On this election day, don't let the media make your decision on whether or not to vote

Get out and VoteIf you’ve been following the lead up to the 2014 Midterm Elections at all, our corporate media probably has you thinking that the election ended a few weeks ago. Poll after poll states that Republicans are set to make significant gains across the country and their leads are widening.

Just yesterday the Huffington Post, the go to website for many liberals, had headlines such as “Republicans Rise!” “GOP Poised To Expand House Majority” and “Odds of GOP Senate Takeover Grow.” As a liberal or progressive, don’t those headlines make you want to get out and vote? I didn’t think so.

Many of us I’m sure feel helpless in a system flooded with corporate money on both sides, we feel dejected by Republican obstructionism and voter suppression, endless idiotic political ads on television and a media that predicts elections while discouraging voters in the process.

It must be easy to be apathetic towards politicians these days and who can blame you. But you know what? None of this is an excuse to stay home today. Every progressive or liberal that chooses the couch over the voting booth today is essential shooting themselves and their brethren in the foot.

As Chuck D famously said, “don’t believe the hype.” Polls are rarely accurate. How can polls be accurate when 60% of would be voters don’t show up to exercise their democratic right during midterm elections? All it takes is enough people on our side to get out and vote and every pre-election poll will be laughed at.

You can’t believe the hype. How many stories have you heard through our corporate media about Barack Obama’s approval rating taking a nose dive? So much so that democratic candidates have been keeping their distance despite his accomplishments. Guess what? It’s bologna.

On November 4th 2013, exactly a year ago, 42.8% of Americans approved of his job as President. Today his approval rating stands at 42.4%. Less than half a percentage point over the course of the year which saw no significant spikes. George W. Bush could only dream of a nose dive that insignificant.

Even if you choose to ignore what I’ve said thus far, consider John Oliver’s amazing point the other night. Media coverage of the election has concentrated on the least productive Congress in history. Laws are not getting passed.

However, State Legislators across the country are busy passing pro-gun laws, anti-immigration laws and a vast amount of anti-abortion laws just to name a few. How would you feel if your State became the next Kansas and you had done nothing to prevent it?

Set aside the media’s predictions about the Senate. Whether you’re a progressive living in New York or Texas, get out and vote primarily for your State’s future. It always starts closer to home. And while you’re there, you might as well place a vote for senator.

“Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.” – George Jean Nathan


  1. Another thing to consider about the polls is that they are mostly done by phone, and usually just to land lines.
    Guess which demographic still uses a land line?

  2. Great Pep Talk …Kochs and Their Ilk have tentacles in Every part of Politics. . Including the Propaganda Machine that is Corporate Media.. All this Campaign Money is just being passed around from friend to friend…Keep moving forward…2016 is just around the corner. .. and dirty tricks will abound. ..keep up the Good Fight

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