ISIS is just one more excuse for conservatives to attack Obama

Obama Derangement SyndromeThis is merely a brief message I have to all conservatives caught within the spirals of Obama Derangement Syndrome: Irony, have you heard of it? I might try and explain irony to you, but I’m afraid you might try and kill it.

I will be the first to admit that the Obama Administration does not always have the most coherent foreign policy. Quite a number of this administration’s actions are not policies I would consider wise. However, what has become classified now as “Obama Derangement Syndrome”, plays itself out best when it comes to foreign policy.

I bring this up now especially when it comes to the situation at hand with ISIS, and the right-wing’s focus on this group. Granted, yes, ISIS is a rather menacing organization. While they are responsible for many atrocities in both Iraq and Syria, the way in which they are portrayed by the right-wing media is rather trumped up. It serves as another useful aggregate symptom of ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome).

While ISIS is a terrible group and should be curtailed in measured responses, the way Fox describes the situation is as if they pose an imminent threat. Far from imminent, in fact ISIS had no real inclinations towards the United States (that was until we started bombing them). ISIS is presented by conservatives as an imminent threat towards US security, even though the group does not yet have such reach, nor any stated goals of attacking American targets.

Obama is painted as weak and lacking a strategy against ISIS, even though Obama has been doing everything short of a second ground invasion to combat ISIS forces in Iraq. Keep in mind, ISIS is a byproduct of the Civil War in Syria and was only able to gain the ground it did in Iraq due to the weak and fractured post-Saddam state that exists in Iraq.

It is clear, now more than ever that ISIS is just being used (like all other situations) to attack Obama for the sake of attacking him. The same clowns who supported the invasion of Iraq in 2003, are those now blaming Obama for the rise of ISIS and the reason Iraq is the way it is. There is no rationalizing with the insane at this point.

The Fox clan have nevertheless used the situation (as with every other) to paint Obama as the reason Iraq is on fire and ISIS has the power it has. In every facet of policy the right-wing has decided to collectively ignore the ironies they generate. As I mentioned, irony might need to be explained to them.


  1. The lesser Great Satan in the Middle East is Saudi Arabia. America’s relationship to Saudi Arabia is that of the pusher to the addict, a vicious co-dependency as vile as any love-hate relationship known throughout history. Expect no beneficial inspired leadership or productive assistance from the likes of Saudi Arabia’s Jabba the Hutt..

  2. KKKarl Rove needs to STFU. He is the biggest coward of all. “He is not revealing his strategy.” What an asshole. Their Saint Raygun was the one who was screaming at President Carter that “we don’t tell the enemy what we are going to do.” This is their very own saint. I think the president is on the right path using diplomacy for Iran, and other Middle East countries. If the asshole cheney hadn’t lied us into the Iraq war, the region would be relatively stable. The first thing the asshole did was disband the Iraqi army which was a the wrong thing to do. Misstep on top of misstep, that’s the badge the neotards must wear. First the lies then more lies. Fuck’em all.

  3. Where are Saudi Arabia and some of the other wealthy nations in the Middle East in all of this rhetoric about ISIS? Quite rightly, the president doesn’t want to be seen as being in any way supportive of Syria who, 9 months ago, he was threatening to strike with bombs because of their human rights violations against the Syrian people – or Iran either with the history between the US and Iran. Let’s just face it the biggest critics of Barack Obama for anything he does is the Republicans who are drooling over the possibility of another sham Benghazi. The training and advising role of the US, the humanitarian drops, the weapons assistance should be all that the US does right now, given that they are also working behind the scenes on killing the ISIS leadership and the brains behind their movement. This president is NOT a war-monger, he is a thoughtful, intelligent, deliberative president who is mindful of and respects that Americans are war-weary, even in the face of a threat like ISIS who is no match for this strategic president. The war drums are not beating at the behest of the vast majority of Americans, nor of Democrats. As always it is Conservative Republicans who can’t see past the barrel of a gun or the turret of a tank and are salivating over the possibility of a good war – and that includes Britain’s Conservative PM, Cameron. They may as well go back into their holes because they are not going to get a war from this president unless there is a direct hit on US soil!!

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