Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks breaks down why Democrats lost 2014

Democrats Need to Grow a BackboneIt is important to understand why Democrats lost the 2014 elections. While the Democrats search “for their souls” right now, they need to be searching for their back bone.

This sentiment was made by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, and echoed by Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks in a recent online video. Uygur uses Bill de Blasio as an example of what happens when a Democrat runs on progressive issues. They often tend to win.

The Democrat’s main  problem is that their party has no backbone. Quiet Mike columnist Chad R. MacDonald summed this up well, essentially reminding Democrats that voters aren’t going to be enthusiastic to vote for cowards who won’t stand their ground.

While conservatives and establishment sources tend to hold the view that America is a center-right country, the data tends to say otherwise. Note that while many Blue Dog (corporate) Democrats lost certain Senate races, many progressive ballot measures passed easily. These measures ranged from raising the minimum wage, legalizing marijuana, and stopping restrictive abortion measures.

Across the board, in red states and blue, when polling is done and measures are taken up, the population reveals itself to be much more progressive than is framed. The problem with Democrats is that rather than embrace its progressive base as a whole, it had tried to play both sides of the fence.

If Democrats run on progressive issues, they can win. Many of the Democrats who lost in 2014 did not run on these progressive platforms. Instead, they waffled around to their very defeat in the polls. The way Democrats can win is by running left and staying there. It doesn’t always have to be a choice between conservative lite or conservative heavy.

Watch the Young Turks video below for more:


  1. Conservatives tend to think in absolutes. And they tend to be those most swayed by fear. They don’t compromise unless they are faced with outright defeat. Liberals tend to see subtleties and nuances. They try to see the other side’s viewpoints. They try to “make nice”.

    Mr. Uygur is essentially asking liberals to be more conservative. Good luck with that.

    The trick is to make conservatives afraid of the real dangers.

  2. Grimes playing both sides of the fence is the classic example, especially playing coy about who she voted for in 2008/2012. “it’s a private matter”. screw that. she should have said who she voted for and rhen added “what difference does it make now? Barack Obama is our president and I support him”. but of course she didn’t want to say she supported PBO and look what it got her. she also tiptoed around the ACA while McConnell made it the ultimate evil in every one of his ads. Grimes should have stood up and said “you damn right I support Obamacare, because for the first time in their lives 500,000 Kentuckians have health care and if McConnell wins he’s going to take it away from you”. I live in Cincinnat, so saw every ad and every news bite and finally sent her an email asking her why she was being a dishrag. got no reply.

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