While defending corporal punishment, Sean Hannity actually shows us why it doesn't work

In America today, you can get arrested for beating a dog, you can get arrested for beating your wife, but for some reason there are people out there who still think it’s OK to beat your kids. The act is defined as corporal punishment and Fox News’ Sean Hannity is one such individual who thinks it’s just fine.

Hannity recently came to the defense of Adrian Peterson, the Minnesota Vikings running back who thrashed his four year old son with a tree branch and belt. He left open wounds from lacerations on the kid’s thighs, bruises on the lower back and buttocks and defensive cuts on the hands. Far cry from a spanking.

While demonstrating how he was beaten as a child, Hannity told his guests “I got hit with a strap, bam, bam, bam, and I’ve never been to a shrink, by my father.” He later said “my father punched me in the face when I talked back to him once, and I deserved it.”

Sean Hannity was suggesting that in spite of his father’s abuse, he turned out to be a normal guy without the mental anguish that can come from being abused as a child. While that may be true, he probably should have seen a psychiatrist years ago.

A study by the American Psychological Association shows that parents who use corporal punishment have kids who are more likely to engage in fighting, bullying, and the victimization of others. The study also suggests that parental disapproval of the use of violence was associated with more pro-social attitudes.

If you’ve never seen Sean Hannity in action on his show, I can tell you he demonstrates quite regularly the traits associated with child abuse, particularly the bullying. He is constantly fighting with his more enlightened guests, he shouts over them regularly in mid-sentence, and if that doesn’t work, he cuts their mics if they disagree with him or they don’t say what he wants them to say. He can be best described as the Fox News Bully.

Hannity is a shining example of why corporal punishment doesn’t work and he demonstrates why on a nightly basis on his show without realizing it. In fact, I would say that Sean Hannity unknowingly gave the perfect argument against corporal punishment while trying to defend it.


  1. It all fits together for me. We see these bullies every day. Like the “man” who punched his 6 year old son in the face and told him to go out and get his own food. When I was a kid in San Francisco we had a neighbor kid who was a bully to the point where I had to defend myself and beat him in a fight. We see these bullies in every walk of life. It’s disgusting.

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