The media tends to focus on the wrong issues when complaining about President Obama

Criticizing ObamaCriticism of politicians is fine, as long as it is for the right reasons. Debate as to why Americans hate their political leaders tends to split into irrational conjectures that confuse the real issues at hand. Nowhere is this more present than with Criticizing Obama.

Barack Obama can be criticized for many things, even the best presidents have their flaws and weaknesses. I have certainly been critical of his presidency in the past, and find myself continually doing so. However, I unfortunately criticize Obama’s presidency for reasons that other Americans find irrelevant.

In the news cycle now, Obama’s low approval ratings are being summed up a myriad of issues, some legitimate, and some rather silly. Through it all, I’m constantly asking why so much criticism of Obama’s presidency is for ridiculous reasons.

Obama ran on change and changed very little. He doubled down on the Bush Doctrine of foreign and domestic policy. He’s making issues worse in the Middle East. Obama also reinforced the bankster dominated corporatocracy in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. There are legitimate reasons to have reservations about Obama. But instead I hear the media criticizing him about Ebola. Why hasn’t Obama nuked Ebola already?

These types of  criticism are so frequent that it almost seems surreal. New ones generate every day, and some even feed off of each other. Obviously the right-wing noise machine is partly to blame for this insanity, but a layer of commonality exists where these sorts of issues are considered relevant by average Americans.

Often this muddies the water of Obama critics who genuinely feel Obama’s promises have not lived up to word alone. People who still cry about Benghazi are given equal platforms to people who are concerned with Obama’s policies in regards to NSA spying. In this cases, when you ask a smart question, you always get a stupid answer.

What are legitimate reasons for criticizing Obama and his Administration? This video by Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks helps break things down a little better.


  1. From the very first day of the Obama Presidency the GOP Masterplan was to portray this Man as not Capable of running the Country…Without support of Conservative politicians and after the 2010 Teabilly wins of House GOP Representatitives the chances of reform in Banking and Creation of decent jobs were doomed…Most voters re elected Obama hoping that GOP actually cared enough our Nation to close ranks with the Senate and get some issues resolved…the Media profits by crisis and Fear is a means to keep people interested…Ebola is just the latest theme. .following ISIS…and before that children from Central America. ..and before that…

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