Recent events show that the NRA no longer represents responsible gun owners. Let's see what NRA really means.


NRA tweet
The NRA tweeted this after a child killed a shooting instructor.

Kudos to the NRA. In a week of horrible news, including Ferguson, ISIS, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the National Rifle Association took top honors for disgustingness with but a single tweet, encouraging children to come to the gun range. No small feat, taking the top horror honor these days.

It was a staggeringly tone deaf statement from an organization that has become more and more unmoored from the life of every day people. You have heard about the shooting death of the gun range employee by now, killed by a child with an UZI. A child who never should have held such a weapon.

You need to be trained and educated in firearms to handle an UZI. The recoil and barrel rise are such that an untrained adult would be at risk firing one. You simply cannot expect a child to handle this. That is not a responsible decision, and neither is encouraging parents to bring the kiddies out shooting after a little girl has perforated a careless adult to death. NRA should now mean Not Responsible Anymore.

But why stop there? If the NRA no longer represents responsible gun owners, then what do they actually stand for? Let’s see what NRA really means.

Bill Day, cartoonist
Courtesy of Bill Day

NRA = Nutcases Ranting Absurdities

After the Sandy Hook tragedy, Wayne LaPierre was charged to get in front of the negative backlash his organization was facing. As is their wont, the NRA was silent for a week or so after yet another shooting massacre. And so, less than a month before the NRA released their own first person shooter game, LaPierre blamed the Newtown shootings on video games.

NRA = No Reality Allowed

It’s the policy of the NRA to misdirect attention from America’s gun violence issues away from guns. Therefore they grasp at any straws to do so. That’s why John R. Lott is so important to them. Lott wrote a book called “More Guns, Less Crime” that purports to prove that more guns will solve gun violence. The only issue being that Lott’s research, upon which the book and the subsequent talking points were based on, was proven to be fraudulent over ten years ago.

But Lott’s message is one the NRA likes. So America has been playing it Lott’s way for over a decade now. The results speak for themselves. Aurora. Beltway Snipers. Fort Hood, twice. Sandy Hook. The list goes on and on. More guns hasn’t lessened gun violence at all. Lott is a fraud, and needs to be exposed nationally for this. Instead a fantasy is forced on us all.

NRA = Not Reasonable, Actually

Besides advocating guns in the hands of children who cannot possibly handle them, the NRA has also said that blind people should be armed. Let’s say that again, the NRA wants blind people to have guns. They have also forwarded that teachers should be carrying guns, as they don’t have enough pressure on them. They think domestic abusers should be able to own guns, even though many shooting deaths are the result of domestic disputes. They have advocated mandatory firearms training for children as well, and we have seen how tragically that scenario plays out.

NRA = Now Redefining Anti-feminism

This is a Canadian cartoon. It’s how they see America.

Recently the NRA has made sexist attacks on Moms Demand Action for Gunsense in America. This isn’t new, but their latest diatribe boils down to how founder Shannon Watts should worry more about cooking and cleaning. Because she does not fit their June Cleaver stereotype, they forward that she is not a “real mom.” In short, they told her to to shut up and get back in the kitchen. This originated #MomsNotMaids on Twitter.

NRA = Neo-Racist Assholes

How about Ferguson? Civil unrest has reigned for two weeks in reaction to the death of Michael Brown. The eyes of not only the country but the world have been brought to bear on the oppression of ethnic Americans in Missouri, and the prevalence of a police state. Officers were repeatedly photographed pointing rifles at unarmed black citizens. Not a word from the NRA on such irresponsibility.

Wait for it…

The KKK is raising money to support Michael Brown’s killer. Not a word from the NRA. Open Carry groups want to walk through black neighborhoods against residents’ wishes. Not a word from the NRA. Could it have something to do with how the Second Amendment, which they adhere to their interpretation thereof so zealously, was ratified to preserve slavery?

NRA = Not Really American

Think of how you want the USA and Americans defined. Are we cowardly and paranoid, or brave enough to move ourselves forward? Are we stuck in the past or do we strive towards the future? Can we overcome the posturing of a minority of our population, or do we bow down to those making up for the lack of volume in their numbers by increasing the volume of their voices?

Tyler_babyDo we stand with or against those who make excuses for killers of children? Is America to be the next home of child soldiers? Do we believe that non-white Americans should be shot to death at the rate it is happening now? For playing loud music? For wearing a baseball cap sideways?

Do we let an organization pay off our elected leaders and malign women like it’s the 18th century? Do we allow gun extremists, now far removed from firearms safety, to dictate how we live and die in our streets? And for what? So a select few can get richer from gun sales? You don’t really believe your children’s lives are less important than making rich men richer do you?

