionist factions focusing on Palestine as their target of a ‘Homeland’ – but the Betar Zionists were anti-Nazis while Kareski’s neocon Zionists were allied with the Nazis.

  2. Here’s an extremely important educational link.
    It shows the population demographs of Palestine before and just after WW2. Please know and share this absolute truth information. It is not arguable. Palestine was a majority Arab populated state up to just after WW2 when it was ‘acquired’ away from them.


    Up until Ottoman rule, the minority Jewish communities there coexisted with their majority Arab neighbours. But when the British took control of Palestine after WW1 they engaged in entertaining and playing against each other the incoming new Zionist leader meddlers and growing Arab nationalist factions. In the 1930s, the Zionists dramatically tipped the
    scales in its plot which was a deal between devils known as the Ha’avara Agreement of 1933 in which neoconservative Zionists from Germany allied themselves with the incoming Nazi party and the British wardens of Palestine to try and lure Germany’s 600k German Jews to migrate to Palestine. Most Jews around the world were not Zionists and therefore had no interest in the Zionist idea of a ‘Jewish Homeland’ which was also being explored for Africa and South America.

    The agreement thus saw little interest overall because barely 10% of Germany’s Jews signed up for the plan. Most German Jews resented the Zionists because not only did they derail a superb anti-Nazi effort through an international Jewish-led boycott against the Nazis, but the Zionists openly aligned themselves with the Nazis and Gestapo in oppressing and excluding German Jews from mainstream German social life! The Nazis loved their association with Georg Karenski who led the German neocon Zionists to the incredible extent of making a medal celebrating the momentary alliance;

    The alliance was temporary; although the Nazis and British started establishing a Zionist economic base in Palestine and a significant influx of Zionist coerced Jews, Arab nationalist revolts in response soon led Britain to halt Jewish migration to Palestine by 1940. For the Zionists of Kareski, the Nazis lost patience with the Zionist promise they could push all of Germany’s Jews to migrate to Palestine by 1940 – most German-Jews regarded themselves as Germans and had no interest in Zionism. 100,000 German Jews fought for Germany in WW1. At this point the Nazis called off their alliance with the Zionists by the late 1930s, and then began outright overt Nazi aggression against German Jews.

    At the same time a radical anti-Nazi/anti communist right wing movement of Zionists based in Eastern Europe started migrating to Palestine too and were militantly establishing their power base there by time WW2 was underway. This group would actually end up producing Israel’s future ‘creators’ and leaders. From this group also came the infamous Zionist terrorist group ‘The Stern Gang’ which was vehemently anti-British; they carried out assassinations and indiscriminate terrorist bombings- the most well known being the King David hotel catastrophe. Eventually Britain conceded to the growing Zionist terrorist activity against which they were brutally responding. The cache of arms Zionists obtained clandestinely from Jewish-units attached to the British forces during WW2 came into play after the British exited Palestine. It was then up for grabs. And the whole world would change after that…..

  3. Thousands of people in Israel are alive because we use the technology to protect yourself. Compare it to this, a criminal shoots a cop and in self-defense the cop shoots the criminal. The cop had a bullet proof vest and is fine yet the criminal is killed because he didn’t. Does that mean the cop is at fault because he killed someone in self defense becasue he was better pretected? The exact same thing is happening here. Hamas was attempting to kill thousands, women, children, anyone. But they didn’t because Israel protected their people and care about them. Hamas killed their own people and are hiding their weapons with their own children and women, putting them in danger. War ends in unwanted dead but it stops the greater threat of terrorism. I don’t know how that is false logic.

    • You are using the false logic that because I disagree with Israeli tactics and the right-wing government of Israel that by definition means I support Hamas. Far from it. Keep in mind why Hamas has support in the first place. Occupation and blockade for decades creates violent situations. Hamas will launch thousands of rockets and kill one person, while Israel will drop precision bombs and kill hundreds.

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