Hillary Clinton is not the best potential 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, she's not even the best woman

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton recently surfaced in Iowa after a six year absence. Her “official” reason was to “support candidates.” However, news pundits went wild with speculation that she is kicking off her 2016 presidential run. Please, Hillary, don’t run.

If you believe what you hear, the 2016 Democratic nominee is a foregone conclusion. Any discussion about the 2016 race immediately turns to Hillary Clinton. Polls show her leading all potential democratic contenders and when stacked against any potential republican candidate she runs away with the race. She had the same numbers before Obama came on the scene in 2008. But is she the best candidate for president this time around?

Clinton certainly has a resume filled with the right qualifications. It could also be argued that Clinton is the most powerful woman in America right now. The Republican Party however has been preparing for her potential run before the ink was dry on the 2012 ballots. They are ready for her and are almost hoping she’ll run.

There are better choices for 2016, and just like Obama in 2008, it can be someone who is not an establishment Democrat. Just like Hillary, Elizabeth Warren also has an impressive set of credentials. She is a lawyer who has spent most of her career fighting for the rights of middle-class families. One of her foremost accomplishments is the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The Bureau was designed to protect consumers from greedy banks and their abusive lending policies that led to the collapse of the economy.

Warren, a bankruptcy expert, created the Bureau from scratch. She had come up with the idea for the Bureau in 2007 and in the aftermath of the worst financial crisis in recent memory she pitched her idea to President Obama in 2008. As she crisscrossed the nation promoting her plan something else took shape. She began to gain millions of supporters around the country. People warmed to her plain-English, no nonsense style.

Although she was a natural to become the first head of the newly created bureau, her efforts also had gained powerful enemies. Supported by big banks, Republicans came out in force against her and the Bureau. Threats by Republican members of Congress were backed by millions of dollars spent on fighting the Bureau’s very existence. In the end, Obama compromised and named someone else to head the Bureau. However, while most people would have faded quietly away, this was not the end of Warren.

Instead of accepting defeat and going back to her job as a Harvard law professor she went after her home state Senate seat then held by Republican Scott Brown. Despite dirty play by Brown she easily won the race. Her Senate race showed her to be a tough competitor who has the skills needed to run a successful campaign.

Although she has stated repeatedly “I am not running for President,” Warren appears to subtly be moving into position for a possible 2016 run. She has a new book out “Fighting Chance” which memorializes her struggle for the middle-class. Writing an autobiography has become something of a prerequisite for potential presidential candidates of late. She has maintained high approval ratings throughout her time in the Senate. By all accounts she appears to be safe bet to enter the race in 2016.

Elizabeth Warren & Hillary Clinton
Elizabeth Warren & Hillary Clinton

Warren could also run away with the nomination even if Clinton decides to run. Warren has built a favorable rating with the middle-class that is not shared by Clinton who is already attracting unwanted attention about her funding from large banks. Given the common knowledge that she is a champion of the middle-class, Warren would easily win this demographic.

Warren also lacks the political baggage that straddles Clinton. Hillary Clinton must fight the images of her adulterous husband and the impeachment trials that many voters retain. In addition, Republican Congressional members are doing their best to keep the Benghazi attack in the headlines. And it is something they will likely pin to Clinton as it occurred on her watch as Secretary of State.

Clinton invokes polarization on both sides of the isle. Should she jump into the race it could spell disaster for the Democrats. Especially if the Republicans take control of the Senate as they are expected to do in the mid-term elections. If Democrats hope to maintain control of the White House in 2016, Elizabeth Warren seems to be their best hope.



  1. 6 year absence? Hillary Clinton was our Secretary of State from 2009-2013… I wouldn’t particularly call that an absence.

  2. Warren has made it clear that she will not run for president. I pray that the democrats choose a candidate that can win. A republican president and congress WILL destroy this country. They’re doing a pretty good job already. I like Hillary okay, no one is perfect, but I am afraid that there is a significant percentage of biased Americans that would not vote for her because she is a woman, because she is a Clinton, because she is a Democrat, because she support gay rights, freedom of choice, etc. The problem with Democrat candidates is they run on planks that do not resonate with the majority of Americans. Abortion rights? What percentage of the country will vote for you because you support Abortion vs the percentage that will vote against you? Gay rights…same thing! Immigration, gun control, all good and noble causes, but they will not get you elected and in fact, will do just the opposite. We need a progressive candidate that fights for the economy, healthcare, jobs, and dump the rest!!!!

    • The reason that Clinton is not a good choice is her ties to Wall St and ignoring th e plight of Working Class and Middle Class Working Families …also warmongering. ..none of which helps the core of her electoral base…none of your stated biases matter in the modern everyman situation that is income inequality and scam education that charges exorbitant fees for worthless results ..Bill Clinton sent many jobs offshore and to Mexico and people will remember that at the polls

  3. At the moment she is the best we have. I wish it were not so because I think if she runs, we will end up with a Republican president.

    • Maybe “the best we can come up with,” and as a life-long Democrat I refuse to vote for her. My Democratic Party of the 60s is but a shadow of its former self. No guts, no heart, no backbone, no values, constantly voting for war.

    • If by some nightmare, the Republicans do take the Senate and have a majority in the House as well, we would HAVE to have a Democratic President! If all three of these positions become Republican, Americans can say goodbye to healthcare (the ACA), Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

    • I like a lot of things about Elizabeth Warren, but she has the same approach to Israel as the rest of the Congress – voting in support of that state in the middle of its bloody assault upon Gaza. We give massive amounts of military aid to Israel. We need to STOP enabling death, destruction and occupation. Unfortunately, our elected leaders pay no attention to voices against war.

  4. You are absolutely correct Wendy Cooper. Democrats pontificate about Bill in the same way as Republicans worship Reagan. Hillary had her shot, and blew it. But, she will run, and those of us who view voting as an exercise in electing the lesser of two evils, would rather have her at the helm than anyone the Republicans might offer. However, the Hillary of yesteryear is not the Hillary of late. I’m reminded of the ancient admonition, “Be careful what you wish for.”

  5. I so wish that a Champion of Working and Middle Class Families as Presidential Candidate would appear to challenge the Wall St Darling and Warmonger Hillary. .. who seems to be heir apparent of the Dem Party in 2016….Unfortunately the cult following of Educated Female Hillary Supporters is insurmountable. …there is a groundswell of unrequited acceptance built up over a number years that will not be denied….Oligarchy seems to be the only course left in the USA following the 2016 election with either Hillary or Romney as the eventual Victor. Your article is truthful and informative. ..I just don’t see mass rebellion of her Base if she decides to run

  6. Getting to the basics, HRC has a great relationship (along with her husband) with Wall Street, and she will get substantial “support” from them. On the other hand, Ms. Warren has been a huge thorn in the side of Wall Street, and they would pull out all the stops to fund anyone who was running against her, even if it were Stalin. I would rather have Sen. Warren in the Senate, where she continues to make life difficult for the big banks and Wall Street.

  7. Hillary is the ONE and ONLY! She has the best support,, the country and her family with the best President that USA has had in modern history- Bill Clinton. . She stands on her own and has the experience that is unequaled to none. She is the best for USA= President Hillary Clinton!

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