Jon Stewart's flippant attitude towards voting has turned a longtime fan against him

Jon-Stewart_052_bw_rDear Jon Stewart,

Let me begin by saying that I have been a fan of yours since your take on The Daily Show debuted in 1999. I have recorded episodes if I couldn’t watch them and I’ve even enjoyed reruns. I will also be seeing your film, Rosewater, as soon as it comes to a theater near me.

That being said, being the mother of three millennials, who I brought to the voting booth before and after they were 18, I have to say I take voting very seriously. I remember holding my oldest on my hip while in a voting booth. My sons often came into the booth with me and watched me punch the ballot.

These days I badger them to register and nag them to remember to go vote. I turned them on to your show so they would learn about the politics within our democracy and it succeeded. I forced them to watch every State of the Union address and other important speeches by the President.

I also love Christiane Amanpour. She is a superb journalist from Iran, where you shot your film about an Iranian journalist after the 2009 elections. She risked her life getting interviews with dangerous dictators in the height of riots, protests, and wars. When she interviews someone, she narrows in on the questions and gets them to answer with the finesse of a Russian ballerina.

Long before you had your show, Christiane was working for CNN. She covered the Iran-Iraq war, the fall of European communism, the Persian Gulf War, Palestinian territories, Somalia, Rwanda, Israel, Afghanistan, and was on the battlefield in 1993 in Bosnia. I stayed up for two nights following her blog during the Egyptian Revolution.

She landed interviews with Moammar Gadhafi and his two sons, as well as Mahmoud AhmadinejadMohammad KhatamiPervez MusharrafConstantine II of GreeceJacques Chirac, and Tony Blair to name just a few. She has been given the Peabody Award as well as 25 other awards throughout her career. She is on several boards of prominent journalist organizations.

I know you constantly have awesome guests on your show, but you never risked your life interviewing any of them. I do congratulate you on your Emmy Awards.

On election day morning, I was watching CNN and there was a teaser that you were going to be in their studio and interviewed by Christiane. I was so excited! I left the television on expecting an awesome interview, but something went horribly wrong.

As soon as you were done talking and plugging your film, Christiane asked if you had voted and what your prediction was for the outcome. When I heard your flippant response saying that you weren’t voting and that the GOP was going to win everything, I had the same look on my face as Christiane. She abruptly ended the interview, saying, “So this is all just a joke, right?”

I must say, you were the worst interviewee she has ever had and I doubt she’ll ever interview you again. I was ashamed for you. If she was going to interview me, I would not have squandered it. She handled herself very well for someone who has spent her entire life as a champion of democracy.

Your predictions about losing the Senate were correct. Congratulations. You have an audience of millions of all ages, especially millennials. You have a platform that is respected nationwide, if not worldwide, and not once did you encourage anyone to vote in the weeks preceding the election.

I am aware that you’re first and foremost a comedian, but your timing was lousy to say the least. Countless millennials like my sons look up to you for their political news and inspiration. When someone in your shoes, jokingly or not, suggests that you didn’t vote, it sets an awfully bad example.

I was looking forward to watching your show election night and I did. I saw your apology after the election, but it was too little too late. You are a great satirist, but when I saw an article on Blue Nation Review saying that “Jon Stewart is the only place you can go after Tuesday nights election…”  I disagreed wholeheartedly.

You are no longer the face I want to see for political satire. I can watch Stephen Colbert (while he’s still on), John Oliver, Bill Maher, and Colbert’s replacement, Larry Whitmore, when he starts. So remember you’re not the only funny guy out there. When Stephen Colbert leaves after December 18, I may just have my television on CBS instead of Comedy Central.

Maybe in time I’ll watch your show again. For now, I am sorely disappointed in you as only a mother could be. As I have taught my own sons, sorry doesn’t help, just think before you speak.

Hi everyone! I am a prior litigation paralegal and graduate of the UCLA paralegal program. My undergraduate studies were at University of Nevada, Las Vegas majoring in Sociology and minoring in Business. Adding law heightened my analytical skills of legal issues, social issues and I worked on several high profile class action cases against BMW; Microsoft; General Motors; 24 Hour Fitness; Airborne vitamin supplement and several other class action cases that were litigated U.S. Federal Courts. I love writing about political and consumer protection issues and proud to be a contributor for


  1. This article is ridiculous. Jon Stewart has stood up for progressives and their issues for over a decade and you all of a sudden dislike him because of one comment. I understood what he was saying, understood it was flip. I feel the same way, I pushed hard on my facebook to encourage people to vote, but knew Democrats would be too lazy to do it. Now we all pay the price. I think Stewart is disgusted with where the Democratic Party is right now and how they do not have the balls to stand up for what they believe in. They run from Obama just like Gore ran from Clinton and lost to Bush Jr., destroying this country. Obama has done great things for this country in the past 6 years, and and if Democrats can’t even use his successes at election time they are FOOLS.