Do you define your nationality by a loaded semi-automatic rifle on your back in a grocery store while wearing your baby as a human shield?

A true patriot works with their country’s government, and doesn’t plot against it. Democracy does not mean that you throw tantrums and try to intimidate people with your weapons to get your way. Yet these are the types of people the NRA supports.

If you don’t feel free unless you own a gun, that is not truly liberty.

When you put your mind to it, even a little bit, you will find far more appropriate acronyms for the NRA. Once you start, they just keep coming. Nonsense Rhetoric Agenda. Not Representing Accuracy. Never Rationally Aware. And so on and so on.

So go to it. Come up with as many as you can. Make T-Shirts. Take my ideas and make money from them. Show the NRA you aren’t afraid of them. All they have is bluster and threats, and their time is almost up.

Because we are Not Relenting Anytime, ever, against the gun lobbies.

Chad R. MacDonald has a degree in English literature from Cape Breton University and subsequently received a full scholarship to AMDA in New York City. He is a former security professional, veteran of the hospitality industry, and experienced in both the arts as well as administration.He has been writing all his life, likes baseball, hockey, literature, science, the arts, and marine photography.Chad lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son and their gigantic cat.


  1. Only a fool would think a 9 year old needs to know how to shoot an uzi. Only a fool would think a 9 year old needs to know anything about guns.

  2. Not a Rifle Association. A PAC owned and operated by the gun and ammo manufacturers to increase sales and profits by scaring the hell out of their “members”. It may have been a gun club, but the members sold out and lost control of it.

  3. What about common sense? I learned to shoot, around 9 years old, with a single shot 22. I had to go thru dry firing drill, without a bullet, multiple times, until I could do it right every time. I was trained by two retired military officers. I was also a Boy Scout and took the training and earned a merit badge. I was also in the military. I believe everyone should be formally trained in firearm use as a citizen, to graduate from High School. That said, why would any sane parent allow their 9 year old child to fire an Uzi, or any other automatic weapon? And why would any sane country allow anyone to own or operate a firearm, without first establishing both their Sanity and Proficiency? The resistance of the NRA to even common sense gun regulation is what always turns the debate into an either/or scenario. I will not give up my guns, but neither will I stand by idly by .while idiots parade around family restaurants and stores with rifles strapped to their backs.

    • to establish a formal type of verification that people are able to use a gun properly there would have to be some kind of actual trust that the government would not abuse that power. however our government has proven over the last several decades and even the last century that they will abuse and over use any amount of power the people will “tolerate” being put into law. So i really don’t care how many people are hurt or injured because i really do not trust our government to do the right thing. And if people want to carry their guns with them everywhere they go i say have at it.

      • wow, “So i really don’t care how many people are hurt or injured”, What then is your definition of civilized society if you don’t trust your government and you don’t care whether your fellow citizens are hurt?

        • as a general rule i do care if people are hurt however, the number of people hurt or lack thereof is not a qualifier for if people should have guns or not. And i you should be able to trust your government but these days an actual trustworthy government is hard to find.

    • Speaking of common sense let us not overlook the fact that over eighty million U.S. gun owners killed no one yesterday.

  4. The second amendment was created for the sole purpose that any person has the right to protect their family and property from the government or anyone who threatens to cause harm to them. The fact that you idiots are trying to link the NRA with Russia is beyond idiotic. Also it is every persons right to learn how to shoot a gun. How is learning to shoot any way related learning to kill? Have you ever had to shoot someone or wanted to? It takes a lot of guts to even think about pulling the trigger on someone else. By saying that white cops were pointing rifles at unarmed protestors in ferguson is outrageous. First off they had non lethal ammunition in their weapons and secondly I would love to see one of you retarded libtards put on a uniform and try to confront a raging mob without a gun. Those officers were protecting them selves from attack and no not one of them pulled the trigger. You all think that because someone has a gun they are murders and evil. Of did I mention that a lot of black officers were in ferguson as well also pointing guns at rioters and also dressed in the same riot gear as the white cops? Or are they above the evil white label cause they are black? Now chew on this for a while. You are all so obsessed with taking our guns away that you don’t confront a bigger more dangerous killer than people with guns. How about you ban alcohol? More people have died per year from drunk drivers including entire families and more kids and teens than guns have in the last two decades. Now what is really killing people in this country huh? But your not going to ban alcohol cause the lot of you drink and line to party so shut the fuck up and let American law abiding citiEns have the right to protect themselves.

    • There wasn’t any link made between the NRA and Russia. Your Ferguson statements are blatant bullshit, and the rest of your argument relies on the same tired talking points that get dragged into every debate on the issue.

