Senator John McCain throws himself in front of every camera he can find. Even though he's continually wrong.

John McCainDidn’t catch who it was from, but a tweet made the rounds the other day saying the Sunday Shows were now going to be called Meet John McCain, Face the John McCain, John McCain News Sunday, State of the John McCain, and of course, John McCain’s NFL Sunday Football.

The Arizona Senator had just finished throwing himself in front of every television camera he could find, loudly denouncing President Obama’s strategy for dealing with ISIS. He got in a verbal sparring match with with Jay Carney, where he repeatedly stated Carney’s facts were false.

Let’s say that again; John McCain accused someone else of disseminating false information. John McCain said that. That takes brass ones.

ISIS, Iraq, Syria, the entire mess in the Middle East is something McCain is complicit in. It is no secret that he was one of the voices convincing Americans that invading Iraq was the right thing to do. We all know how that turned out. The invasion McCain endorsed laid the foundation for today’s turmoil.

When the Benghazi attack happened, the right wing leapt at the chance to use the tragedy for political gain. John McCain was no exception. Republicans spent twenty months pounding the Benghazi drum, aiding the terrorists in spreading fear and division amongst their targeted populace and sowing further seeds of distrust in the administration. Until the GOP was proved wrong, and they all promptly dropped it.

John McCainIt’s no wonder then, that McCain is having so much trouble fighting off persistent rumors that he had a hand in forming ISIS in the first place. When he travelled surreptitiously to Syria in 2013, McCain posed for pictures with many of the Syrian fighters. These images are currently making the rounds of the Internet, claiming that these men are now ISIS leaders.

No, it isn’t true. John McCain didn’t pose for pictures with America’s current enemy. But the story gained so much traction because it seems very plausible. McCain is now such a warmongering cartoon of a politician that people believed this story easily. He was a loud proponent of arming the Syrian fighters after all, and many of these men would go on to form ISIS.

But none of these drawbacks stop McCain from getting in front of cameras to moan about President Obama’s foreign policy choices. He has specifically focused on how there should have been residual military personnel left in Iraq. Apparently Senator McCain forgets how he trumpeted the withdrawal of those Americans as a victory for George W. Bush. How’s that for false facts, John?

John McCainSo what, exactly, upsets Senator McCain about Obama’s foreign policies? The President, until recently, heavily favored diplomacy over engaging in war. Especially in an area of the world that Americans barely comprehend. That makes McCain insanely angry. He loves war. Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran, remember?

McCain used his experience as a POW to sell himself as a war hero for political gain. But there were hundreds of other men who experienced the same hellish imprisonment that he did. That alone does not qualify a man for public service, and many of these men will tell you that themselves. Especially when John McCain seems so unwilling to learn from his past.

No matter how many times they see the futility of war, no matter how many lives are lost, and no matter how much money they squander, men like McCain never have and never will learn their lessons. They are the first to promote war, and now that Obama is as well, are the first to complain that war isn’t going to be fought how they want it to be fought.

Sadly, it’s always easier to sell war than it is to sell diplomacy. And when you have Fox News broadcasting your agenda 24/7, it’s even easier.

John McCainAnd so, John McCain crashes and burns repeatedly as he did with the planes he piloted in Vietnam, wounding and killing more of his comrades than the enemy. He was wrong about Iraq, wrong about Libya, and wrong about Syria. Yet he continues on regardless, bile erupting from him so regularly that he seems a walking and talking pit of seething fury, hardly human at all. No wonder he regularly advocates war, he knows no peace.

There is another reason why John McCain desperately wants so much camera time, to distance himself from his legacy; Sarah Palin. When Obama led him in the polls in 2008, and at a pivotal moment of his life, McCain chose as his Vice President an absolutely unqualified, inexperienced, and self-aggrandizing political actor.

In his desperation to become President, he put America at risk of being led by someone who was repeatedly proven to be terribly incompetent. John McCain will forever be remembered for unleashing Palin unto the world. It is a clear illustration of his selfishness and cowardice.

John McCain isn’t going anywhere. A man this desperate to be remembered for anything other than Sarah Palin will take great pains to speak to any and all subjects. And so he will continue to be as prevalent as ever. And just as wrong. And just as irrelevant. Change the channel.