    • There is nothing in this video that says he should not have apologized. I think that she is trying to show an even wider audience that he apologized.

  2. Michelle you need to get off your high horse. Most of what he said was factual. Maybe more focus should be on how to get more people to vote

    • One fan of his show writing him a letter is probably okay. I am, however, intrigued that a host of a show all about politics made no difference and more indifference. If you don’t vote, don’t bitch and all that stuff. Had he not been on CNN with Amanpour it would not be such a big problem for me. He should keep his snark to his own set. After all, his film is about an election!! Is he just a comedienne? No. He just shot an extremely serious film about an election. I am trying to point out the cognitive dissidence.

  3. I got it right away when he said…I just moved and didnt know where to go to vote. Of course that was an appropriate joke. If we need a comedian or commentator to motivate us to vote that is sad.

  4. Melissa Simmons, As a Mother of two millenials as well, I completely agree with you! I noticed this as well, and think being “flippant” about voting is egregious, knowing full well, how much power (for better or worse) Jon Stewart wields with our young people. What is happening in this country is very serious, and this is not the time to ” lighten up”. Ms. Amanpour is my heroine as well, and she did get the last word. I stand with you in this. Someone needs to take this seriously, or we are doomed to keep going two steps backwards every two years, getting nnowhere. Thank you! Sheree

  5. I hope that you are more considered and less reactionary in casting your vote than you are in casting judgment and writing people out of your life because they fail to meet the arbitrary standards that you’ve set for them. You don’t elect television personalities into office to represent you. That their views align with yours might give you the illusion of representation, but every single one of those comedians that you praise in contrast to Stewart will tell that they aren’t your champion, either. Try to understand what you’re projecting onto them; it will contextualize and mitigate your sense of betrayal and be a far better lesson for your sons.

    • Sorry. Whether or not a person is a comedian, to make light of the importance of voting is simply wrong. This is not an arbitrary standard. To fail to encourage voting is to fail to encourage what is best for the country at large, not just what is best for an individual. Without active engaged voters, the country will be managed by those with an agenda that is not necessarily in the best interests of the public, of democracy, or of a bright future for the USA. This isn’t about projection, it is about the importance of public figures promoting good citizenship.

      • I also believe voting is important, but I fundamentally disagree with the premise of this letter. Expecting the same standard of leadership from every public figure is deeply problematic. Differentiation between what we have a right to expect of elected officials and what we have a right to expect of celebrities and other non-elected public figures is crucial, and I would apply that to the left as well as to the right, when we lose elections as well as when we win them. I also have to wonder what this standard of measure is based on, when the argument is that we abruptly and completely write off a fifteen-year history of promoting awareness and good citizenship because of a single ill-timed joke. That is a ludicrous argument that reveals far more about the viewer’s flawed expectations than of that public figure’s failures.

        • Nobody is writing Jon Stewart off including me. That is why it’s just one letter from one fan. The defensiveness of him about this is just giving Stewart a “get out of jail free” card. He was on CNN with Amanpour. Not his own set. One fan calling him out. Clearly he knew he blew it because he did apologize on camera and Amanpour even showed the clip of him apologize to widen the audience that possibly was outraged. Especially, since he just shot a very very serious film about a journalist during the 2009 Iranian elections. I thought democracy and elections was something he took as serious as I do. I believe he does but it was a really a waste of a great opportunity since she is so respected and he has to promote his film.

  6. Apathy lost the MidTerms..Although I am not a Jon Stewart Fan…I see your connection of Him with the appeal to the millennial demograhic as valid..However.. a comedic satirist is not the reason for apathetic young citizens…the Political process is corrupt and inhumane ..both Parties value Power and Longevity over Results and Future consequences.. ..Politics has become a Business. …Many Years of DeValuation of Classes of People. .Workers…Minorities. ..Youth…has taken its toll and Apathy is the Result…I Do Agree with you on Colbert however. .He makes sense with satire mixed in…

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