      The only conclusion to be drawn here, is that it is you, sir, who should shut the fuck up.

    • First of all, I always cringe a little bit when I hear NRA rhetoric repeated. It just seems that the culprit has no brain of his own. But, there you are, Matt, spewing their messages, as silly and thoughtless as they are. Oh well, to be expected with the likes of gun lovers. . .

      Many of the things you stated were simply your opinion, and oh, how many times, have I heard bad opinions from people who LOVE their guns. Sigh. Yawn. Now I’ve grown tired . . .

  5. Except he is correct about the fact the second amendment exists only to help slave owners. Read up on your American history sometime.

    • um yea, i am familiar with that particular “theory” and i am calling bullshit. maybe you should read the Federalist papers some time. and that you add the descriptive “only” is proof of your utter ignorance.

      • +1 to that! First up, not all Citizens were slave owners. Hell most of the people who fought for the Confederacy in the civil war didn’t own slaves. Yep, pretty ignorant there.

        You are right that slaves did not have 2nd Amendment rights at the time of the drafting of the Bill of Rights, but that was simply because they were not “Persons” under the eyes of the law.

        You can argue about this all you want, but if you read the Constitution there is the 14th Amendment that notes that ALL people born in the US are citizens, and therefor all rights apply to them, including the right to keep and bear arms.

        • Oh sure sure sure, so not ALL citizens were slave owners, so that’s okay then.

          Whenever someone points to the Constitution as written, I know they’re just cherry pickers.

          The Founding Fathers did not allow women to vote. Some of them kept slaves. They would be flabbergasted at a black man in the White House.

          Saying that a line guaranteed everyone had the right to be armed doesn’t mean anything if they actually didn’t, so that point is moot.

          The Founding Fathers were smart enough to realize that the world would evolve and change, and allowed room for the Constitution to grow with the planet.

          There’s just a whole bunch of idiots looking to hold everyone else back from advancement simply because they don’t want to.

          They always end up on the wrong end of history, just like the NRA and it’s supporters will.

          Hell, the KKK were once heroes in this nation too, until the rest of us got wise. This is just the next thing.

          • Sorry to inform you but for the majority of human history the rabble were not allowed to have weapons. you are the one taking us backwards where we are ruled by the aristocracy who decides who can have weapons and who can’t. But all in the name of public good of course. After all they need to make sure the rabble feel safe even if they aren’t free.

            And you don’t have to support the NRA to support gun rights.

          • Hence why Blacks and Native Americas and women are now listed in the constitution as full citizens with full rights. Hence why women now have the right to vote.

            You want to talk cherry picking, why did all these enlightened people amend the Constitution to correct these errors, but somehow seemed to think people have the right to bear arms still.

            I love how you compare the NRA to the KKK, a group set to REMOVE people’s rights, while the NRA is around to RESTORE them.

            The KKK was for disarming the blacks and people who didn’t worship the way they did, and you’re standing for that as well.

          • The KKK and southern democrats were the first to introduce gun control in this country with their “Negro Codes” after the passing of the 14th. The NRA actually supported freed slaves being able to “keep and bear arms” back then. In essence, the NRA is the oldest civil rights organization in the United States.

  6. First off this guy was a real training instructor, plain and simple he was supposed to stand to the right of the kid and hold is hand on top of the shooters hand…gun training 101 when handling full auto…

  7. “Could it have something to do with how the Second Amendment, which they adhere to their interpretation thereof so zealously, was ratified to preserve slavery?”

    That is the greatest bit of absurdity i have ever heard come out of a gun control nut jobs mouth. good job.

    “Can we overcome the posturing of a minority of our population, or do we bow down to those making up for the lack of volume in their numbers by increasing the volume of their voices?”

    Funny, i was going to say the same thing.

      • The gun lobbies are a non-issue as far as i am concerned. What they do or do not do makes no difference to me.That you somehow think that loving your children and wanting to have guns to protect yourself and them are separate interests is foolish.

        As i said before i was trained to use firearms since i was almost half as old as the kid who shot the instructor and i know for a fact that has made me a more capable person. That you can somehow equate someone who did not take certain things into account and cost him his life with teaching kids how to use fire arms period as a bad thing is foolish.

        though i must say i find one of you latter statements to be most truthful “If you don’t feel free unless you own a gun, that is not truly liberty.” i could have not said it better myself. though i might add “if you have to question if you will be allowed to have a gun or not that is not true liberty”

  8. 300 Million guns in private hands…Militarized Police. ..Somethin’ Goin’ On.. and I doubt that it’s gonna End Well

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