In order to get people out to vote, Democrats need to have candidates worth voting for

2014 Elections & blue dog democratsProgressives need to get over the 2014 elections. Immediately following the shellacking at the polls, liberals from all over the map were voicing their displeasure with “apathetic non-voters” as the reason Democrats lost.

On Election Day, Jon Stewart jokingly said he was too busy to bother voting, an anecdote liberals are attacking him for. These liberals are acting as if the voters had no reason not to vote for the Democrats.

The Democratic Party loves blaming its loss on apathetic voters, rather than the Democrats putting up bad candidates. The pissed-off Obama-bot Democrats love to jump out in a screaming horde to denounce progressives who chose not to vote. This mentality is flawed.

For one, the Democratic loyalists who are crying about the 2014 elections need to understand that it was not lost to apathy. The election was lost to bad candidates. I’ve warned for months now that the Democrats were never going to win the election in 2014 by repeating the strategies of the past.

Rather than cleansing the ranks of the duplicitous Blue Dog Democrats, the party establishment instead decided to “play safe” and counted on the Blue Dogs to hold posts in key Red States. This was a major mistake.

The Blue Dogs have always been the Democratic Party’s greatest liability. For one, Blue Dogs are not really progressive. They tend to be more conservative than progressive. If anyone wants to point to the reasons the Democrats have been dithering, point to these Blue Dogs.

When I hear liberals scream about apathy, my reply would be to look at the candidates who lost. They were mainly Blue Dog Democrats that held no real solid positions on progressive issues. Candidates that waffled back and forth to whatever position they could stand on, without even bothering to stick to core issues that progressives cared about.

Some of these Blue Dogs were anti-choice, and unreliable on issues when it comes to getting money out of politics. My Senator Mary Landrieu is a huge crony to the Oil Industry in Louisiana. When it came to the issues, these Democrats were all over the place, which drove progressives away from them.

People didn’t vote because they are apathetic. They chose not to vote because there were no candidates on their ballot worth voting for. Often times our electoral system boils down to voting for the lesser of two evils. Why do we have to settle for an evil at all?

To my pissed off liberal friends, please shut-up about the elections. The party put forward bad candidates, and lost because of its inability to rally progressives to it. It was not apathy, it was bad political strategy. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. You won’t win elections based simply on being able to gravitate to any issue that is convenient at the time. Stick to issues that people care about.

2014 Elections & blue dog democratsAlso, why should we always have to settle for corporate Democrats over real progressives? The illusion that America is a “center-right” nation is behind this type of thinking. We are always told that “Middle America” is overwhelmingly conservative and we therefore never vote for progressives because they might seem “too radical.”

In essence we are given a choice to vote for right-wing lite or right-wing heavy. If that is the choice, then why would I vote for any of them? Voting is only important when progressives use their votes in favor of candidates who could make a difference. If we are constantly asked to rubber stamp corporate Democrats, just so the Republicans can’t win, then what use are our votes serving. Are we doing any good by electing Democrats who agree with Republicans most of the time?

The attacks I have heard against those who abstained from voting are just ridiculous. Progressives should not be compelled to hold their nose in every election. Can’t we finally see that electing Progressives in name only do not gain progressives any victory?

Even if these Blue Dogs did win this year, what would get accomplished as a result? So just denying the Republicans a win is now an acceptable reason for voting? What about voting because your candidate will make a difference?

Apathy is not what lost the 2014 elections. It was the wrong candidates. Get over it Democrats.


  1. This is very well stated. Hope the party bigwigs hear this loud and clear. We had 2 bad choices for governor in NM. I’d love to see a ballot with “none of the above” as choice.

  2. Sorry, but I was reminded that blue dog David Scott Representative for the 13th congressional district (includes southern and western portions of Atlanta metro area was re-elected. Rep. Scott holds the dubious qualification of being named as one of the 25 most corrupt members of Congress by the political watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW). I guess only lock and stock not barrel….yet. The fact that he was re-elected lends credence to my previous comment regarding what is wrong with Georgia’s Democratic Party, big time.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but after this midterm repeat shellacking, there are no longer any Blue Dog Democrats. They are extinct. As best as I can tell there are also no more moderate Republicans either. I agree that apathy is not the problem of the Democrats. It’s problem is that it is preoccupied with pandering to a very loud minority in its majority minority demographic. At least that’s how I see it here in Georgia where the Republicans made a clean sweep of it. Republicans now own the gold dome, lock stock and barrel.

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