After getting creamed in the Midterms by catering to the right, Democrats are turning to Elizabeth Warren to help them bounce back.

progressive democrats, elizabeth warrenBy now, everyone realizes that the Democrats lost the Midterms by a landslide. There are several theories in various publications analyzing what went wrong like Monday morning quarterbacks. The one issue that keeps coming up is that Democrats abandoned their progressive policies as well as President Obama’s accomplishments leaving Americans nothing to really vote for.

From this vantage point, it’s clear that only a minority of Democrats know what they are supposed to stand for. The majority of them still fail to realize how progressive the country really is. Just look at the ballot measures that passed; States approved legal marijuana, increasing the minimum wage, paid sick leave, background check on gun sales and voted against tough anti-abortion measures. Still, Democrats continue to ignore what really gets them elected.

For instance, consider Mary Landrieu of Louisiana. She faces a runoff election on December 6 and she kowtows to Republicans while simultaneously hoping Democrats will see her as a centrist. She is currently trying to get the Keystone XL Pipeline approved through Congress in order to gain some centrist and/or conservative votes (while at the same time slapping Obama in the face). Newsflash lady, conservatives vote Republican and progressives won’t vote for you period. A victory for her wouldn’t make any difference in the Senate now, but she is a perfect example of why Republicans gained control of Congress.

Elizabeth Warren, the Senator from Massachusetts was appointed to a position created for her today by Harry Reid. She will be attending weekly meetings as a strategic policy adviser and will keep the Democrats focused on progressive policies.

Democrats in the Senate however, are “confused” and complaining that there were no meetings, hearings, or discussion about Warren’s new role in the party. Her position is “strategic policy adviser to the Democratic Policy and Communications Center.” Dianne Feinstein said that this appointment was a “fait accompli.” Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa)  said “‘A liaison to liberals?’ I’ve never heard of such a thing!” Harkin went further, throwing his hands in the air with, “I asked her about it and she said she was some kind of adviser. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know what that all means.” Obviously these establishment Democrats are part of the problem.

Elizabeth Warren is a true progressive. She’s a true champion for the middle class. She has fought for students even though her student loan bill was shot down. She is pushing to solve the sub-prime mortgage crisis, and advocates tax reform. The closest to Elizabeth Warren in ideology is Senator Bernie Sanders. Both of them agree on the same things.

What is mind boggling is the bubble Democrats find themselves in. They know how and why they lost and are still baffled as to why Senator Warren was appointed to her new position. The message seems clear, no more compromising or pandering to conservatives. What’s the point of that? The GOP has been out to impeach the President since the day he took office and Mitch McConnell and his gang’s strategy has been to obstruct everything. Warren, much like Bernie Sanders, is not afraid to get in their face and fight for the American people.

I have witnessed Warren in hearings questioning people with her soft and gutsy bravado. Many Democrats just aren’t fighters. Additionally, many of them are now entrenched in Washington and more invested in retaining their office than actually getting anything done.

It is yet to be seen what Elizabeth Warren will accomplish, but from what I know about her, she will confront anyone who does not carry the same progressive ideology. This is an excellent step in the right direction for Democrats. Let’s hope this trend continues.

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  1. Funny how when democrats lose it is a branding problem, vs when they win it is the “voice of the people”. Maybe people just realize liberal policies suck? Also using some progressive ballot measures that got passed in a couple of states as a typecast for the country is highly disingenuous.

    • lulz

      Sure, Zero, while Republicans have been contesting Obama’s two election victories for six years but now claim the Midterms are the “will of the people” after winning their Gerrymandered and voter suppressed districts, aided by the lowest voter turnout since 1929?

      If anyone’s disingenuous here, Zero, it’s you. GTFO with that stupidity.

      I do look forward to your little tantrums though, thanks for entertaining us again. You are going to HATE tomorrow’s column, by the way.

      • oh my, you certainly fell short of your promise. Your little piece merely managed to make me giggle at the wish-fullness of it. Not that it is even possible to make me “hate” anything when it comes to politics. No, my emotions on that front range from annoyed to amused and that is about it.

        In the end liberal policies are of little concern other than my own convenience of prefiguring to not have them in my way. but there is little that can be done to stop me from ignoring them or flat out disregarding them upon their enactment. As is the case with Obamacare.

        Now as for your little rant about low voter turnout, if the dems failed to get out their voters who’s fault is that? also the low turnout is nothing new, the numbers may be lower than they have been in a long time but not enough to account for the apparent 360 that just happened.Regardless it is a non-issue.

        Only in the mind of a liberal should you live in a country where you need ID to buy an M rated video game but not to vote. You libs love talking about how European countries are so great, and they require voter ID. So whats wrong? i thought you guys want us to be like them soooooo much?

        Tell ya what, ill come out publicly that we shouldn’t have voter ID laws if you do the same about needing an ID to buy a gun Deal?

        • Also, i am not being disingenuous since i posed it as a question and not a statement. I obviously do not know nor claim to know why people around the country did or did not vote. I only know about myself and the many i talked to about it. Most people i know were pissed about Obamacare. reason being that most of the people i know actually already had insurance and are getting screwed with higher rates and fewer options, the exact opposite of what was promised BTW.

    • @Zero: Actually, you would be making a big mistake if you interpreted GOP Senate/House gains in the mid-terms as having anything to do with “GOP policies” (oxymoron if not oxymoronic). Exit polls indicated that a right fair majority of voters identified with Democratic economic policies—including, by the way, the ACA—over what they perceived to be GOP economic policies (they could only “perceive” those policies because, other than tax cuts for the wealthy, the GOP doesn’t have any economic policies). Democratic House losses go to gerrymandering, pure and simple. A Democrat could offer Air Jordans for ever pair of feet and a Big Mac for every gullet and still not win in eight of the nine districts here in South Carolina. Senate losses go to Red States, Big Money, negative messaging, elements of voter suppression and poor Democratic turnout (it cost Kay Hagan her Senate seat in North Carolina)—but not policies. As the writer of the column indicates, Democratic policies are right popular. And, if Democrats had any steel in their spines, they could turn the popularity of those policies into electoral wins. Which is why Elizabeth Warren was given this new position—she will team up with Bernie Sanders to shame congressional Democrats into getting their testosterone shots and actually being Democrats.

      • Liberals owe it to America to pull their heads out of their A$$E$, they have been there for four decades now, remove the logs from your own eyes and swear off the Kool-Aid. When truth is spoken…there is no need for a reply. 😉

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