Oh, and sign this petition asking the Sunday Shows to stop having McCain on so regularly.

“Senator Obama and I have had and argued our differences, and he has prevailed. No doubt many of those differences remain. These are difficult times for our country. And I pledge to him tonight to do all in my power to help him lead us through the many challenges we face.” ~ Senator John McCain, Concession Speech, 2008

Chad R. MacDonald has a degree in English literature from Cape Breton University and subsequently received a full scholarship to AMDA in New York City. He is a former security professional, veteran of the hospitality industry, and experienced in both the arts as well as administration.He has been writing all his life, likes baseball, hockey, literature, science, the arts, and marine photography.Chad lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son and their gigantic cat.


  1. Choosing Sarah Palin, setting up the possibilty of her being first in line to the nuclear “football” while he was an elderly cancer patient, (nelanoma)
    in order to insure the support of the conservative vote, in and of itself cemented his character.

  2. Update. ..Sen Mc Cain just testified in the Iraq Part ll Congressional Briefing that the Mexican Border needs some fixing. …most attendees didn’t feel his position fit into the dialogue very well…the discussion at that time was about Saudi training…He later tried to pin down the Military goal against Syrian Leader Assad… He’s proving to be his own worst enemy due to his inflexible views

  3. Let him stay in front of the camera. Let America see how big of a turd he really is and he won’t try for the presidency again. Now if we can only get these rich old senile snowbirds to stop giving him and Sheriff Joe Arpaio all that money!

  4. John McCain long ago abrogated, through his dirty illegalities in the Keating Savings & Loan Scandal, any claim to the status of “American Hero.”

    The Phoenix New Times, in 1989, went so far as to reference him as “the most reprehensible member of the Keating Five.” His modus operandi per re-claiming “legitimacy” was the same then as it is now—he relentlessly appeared on every national news show and begged to be interviewed by all the national newspapers in order to try and change the public perception of him as just another sleazy politician working deals behind-the-scenes for personal financial gain. It is telling that, as the New Times reported then, he made an appearance on one Sunday morning show and, when three fellow senators discovered he was to be part of the panel, they excused themselves from participating. Only John Glenn, himself implicated (though to a much lesser degree) in the scandal, would share the stage with him.

    Incredibly, if you read the details of his involvement in that scandal, the American people bought his act and this guy who should have done time behind prison bars—like his co-conspirators that he personally and publicly threw under the bus to save his own ass—was actually running for president in 2008.

    He proved himself undeserving and unworthy of that office when he chose Sarah Palin to be his running mate. That act of indifference to the country’s best interests not only suggested that McCain was undeserving and unworthy of the presidency, but that he might also be unhinged.

    His disgusting turn to the extreme right during his last primary battle with an equally unhinged Republican, J.D. Hayworth, was another indication that McCain, who longs to be seen as an elder statesman in American affairs, is nothing more than another political hack for whom moral expediency has become a way of life—indeed, something for which he has become known and infamous.

    His vitriolic, distorted, hypocritical and counter-factual attacks on the president per Iraq and the Middle East are the pathetic attempts of an old, bitter man to remain relevant. That he would engage in them while American boots are “on the ground” in a variety of ways even yet is a clear signal that John McCain is not about the United States of America. He’s about John McCain.

    As his record of “public service” indicates, that’s all he’s ever been about.

  5. Dickless Cheney is in the same category. He should be imprisoned in the Hague for war crimes, crimes against peace and crimes against humanity.

  6. It might be better to allow McSame to be broadcasting his out of touch rhetoric. ..The Country is divided to the extent that Fox News cultists are not gong to change their views because of how fervently their false gods pontificate against the Muslim Black Man who happens to be our President ..But saner people should be able to detect how hollow this Reject really is …especially if the Teabilly Palin Clan continues to self destruct….I thoroughly enjoy your writing and appreciate your effort and every one else who has the dedication and platform to create discussion of these very important political topics…thank you

      • John McCain: A bitter man and a sore loser. He rightfully lost the election to be President of this great country and need to come to terms with that. An old crank and a self- centered loser who, in desperation to become president, brought another loser called sarah Palin into the limelight of American presidential politics. Let him get lost.

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