If you define wealth as more than just money, you’ll find republicans don’t care much for it

WealthI’m sure some of you might be a little befuddled when I say most Republicans don’t care about wealth. No doubt some people are saying to themselves that it’s all they think about, they pray to it, they worship it. The almighty dollar. These people are confusing wealth with money.

Wealth doesn’t just mean money or riches or the amount of crap you have in your house. While wealth can be an abstract term like love or beauty, it also means prosperity. The wealthy prosper to be sure, but you don’t have to be rich.

The best way to define someone’s wealth is by determining what he or she leaves behind for future generations. It could be a house or money, it could be a healthy environment, it could be having no genetic predisposition to cancer. In truth it’s all those things together.

You see, Republicans (and a large portion of Americans unfortunately) care about accumulating riches. They believe vast sums of money will support them and theirs for generations to come. That might be true, but it isn’t what I call wealth.

Take the extremely rich and greedy Koch Brothers for example. The $80 billion siblings have most Republicans in their back pocket. The Kochs need their puppets to deregulate federal laws that would allow the brothers to pollute as much as they want, thereby making even more insane amounts of money. As if they need it.

The point is, for all we know these parasites will leave behind hundreds of billions of dollars for their offspring to enjoy when they’re gone. On and on down the family tree it will flow, while at the same time, a legacy of waste and pollution will also come cascading down until the planet is barely livable.

So these oil tycoons aren’t really passing down prosperity to their children and their children’s children, they are leaving behind the prospect of a dead planet to go with their dead kids (not to mention the rest of us.) That is not wealth.

When put it into a larger context, say a country instead of an individual, the Republican disdain for wealth becomes abundantly clear. Under extended conservative leadership, it wouldn’t surprise me if the United States continued to retain the title of richest nation on earth.

In the last thirty years or so, America has become richer, but has it gotten wealthier? Income inequality is at levels not seen since before the Great Depression, education is going downhill, healthcare is more expensive if you can even get it, and the environment has gone from a problem to an emergency.

As you can see, unregulated capitalism, the Republican raison d’etre, makes some people an awful lot of money, but it takes away from a country’s wealth. You can’t have wealth without prosperity.

I’m not rich, I’m barely middle-class, but I still consider myself wealthy. I have a nice home, a beautiful wife to be and I consider my greatest source of wealth to be my friends. What I’m trying to leave behind is a better place to live, a better country, a better environment. All things conservatives are trying to prevent me from doing.


  1. You must be projecting again just like Limpballs. Today he was blaming Democrats for being hateful when he and his ilk are the hateful ones in the room because we have a “angry black man” in the White House. What load of horse dung. mcconell and his gang gathered the night the president was being inaugurated and swore that they would not let ANYTHING the President proposed pass the Senate. The rest of the neotard from Congress were most likely including Mr. Boner. Then we have hannity whining daily about how our president is stupid. So don’t twist our our words. You will be dealt with in November.

  2. Your statement is hard to understand. I’m guessing that was the purpose, to confuse. Let’s unscramble your statement. You are referring to the last paragraph of this article in which the author states “What I’m trying to leave behind is a better place to live, a better country, a better environment. All things conservatives are trying to prevent me from doing.” and your attempt to make the reader believe that the author wants others to “live the way you think they should” never was mentioned in the above article. He did state that the Koch brothers want to “deregulate federal laws that would allow the brothers to pollute as much as they want…” which will, in fact, destroy our shared environment so that they can become even richer. The author is not trying to force others to live the way “[he] think(s) they should” but the rich conservatives by buying votes of the conservative politicians have, in fact, forced the rest of the population to live the way they believe we should…..in an environment that will eventually be unfit to maintain life.

    All too often supporters of the far right conservatives use an old tactic to confuse the facts (think of it as something akin to when a child taunts “I know you are, but what am I?”) by stating that liberals are doing what they, themselves, are guilty of.

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